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Official description
Surround yourself in the calming aroma of fresh eucalyptus. Clear your senses (and your sinuses!) with a cooling tingle that melts away the stress of the day. This pH-balanced face, body, and hair bar hydrates and refreshes skin while eucalyptus acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial cleanser.

Where to buy
From Wholly Hemp – A 4 ounce bar for $5.00 USD.

To use as shampoo, work into a lather and apply to hair, then rinse.

I received a sample. It came in a clear, sealed baggie. It’s labeled with its name and the shop.

Scent and formula
It smells like castor soap and eucalyptus. It lathers decently, the bubbles are a little watery, the lather isn’t thick. The bar itself is kind of a pale ywllowy olive green color.

Saponified hemp-coconut-palm-sunflower oil, eucalyptus oil, rosemary extract.

I received this sample for free! Awhile ago Wholly Hemp offered free samples of soap on reddit and I jumped at the chance to try it! I received my sample in less than a week. It smells good. I got the Eucalyptus scent, but they offer many other scents. It smells like castor soap and eucalyptus. It lathers well. I used it on my body and as a shampoo. As a shampoo it cleansed really well, though it did dry my ends out. They are dry and damaged from bleaching. As a body soap I found that it dried my skin out. I already have dry skin that reacts oddly to things. I was expecting it to dry my skin, but hoping it wouldn’t. I ended up giving the sample to my daughter who loved it and used it up. For her it worked great and actually moisturized her skin! My skin is just weird. I have read lots of good things from other people about the soap. Even though it didn’t work for me think it’s a really good product and you should try it out and see if it works for you. :) Chances are you’ll probably like it!

Wholly Hemp has other skincare products! I want to try their deodorant and lip balms. When I am able to make an order in the future I am most likely going to order some soap for my kiddos. Also they have a subscription box full of goodies each month! Find them here. They’re on Facebook and Twitter! You can contact Wholly Hemp on their contact page here.

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