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  • GENTLE EXFOLIATION: The La Lune Naturals Konjac Sponge gently exfoliates your skin and reveals a smoother texture and brighter looking skin.
  • 100% NATURAL KONJAC: The konjac sponge is made from the sustainable konjac plant, and is free of chemicals, paragons, sulphates and is biodegradable. Our sponge is cruelty-free and vegan.
  • PREVENT BREAKOUTS AND BLACKHEADS! Brighter, smoother looking skin begins with our gentle exfoliating sponge that contains the essential minerals. When using our sponge you’ll see fewer blackheads and breakouts. REMOVES TOXINS AND IMPURITIES: The natural konjac fibers massage away impurities and toxins in your skin
  • FREE eBook INCLUDED! FREE eBook, The Ultimate All-Natural Skin Care Guide includes a simple 5-Step Skin care system recommended by dermatologists PLUS tons of free mask, scrub and wrap recipes for your skin!
  • 2 SPONGES FOR THE PRICE OF ONE & FREE SUCTION HOOK: Hang dry your konjac sponge with our easy-to-use suction hook! This is a must have convenience to keep your konjac sponge fresh and ready to use.

Where to buy
From Amazon – Two sponges with suction hook & ebook for $12.99 USD.
From La Lune Naturals – Two sponges & suction hook for $14.99 USD.


  1. Rinse or soak the sponge in warm water. If it has dried out, allow it to fully absorb water before using
  2. Squeeze excess water out gently between your two hands (don’t wring it)
  3. Massage your face with the sponge in a circular motion to gently cleanse your skin.
  4. After use, rinse your sponge and squeeze water out before hanging to dry

The sponges come sealed in clear plastic packaging in their soft condition. They come in a a cardboard box that has a printed paper wrap on it. It has directions and product information as well as company information. It also comes with a coupon that has their other products on the other side. The paper wrap has a picture printed on it and is detailed in blacks and greens and white.

Scent and formula
It has no scent wet or dry. When it’s wet it feels like a sponge that is slightly jelly feeling. When it’s dry it feels like paper that had been wet, but it also feels like it could be sharp, if that makes any sense. It’s a weird feeling when it’s dry. The sponges are a dark gray almost black in color and have a white string through them so they can be hung up.

Natural konjac powder made from konjac potato, and it has the addition of bamboo charcoal extract.

I’ve been using this Konjac sponge from La Lune once a day for a few weeks now. It exfoliates well, but it’s gentle. My face is smoother and feels squeaky clean after using it. I don’t know if it’s helped prevent breakouts because I don’t get that many so it’s just hard to tell. My blackheads to appear to look smaller though.
La Lune recommends replacing your konjac sponge every 2-3 months and sanitizing it in the microwave every 2-3 weeks. :) You can sanitize it by microwaving it for one minute. Overall these sponges are great, they exfoliate really well and my face does feel more clean when I use it with my cleanser versus when I use my cleanser alone. The quality is great and the price is wonderful.

La Lune also makes other natural and organic products such as sea weed powder, indian healing clay and more!

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