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Sooo not to long ago, okay it was the other month I won a contest that Facebomb Cosmetics held on their facebook page. I had NO idea I won as I don’t keep up with facebook that much. A friend on twitter told me they needed my address because I won a contest. To be honest I hadn’t even remembered I entered. haha Anyways. Not too long after I gave them my address I received some goodies! I received 6 full size 5g jars and a sample. My shadows came with a business card and a list of ingredients.

I received full size jars of Spring Purple, Spring Yellow, Carolyn, Derby Girl, Vivaldi and Boon Docks and a sample of Great Fairy’s Tears. Great Fairy’s Tears happens to be my favourite of the bunch! Love it. It’s so pretty and well faerie like. :d I also like Derby Girl(shocker, I know), Spring Purple and Spring Yellow a lot. Definitely going to be picking up a jar of Great Fairy’s Tears and there are other shadows in their Etsy shop I’d like to get my hands on. I will say if you aren’t a fan of glitter this isn’t the company for you. :) Each shadow has a pretty explosion of glitter. I know some people are sensitive to glitter around their eyes.

I think my only issue which is mostly just a pet peeve is that I really, really encourage and prefer ingredient information on the jars. I’m a little paranoid and prefer having the ingredient information on the jars because I’m really forgetful and often times misplace ingredient sheets. If I have a reaction to a shadow, I want to be able to grab the jar and see what’s in it. So there, that’s my pet peeve. xd Prease put ingredients on the jars? The only other issues was that Derby Girl leaked a little inside, and I can’t figure out how because the sifter seal seemed completely sealed, soo I don’t know. It wasn’t that big of a deal either, nothing spilled outside of the jar. So yeah. Onto the swatches!

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