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Hello lovelies!

It is Dreadfully Divine doing another guest posting for Luna today!  I wanted to do a mani post for Luna’s blog since not only am I obsessed with indie makeup I have been bitten by the indie polish bug.


OMG Polish? WHERE?

My oldest is reading Harry Potter series and we are having a wonderful time going back and rereading the series together with him.  While he hasn’t gotten to the last book yet, I will have to admit that it is my favorite.  It wasn’t until then did we learn the full story of Severus Snape’s history.



**SPOILER ALERT** In case you haven’t read the books or seen the movies just skip ahead to the polish photos and ohh and ahh over them. Then IMMEDIATELY go read the books THEN watch the movies cause we can’t have you living under a rock any more. ^_~ ***

It was then you learned that Lily was Severus’ one and only true love and that he still loved her after all these years. always1

His heartbreak when she died….


Everything that Snape did to Harry was to keep him safe for Lily.


I don’t care who you are, there is some serious feels and tears. Because no matter what happened even after she married James he always loved her.


Yup I cried like a baby at this part and you did too…

This word, always, now forever reminds me of Snape’s love for Lily and when I discovered that Lucky 13 Lacquers created a polish that embodies all the feels that this word triggers I had to add it to my collection.  Now I have seen lots of Harry Potter collections both makeup and polish, however I think that Lucky 13 got Always simply perfect! Just take a look…




Always is a sheer silver topcoat magically packed full of aqua microflakes that glow bright blue in the dark. Yup, you read that right they glow bright blue like the Patronus . So since it is a naturally sheer topcoat you will need undies to get the look that I have ( I used Sinful color’s What’s Your Name   )or you can rock the top coat all during the day without anyone knowing you have glowing Patronus nails until night.



While sadly, I didn’t capture any decent glow in the dark photos for you,  when you check out the polish on the main site you can see a glow in the dark shot.  You can purchase Always from Lucky 13 Lacquer’s main site for $8.50 You can also check out their Facebook page and their Facebook Fan Group. I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you liked this post please be sure to check out my blog! Thanks to Luna for hosting and until next time lovelies!









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