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More indie interviews! Today we have Rebecca from Ella’s Lead.

Luna: How long have you been making collars and other animal things, and what made you start?
Rebecca: We started making dog-related products in 2007. We started out making leashes. We started making these items because, well, basically, I was sick of hardware failure on cheap collars and leashes. Ella was not a dog we could afford to have equipment failures with.

Luna: Do you donate to various animal shelters?
Rebecca: Yes! We have quite a few rescues we donate to that can be found on our “Collars for Causes” page. But, we also donate to the occasional rescue that contacts us about a fundraiser or silent auction. Another reason we started our business was because we could not foster because Ella couldn’t be around other dogs. So, we would donate leashes to local rescues. I kind of see rescues as 50% of the reason we started making our products.

Luna: What is your favorite thing that you make?
Rebecca: Oh, man! I have so many favorites! It’d be easier probably to ask me which I least like to make. HA! One of my favorite designs, though, would have to be “The Goldmund.” OH! And “The Fring”. I also like some of our simpler designs like “The Mann”, “Eunice”, “Lu’s Remedy”, “The Pinkman” and “Goodman”. Oh! And our “Walking the Dead” collar line, which is our Walking Dead-inspired collars. I’m also really into leather leashes. Ben makes all the leashes, but I’m going to learn how to braid them soon, and then those will be added to my list of “favorites”. Nice leather leashes are really underrated.

Luna: How many animals do you own and how did you come by them?
Rebecca: I have 3 dogs, a tortoise, a pet rat, and several geckos. The geckos I got from gecko breeders. I got my tortoise from a breed, my rat from a breeder, and my dogs were all adopted from various Chicagoland rescues.

Luna: What kind of collars and leads and such do you make and do you make collars for other mammals besides dogs?
Rebecca: We make leather collars, leather leashes, and rope leads. We make custom embroidered collars, and we make custom latigo/bridle metal studded collars. And, yes, we collar cats regularly, and we recently made a collar for our first human customer. :)

Luna: Would you rather be a Crow or a Bat?
Rebecca: I want to be a hybrid mixture of the two. Not because it’d be necessary, but because it would awesome!

Luna: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Rebecca: Thank you for interviewing me! I don’t get this opportunity often, and it is always fun to talk about my passion (dogs, collars, and leashes).

Luna: Are you a butt, Y/N?
Rebecca: No. I am ALLLL hip! :p

You are a sweet, lovable, kind lady. <3 Your collars are gorgeous. I love the one you made for Mochi! Next step is Zero’s. I love how active you are with shelts/safe havens. You are awesome lady. Maggie is the cutest pup ever. Oh man. She melts my heart. I’m happy she got a loving family. :d I also need to get a bracelet for you for my stupid id tag thing. xd Oh and thank you for answering my questions!


So Ella’s Lead is an awesome little shop online that makes leather/vegan collars and leads! Rebecca offered to make one of my cats a collar and I chose Mochi. I was blown away when I received Mochi’s collar. It’s so pretty. She did rainbow rhinestones for me on a black leather collar. As soon as I opened the package I promptly put on Mochi’s fish bell and strapped it on her. I was afraid it might be too big/heavy for her since she’s a tiny little kitty, but it’s great and she hasn’t had any problems with it. The collar also has a breakaway area so if she gets it caught on something it’ll stretch and she can get out of it. But anyways. I love Mochi’s collar and I plan on getting Sushi and Willow collars from Ella’s Lead too.

Teal Deer: Mochi’s collar is bad ass and you need to get your dogs and/or cats collars from Ella’s Lead because they rock and she rocks. So yeah.

Full Disclosure Policy: All products mentioned in this entry were provided for consideration; I did not purchase these products. There are no affiliate links and there is no financial compensation included in this post.идея за подарък


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