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Hello Lovelies!
I am back with another guest post here. I was thrilled when Luna asked me to do another post for her. However I will freely admit that I almost forgot all about it due to my wedding chaos.

NBC ghosts

But I did manage to survive the wedding without a body count so I can attempt to get back to my regularly schedule routine of makeup and blogging. However it is taking me a bit longer to recover from the wedding since I still have a ton of laundry and errands to do.

Weddings make people insane

However today I did my first full face Halloween look. I love Halloween and it is my favorite holiday however I have been slacking with looks due to wedding planning. So in order to makeup up for it I decided to do a full face sugar skull look today.


I am especially proud of the shading of teeth.bbbsugarskullteeth

I used the following products for this look
BeautyBarBaby’s Cat Fight and Dark Haunting (from the Limited Edition Halloween Collection)

Wolfe FX White and Black

Ben Nye Clown White Face Paint ( I found it to be very thick and hard to apply possibly due to it being cold so I applied Wolfe’s White over it to make it more opaque)

Lit Cosmetic‘s Miss Monroe and Nirvana glitters (you can go vote for me tomorrow on Lit’s IG page for their #glitterfriday if you feel the urge ^_~)

Do you lovelies have any plans for Halloween? What are you planning to haunt the streets as?

NBC moon

Well lovelies I hope that you enjoyed this look! Until next time!





Hello Lovelies!

It is Dreadfully Divine ! I am a writer, self taught MUA,  and occasional blogger who still dreams of becoming an evil warlord. You can find my eyeball of doom (and the occasional rare full face of the days) on various social media. And truth be told I totally suck at bios in case you hadn’t noticed, ^_~  I am completely honored to be part of Toxic Lotus’ guest blogger  Thursday feature! When Luna contacted me about being this week’s guest blogger I will freely admit that I squealed like a school girl at the opportunity since I have been a fan of her blog for a long time.


However, after being asked and accepting I began to freak out and wonder what in the world was I going to do my entry about.


So after pondering what I could possibly do, I turned my attention to Hulu and to my surprise and delight Sailor Moon Crystal had appeared!  Now I have been a Sailor Moon fan since it first came out 22 years ago and I will admit that I was a bit worried with the new reboot and how I would feel about it. But after seeing the first episode I was instantly in love .


Cause honestly, look at the AMAZING ART WORK! It is like the manga and the classic anime had a love child and Sailor Moon Crystal was born.Then it hit me that I needed to do a Sailor Moon Crystal inspired look in honor of the new reboot and I hope to add each of the Sailor Scouts as they appear in the series! But enough of my chattering on to the pictures!

Here is the image I used for inspiration. Isn't  it gorgeous?

Here is the image I used for inspiration. Isn’t it gorgeous?


Close up of the detail


Behold the Sailor Moon Eye Ball!

I will admit that I was stumped with how to carry off this look but I am pleased with how it turned out.  I used the following products for this look:

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Primer

Beauty Bar Baby pigments in :  White Chocolate, SnoBall, Blue Hydrangea, Wild Flower, Red Velvet, Black Velvet, Marigold and Miss Daisy

Beauty Bar Baby‘s White and Black Gel Liner

Wolfe FX Essential Palette (for the dots)

Pinky Paradise’s EOS Dolly Blue Lenses

And Moon Princess Lashes D-3 from the Born Pretty Store    Honestly how could I NOT used Moon Princess lashes for this look?

I hope that you enjoyed my guest blogger post and a big THANK YOU to Luna for inviting me join her awesome blog and revel in Toxic Lotus with my Sailor Moon eye.  Be sure to stop by and check out when the next Sailor Scout appears.


(and watch Sailor Moon Crystal! ^_~)


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