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Base coat

Nail color
Julep Nail Vernis Jaime x 3 coats
China Glaze Nail Lacquer With Hardeners Techno # 80409 x 2 coats

Top coat
CND Super Shiney x 2 coats

Mochi decided to help. And she had some sort of yellow foam sticker stuck to her chin. I don’t even know. Today I had a meeting with Sascha’s school counselor. On Friday his Spanish teacher asked the class to draw Sascha’s future wife because he got done with his quiz early. There are so many problems with that I can’t even. Understandably Sascha freaked. His school counselor actually called me and told me what happened. He basically had a meltdown. Also I found out they had no idea he has autism. His last school didn’t fax his school files like they said they would. -.-

I think what his Spanish teacher asked was completely inappropriate for kids his age. Not to mention there are kids who are not heterosexual and kids who don’t know who they like. It should have been “Draw his future partner”. I think that is inappropriate as well, but it’s a little better than what he asked. I don’t know where Sascha stands and I don’t think he knows either. Also, he doesn’t deal well with relationship things right now. He’s still quite upset about his father and Kai. That would have embarrassed any kid Sascha’s age. All of the kids drew mean awful things depicting his “future wife”. He was devastated. He already has a really hard time socially. He’s been bullied in most of his past schools and he’s just so socially awkward because of the autism, this just made his already fragile feelings a whole lot more fragile. As his counselor put it, it was the perfect storm.

I had a meeting with his counselor today. She took him out of that Spanish class and switched his classes around so he could be in Tech with his friend. It was a really nice meeting. She put in a request for him to be able to see a therapist in school weekly since we haven’t been able to get out to his regular therapist, cause gas money. She wasn’t sure if our insurance covers it or not. I hope it does. It’s really important for him. Also the social worker at school helps kids with gender identity issues among other things. She thinks that Sascha will get along well with her and his school counselor works with other kiddos who are unsure of who they are so he has two safe people to talk with at school, which will be really good for him. About an hour and a half after I got home from the meeting the school called for us to pick Sascha up. I guess he threw up his lunch and had a slight fever. He’s been doing okay at home so far so I think it may have just been nerves about the changes in his schedule.

And I made pumpkin cookies today. And I made black beans and rice for dinner. A friend of my moms brought over a bunch of bean soups that she made up, so we’ve been going through those. So far we’ve had two. They’re okay, I had to add a lot more seasoning to them. I need to just find my own black beans and rice recipe. xd So if anyone has any suggestions!

Well this was just meant to be a mani monday post. Oops. haha



Mani Monday!

Skinfood Nail Vita Base Coat x 1 coat

Sinful Color Professional Nail Enamel #1121 Firefly x 2 coats
China Glaze Nail Lacquer #816 80409 Techno x 1

essence studio nails better than gel nails top sealer x 1 coat


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