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Official description
CreditCovers are the original skins for credit cards. Also called “credit card stickers”, CreditCovers allow you to cover the boring designs on your bank card with cool art or custom messages.

Where to buy
From CreditCovers – You get one CreditCover for $9.99 USD.

You receive a little card that has instructions and company info on it as well as your CreditCover. It appears to be made out of a vinyl material.

I had the opportunity to try out a CreditCover and chose to make my own! I made one of Mochi in space, because I love that image so much. xd It was really easy to make and it was shipped off to me pretty quickly after my order was complete. The colors are vibrant just like the image I used. It was a little tricky to apply to my card only because it was so sticky. I got it on though and haven’t had any issues with it. it’s not peeling off anywhere and I managed to not get any bubbles under it. When you get a CreditCover you can choose from the many they already have, like Hello Kitty or their cute little card creatures, or you can make your own like I did! These are made in the US right here in New York by the way. They are super cute and durable and I like them!

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