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Based on the true story of the lady of the shadows

Jordan is an intelligence and covert operations agent. She is a beautiful and sensual woman in a world of macho men. Carrying with her the experience of an army commander, she becomes a sophisticated spy. She enrolls in obscure missions behind enemy lines and recruits the dancing skills that accompany her since childhood in order to infiltrate an exclusive men’s club in a hostile country.

After her discharge from the unit, she continues with missions of espionage and surveillance as a private investigator, “a shadow woman”.

>>> The Shadow People

Between the more recognized “shadow government” to “shadow war” there is a world of concealed shadow people. The shadow people secretly gather intelligence through observation and surveillance in the covert intelligence world.

In the spiritual world, the shadow people are God’s followers who walk in his shadow.

In the psychological aspect, these people accompany the individual in life’s crises and upheavals.

All of these together are embodied in book “The Lady of the Shadows” and its heroine who went through all the stages, from an intelligence agent through a private investigator, a student and a teacher in the mystical world until she became a PhD in psychology and an Adlerian lecturer. She chose to help people while she herself remained in the shadows.

After reading this book, you would not walk through shadow zones.

>>> A wild and liberating femininity

Betrayals, dancing in foreign territory, pain and growth, are all leading the reader in a suspenseful and exciting experience that contains insights about love, hate and revenge.

This is a book about a wild and liberating femininity and a sensual and passionate woman in a world dominant by males. Reality and imagination are fused together inseparably and concoct a sweeping and moving story.

Where to buy
From Amazon – You can purchase the kindle edition for $3.99 USD.

I found this book interesting. It’s not the normal genre I would get for myself. The first night I read it I got to 79% without realizing how much I’d read. It’s basically about a woman in Israel named Jordan who enlists and finds herself working in a military prison, which during her time was a mans world. She quickly rises and quickly becomes a spy. Eventually she becomes a private investigator. She takes all kinds of clients and investigates cases from adultery to child trafficking. Throughout her life as a private investigator she finds love and loses it, finds it again, marries, has a child, becomes injured and loses her husband to death. After his death she becomes the strength for her young child all the while doing her investigations. Eventually her grief catches up with her when her son is 19 and a soldier himself. In the end she writes her dead husband a letter and reads it to him at his grave, forgiving him for leaving her. It’s an intriguing book and I really enjoyed it. My only complaint is that it needs to be proofread better. There are several spelling mistakes. Other than that it’s a great read and was a nice change from my usual style!

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