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Official description
PURE AND NATURAL – This exquisite all natural and organic detoxifying clay is unique in its composition, quality and purity; It is meticulously selected from ancient mineral-rich deposits, found deep within the fertile Atlas Mountains, and contains 100% pure Ghassoul

FAST ACTING – Simply mix with a little water to create a smooth creamy texture, then glide effortlessly over your face, neck and hair as desired; Within seconds, you will feel a gentle tightening, as the intense detoxification begins to absorb impurities and harmful substances, cleansing

STUNNING RESULTS – You can expect a buttery soft, smooth and toned skin complexion, free from dryness, blemishes, blackheads and blocked pores; Your hair will feel light, manageable and conditioned, with curls defined and frizz controlled; Eczema, psoriasis, and acne are treated and calmed without stripping your skin of essential natural oils

MULTI-PURPOSE – Our Spa grade Ghassoul Clay is a versatile and multi-purpose daily cleanser that can also be used as a detoxifying face mask, skin conditioner and hair restoration treatment; It delivers one of the world’s most powerful deep pore facials WITHOUT harsh chemicals, and can be applied daily to even the most dry, flaky and sensitive skin.

Where to buy
From Zakia’s Morocco – You get an 8 ounce jar for $19.99 USD. It’s currently on sale for $10.99 USD.

After your spa, bath or shower while your skin is still moist and warm, apply a thin layer of Zakia’s Atlas Mountain Clay Mask over your face and body.

1. Add the clay into a bowl (size of a full large mug)
2. Pour water on top of the clay until it just covers it (big maximum 5 mm of water above the clay). Pour the water slowly so you can be sure you are not adding too much water and make the final mask too runny.
3. Wait 2-3 minutes so the water is fully absorbed by the clay. If needed add a bit more water.
4. Wait another 2-3 minutes and start mixing everything with a plastic or wooden spoon until you have a clear mixture – it shouldn’t be lumpy. Keep stirring if you see any lumps. If you feel that the mixture is too runny and won’t stick to your skin, add more clay and mix again. But bear in mind that it is easier to add more water than more clay.
5. Apply it on your face. Ideally, the mask should be really thick (like a 5mm thickness) but it can be thinner if you want. You will feel the tingling as the mask works to remove impurities and dead skin cells.
6. Do not leave the mask to the point it is completely dry on your skin. The edges will start drying out first, which is fine. Just add with your fingers a bit or oil on the edges to avoid it being itchy. It can be any oil such as jojoba oil or olive oil.
7. Leave the mask at least 15-20 minutes, but it depends how thick it is. If you have a very thin layer of clay, it can last just 10 minutes. But you won’t see very must results like this so I would recommend doing enough quantity so you can have a reasonably thick layer.
8. Just use warm water to clear your face. You don’t need soap for this.
9. When you skin is cleaned, apply a moisturizing cream as the clay will absorb moisture from the skin along with any impurities.
10. Your skin will be silky smooth and remarkably clean.

After drying, you may wish to compliment your clay mask treatment with one of Zakia’s Argan Collection Oils. These have been specially formulated for facial treatments. If you want a soothing and relaxing massage, try a small portion of our pure Argan Oil and gently massage. An exceptional finish to an exceptional treatment.

Your skin will be silky smooth and you will feel radiant. Do enjoy!

External Use Only

Keep out of reach children. Avoid contact with eyes. In the unlikely event that a skin irritation, rash or allergy arise from using this product or eye contact occurs and irritation persists after thoroughly rinsing the effected area we recommend you consult your physician for further advice.

This comes in a clear plastic jar with a white screw on cap. The label has product and company information.

Scent and formula
This is a fine tan powder. It smells like a regular clay mask powder.

Moroccan Lava clay.

I have been using this clay from Zakia’s Morocco for a little over a month. This clay is pretty nice for the skin and hair. I’ve used this a couple of times as a hair mask. It leaves my hair a little softer and much less frizzy. As a face mask this leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and reduces the appearance of pores. It’s a very fine powder that makes a really smooth mask. This is non-drying but helps with oiliness. I did notice my skin was a little pink after using the mask but it went away within a half hour. You can use this once a week as a face mask. You are also supposed to be able to mix some with shampoo to create a better cleansing shampoo but I haven’t tried it yet. I’m not sure if it would strip the color from my hair faster or not, so I haven’t tried. xd

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