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So when I posted the swatches for Rockeresque Beauty Co’s Goblin eyeshadow I kept calling it Zombie in the post, but managed to get the name on the images right, only after realized I too called it Zombie there, but realized before I saved the images. haha So When Erin on twitter asked me why it said Zombie in my post but Goblin on the photos, and I said I had no idea she responded with:

… because nobody expects the goblin apocalypse?

Bahahaha! It made me laugh. I wasn’t expecting her to respond like that. xd It was pretty funny. Reggie made a post about a site called That can be my next tweet. It’s freaking hilarious. It looks at your past tweets and then generates a random tweet with random words from them. :d So I had to do it. I think I uploaded like 12 of them.

So it’s been an interesting day today. My mom took her insulin this morning but got sidetracked and forgot to eat. Normally she can go about an hour without eating after taking her insulin. This morning 20 minutes after she took her insulin her blood sugar dropped to 31. O.O I can’t even remember the last time she had low blood sugar. She ate a peanut butter granola bar from trader joe’s and some m&m’s to try to get it back up. That only brought it up to 57. So she took some of her hawthorn berries which is in a glycerin base. After all of that and about an hour after it dropped it finally came up to 80. Ugh.

Fumiko picked out her own outfit this morning. Her black and pink polka dot skirt, a rainbow striped tank top, and a purple hello kitty sock with a green turtle sock. xd It’s cute, at least I think so. hehehe I told her that her socks didn’t match and she told me they did match. haha


So I’m not sure what Fumiko is on today, but she’s cracked me up all morning so far. I have two comedian kids seriously.

  1. First she came running in our room waking us up screaming “Ahhhh! Monster… get me… rainbow monster… HELP MOMMY HELP!… Oh it just Sushi. BAD SUSHI! BAD NO TACK MIKO!”
  2. She has a giant pink and blue plastic lipstick that came in a play purse she got when she was younger, she grabbed it and says “oh no no no, this won’t do.” She opens my lippie drawer and puts her giant lipstick in and says “uh there mommy. my lipstick put away. DON’T TOUCH! MY LIPSTICK!” Then she opens the drawer puts her lipstick on, puts it back and says “no touch mommy, no touch…. good mommy”. LOL
  3. And just now I snapped the following picture of her watching Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends for the first time ever. I was putting it on and told her this used to be Brother’s favorite cartoon show. Her response was “no I non’t like monsters!” and she huffed and sighed. lol Anyways. After a few minutes of watching it I glanced over and she was glued to it with mouth wide open. lol

I love her. lol She’s just as goofy as Sascha. :d See that bruise on her face, it’s actually a lot better. That’s what happens when you run down the hallway after the cat and run into the corner of the kitchen doorway. X.X


I just got off the phone with Sascha. I miss him terribly. But it was funny. He kept saying “I love you” and finally he says “the reason I keep saying I love you is cause… ” and I jump in and say “Because you miss me?!” and he says “Well yes, but also because I’m hungry.” So I say “So you love me because you’re hungry?” And he says “But I do actually love you, just so you know”. LOL I love him.

This is the same child who once asked a pizza delivery guy if he was a stalker and when I asked him why he says “Because he looks like he likes murdering people.” This prompted the delivery guy to quickly leave. hahaha He and Fumi have amazing imaginations, or I suppose see things very different. I love them both. I miss Sascha, it’s been a very long year. I’m glad he’s happy and doing well with his Dad and Step mom though. But I still miss him and can’t wait for him to come home.


So you know how yesterday I mentioned I had made chili and salsa? With jalapeños? Well well all know, well at least some of us know that jalapeños are freaking hot and you shouldn’t touch your eyes or other erm sensitive areas after handling jalapeños, right? Right. Well I apparently forgot… Last night I went to the bathroom as usual, only this time, I had jalapeños residue of doom on my fingers. Now mind you, by this time I’d had to have washed my hands at least 10 or more times. Though both of my thumbs still burned unpleasantly from cutting the jalapeños. My vagina burned, it burned baaaad. Anyways I came out of the bathroom, really annoyed. So Kai asked me what was wrong… So I blurt out “My vagina burns! And I didn’t not touch the toilet paper, except that I folded the toilet paper. Fuck.” and he just starts laughing. Like really, really laughing. Thankfully though it didn’t last too long. But still. Lesson learned. Wear gloves when cutting jalapeños, just in case you might have to go to the bathroom you know anytime in the next week.

Also Kai told me last night that I made too much salsa. And that I should probably make like half of half next time. Guess who has no more salsa? Yup. All that is left is the salsa juice, which is mighty tasty in the chili with chips. Mmmm.

Alsooooo. Something to note, I’ll be doing a couple of reviews as soon as my period decides to take its leave, and I’ll also be giving away one of the items I have to review. So check back soon so you don’t miss it. :)


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