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Hi guys! I’m Emma, a new baby blogger that is slightly obsessed with indie makeup. I post semi-frequently and regularly over at In Pursuit of the Perfect Petticoat. I was super excited to be invited to guest post over here about indie cosmetics.

Since it’s January I’m sure you’ve all heard about the Color of the Year- Marsala. As pretty as the Sephora/Pantone collection is, I find that I always like the indie version better. I’ve put together a quick round-up of some of my favorite marsala-esque shades and products from indie companies. Some of the products lean more red or orange, this was intentional in order to help produce a list most people can find at least one thing that would suit their coloring. Personally, I cannot wear orange-based marsala but the red/burgundy shades look delightful on me!

First up is eyeshadow. I’m slightly apprehensive of anything remotely red near my eyes, but it looks like Pantone wants to break me of that this year






Left to right, top to bottom: Brazen Cosmetics “Free Spirit”, Detrivore “Apocalyptic”, Glamor Doll Eyes “Chilvarist”, Beauty for the Win “Starbucks Lovers”, Kiss my Sass “Sunburn”, Dreamworld Hermantica “Risky”, Femme Fatale “Blood Moon”, Shiro Cosmetics “Goron Ruby”, Shiro Cosmetics “What’s This Lever Do?”, Beauty for the Win “Amsterdam”, Shiro Cosmetics “Queensguard”, Shiro Cosmetics “Ziggy”

My favorites are definitely Starbucks Lovers and Blood Moon of the shadows, now if only I can get the courage up to wear them….

Next up is blush, a much more wearable approach to the marsala trend.



Top to bottom, left to right: Parlo Cosmetics “Call Me Baby”, Beauty for the Win “Anne”, Silk Naturals “Galaxy”, Notoriously Morbid “Numerology”, Aromaleigh “Gaussa”, Baroque Cosmetics “I’d Hate Toulouse You”.

My favorite from this line up is definitely the Baroque shade- though I think the Aromaleigh shade provides an interesting shade.




This part is my favorite: lip products. I got into lipstick long before I learned the basics of eyeshadow beyond “skin tone on the lid for some shimmer” and marsala is just so wearable and approachable this way, even for those who normally shy away from red. I personally run towards red with my arms outstretched, so that last part was just a guess.

MarsalaLipsClockwise from the left: Silk Naturals “Script”, Performance Colors “Coco Loco”, Fyrinnae “Naughty or Nice”, Fierce Magenta “Brick”, Parlo Cosmetics “Token”, Limnit Lipsticks “Ms. President”.

From this set you can’t possibly expect me to pick favorites. My answer is “all of them”. Those Fierce Magenta and Silk Naturals shades will be mine, ASAP.

I’m sure I missed piles of beautiful marsala shades, so leave me a name or link in the comments so I can add more things to my ever growing wishlist! Check out my blog next week for a review and swatch post of my vaguely marsala-esque shades in my personal collection, indie and non-indie alike.


5 Marvellous Mattes CollageHi everyone! We’re the team from Indie Know, and today we’d like to show you our favorite indie matte products. A huge thank you to Luna for giving us this opportunity to share! This is an adaptation of the Colors of the Rainbow blogger tag that we’ve been featuring over at Indie Know.

Detrivore LilithAG’s pick – Detrivore Cosmetics’ Lilith

When I think of my favorite indie mattes, I immediately think of Detrivore’s matte blushes. To me, the standout shade in this beautiful lineup is softly purple Lilith. I cannot recommend this shade enough for pale folks who want something that’s a little unusual but still safe to wear to the office. It comes in Detrivore’s excellent matte formula, which means it’s blendable, creamy, and has just the right amount of pigmentation. It’s one of many Detrivore blushes I’ve ordered in full size, but it’s definitely my favorite!

naked-3-dupe-analog-limitLisa’s pick – Silk Naturals’ Analog

Mattes are the unsung heroes in my eyeshadow collection. I’d like to say I mostly use shadows with shimmery or pearly finishes because I love them (and I do!) but really it comes down to skill. Shimmery shadows simply are more forgiving when you lack a skilled blending hand. But behind the scenes I fall back on a few trusty mattes for highlights and creases, and one of my heavyweight champions is Silk Naturals’s “Analog,” a dupe for the Urban Decay “Limit” shadow from their Naked 3 palette.

Analog is described as a “dusty rose matte” but with a light hand it turns into an excellent transitional crease color. I have pinkish undertones to my skin, so I do have to be careful and not apply too much or else I look like I’ve lost a few nights of sleep! Between the finely milled formula, the classic rose color, and its buttery-smooth blendability, Analog is a staple that could easily fit in anyone’s collection.

MBA OCDJeannie’s pick – My Beauty Addiction’s O.C.D.

When it comes to bold, bright lipsticks, I feel much more comfortable rocking a pink lip than a red lip (even if it looks super ’80s!) My Beauty Addiction’s O.C.D. HD Lip Paint is described as a “a super bright & vivid pink with a matte finish.” On my skin, it appears lighter and a little more Barbie-pink than in the swatch on the website, where it looks more hot-pink. Texture-wise, it’s not as drying as many matte lipsticks I’ve tried, but I recommend making sure lips are exfoliated and moisturised before applying because this can highlight lip imperfections. Try out a few samples if you’re on the hunt for opaque, pigmented matte lippies!

13451658494_a49ab45f54_kKristin’s pick – Madd Style Cosmetics’ In the Buff

One of my favorite all time mattes is from Madd Style Cosmetics. In The Buff is a perfect nude shade for me and I use it to blend out harsh edges. I’m so sad that MSC is going out of business! But before they close, they’re having a huge blow out sale. They’re selling 8 eyeshadows for $28! I’d definitely recommend checking out their line before they’re all gone. I’ll be picking up a few extras of this shade for sure.

Detrivore TombValentine’s pick – Detrivore’s Tomb

Back in the olden days, long before the customer service issues that ultimately landed Detrivore in a distribution partnership with Shiro Cosmetics, I ordered the whole Graveyard Collection, which was a set of 20 matte neutral eyeshadows. My favorite of the whole batch was Tomb, which is still available via Shiro. Tomb is boring (it’s from a collection of neutrals, after all) but something about the color just hits a sweet spot for me–it’s a mid-toned cool taupe brown that leans slightly towards lavender-rose in the same way as mainstream eyeshadows Burberry Rosewood or NARS Lhasa do on the other end of the price spectrum. I’ve swatched it here heavily over Urban Decay Primer Potion.

What are some of your favorite indie matte products?


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