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So at the end of May I made a little order from Purplecat Creatives for a couple of their soap whips! I got two in Queen of Hearts and Scintillating. Here is my little review. If I had money I would have bought Queen of Hearts ALL THE THINGS, cause ohmygod it is amazing. t.t

Official description
Our Soap Whips have delightful texture and lather, showcasing luxurious fragrances for an absolute bathtime treat.
Queen of Hearts – Blooming roses (which might have been painted red, who can say?) balanced with passionfruit jam tarts (I might have stolen one) woven together with the barest hint of vanilla flower.
Scintillating – Champagne bubbles, crystallized ginger and cardamom balanced with golden notes of amber.

Where to buy
From Purplecat Creatives website – 4 ounce jar for $7.00 USD or 8 ounce jar for $13.00.
From Etsy – 4 ounce jar for $7.00 USD or 8 ounce jar for $13.00. Shipping is calculated by the items in your basket.

Scoop out a dollop on a washcloth, bath poof or just use your hands. Lather up and enjoy!

Product comes in a standard amber color plastic jar with a black screw on lid. Label is tan and black with a steampunk theme. The label is not waterproof and got all messed up after a few uses.

Scent and formula
Queen of Hearts is a passionfruit rose scent. So awesome. It’s not a foodie scent, I didn’t get a feel of tarts, just passionfruits. The vanilla is barely there for me. I was hoping Scintillating would smell more of cardammom, but I didn’t get much of it. It’s more of a fresh baked yummy smelling thing. xd I’m not good at describing scents. The formula in the jar is rather thick and slightly hard. It’s easy to scoop out. The lather is rich and velvety and it bubbles up quite well, especially when used with a bath poof!

Water, Glycerin, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Sorbitol, Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate, Sodium Chloride, Phenoxyethanol, Tetrasodium EDTA, sweet almond oil, fragrance. VEGAN

I love, love, love these soap whips. Queen of Hearts is my favorite scent but it’s no longer available. Yay Queen of Hearts has been added to the core line! t.t I’ve used these since the end of may and I have only gone through half of each jar. It doesn’t take much at all to get a lot of foam on a bath poof. These clean extremely well without drying out my already super dry skin. The scent barely lingers after you’ve washed off and disappears within the hour. I’ve had no skin reactions to these, which is amazing. I would highly recommend trying these soap whips. They’re available in lots of scents and there is also a mega jar size!

Do you think you’ll try these out? Have you tried any of these Soap Whips? What did you think? You can find lots of bath and body stuff from Purplecat Creatives, even artsy things! Eventually I’d like to pick up some more soap whips, some body butter and perhaps some solid perfume!

You can find Purplecat Creatives on their website here, or on Etsy here. You can find them on Facebook here and Twitter here. You can contact TDawn on her contact page here or through Etsy contact here.




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