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  • pH Dips are super fast and give you results – they display complex chemistry with a beautiful colorful matrix – these strips get it done.
  • Each test strip can indicate the pH of a liquid or gel, even solutions with light color. Each box contains 100 test strips and each strip may be used one time.
  • Each of four colored pads on the business end of the strip will reliably change color depending upon the pH of the liquid. Comparing to the color chart is fun and easy.
  • This is a simple clean method for determining the pH quickly and accurately; as well, the box is a perfect size.
  • The instructions are helpful and informative; these strips have so many applications, they are truly universal, testing from 0 to 14.

Where to buy
From Amazon – 100 strips for $8.97 USD.

Grip a single test strip from the plastic box, hold the end away from colored pads. Careflly dip strip into any liquid or gel, allow all four pads to get wet and remove – colors will change almost immediately. This test is fast and simple. Compare the colors of the test strip to the colors on the box. Match the closest pH.

Test strips come in a clear plastic box. It has an insert which has the different pH colors and instructions. The strips are white plastic and have 4 colored pads on one end.

I’ve been using these test strips for a little while now. They are Ph Dips from Kruzco. I’ve used a few different types and I’ve come to really like these. They are easy to use and easy to read the results. I find these to be the most accurate that I’ve used. I use these to test the pH of my skincare products. They make it super easy. I get results within seconds. These can be used to test the pH of all sorts of liquid products! These are fairly inexpensive and are really great. I definitely recommend themm.

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