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So my attempt to stay active to hopefully feel better has backfired tragically. My body has become more and more sore and it feels like it’s seriously atrophying. Ugh. On the bright side my blood pressure is down to normal. The not bright side is my blood sugar is now going bonkers. :( It went up to 433 yesterday after eating a mexican casserole that my mom made. I had maybe 3/4 of a cup and nothing in it should have bothered my blood sugar, at least not that much. *sigh* So now I am battling with blood sugar that’s going from around 80ish all the way up to 400ish. It’s been mostly between 140 and 230 today. :(

I was unable to do any picking up today. My back has been throwing a party and having crazy spasms. I think I irritated my sciatic nerve on the right side cause it sure is acting up and hurting. My body just really aches all over and I’ve been extremely cold. If you saw my arm right now you’d think I was a junkie. My fingers are so sore and sensitive that taking my blood sugar there is excruciating and the pain lingers for hours. So I’ve been taking it on my arm, however the area where I should be taking it is on the inside of my arm up near my elbow. Perfect spot for tracks! hehehe

No fotd today. I wasn’t even up to that. :( I did however mess with my bottle of unicorn pee frankenpolish. I added some gangrenous. Holy crap I like it even more. I swear I need to get some frankenpolish stuff from TKB and a giant bottle of northern lights topcoat. It looks so pretty mixed in. I didn’t get to taking pictures of my nails though. At least I have an awesome sauce bottle of gangrenous unicorn pee frankenpolish! Bwahahaha! <3

BLARGH-OOF-BLEH That is all.


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