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It was a nice, mostly lazy Sunday. We talked to Sascha on the phone earlier and talked about plans for the 4th, then Kai randomly decided we should go get some frozen yogurt from the Yogurt Shack. Betcha can’t guess what I got! Yep, peanut butter frozen yogurt with mochi balls. Kai got chocolate and vanilla swirl with crushed oreo’s and kitkat’s. Fumiko got mixed berry with mochi balls and blueberries. Though before we got yogurt we stopped at Fred Meyer.

My mom had asked us to stop by and price the strawberries and soil. I wanted to look at their lavender and check out the basil anyways. I’m currently thinking of planting lots of lavender in our yard by the street since that area is really weedy and has lots of tree roots. Sooo we forgot to look at the lavender, but I found a really nice basil plant with two plants and really nice leaves! Score! Plus it was on the sale rack so it was $3. Then we found 3 kinds of strawberries, there were some with pink blossoms called Berries Galore Pink[1. okay seriously you know I had to have these… how could I pass up pink strawberry blossoms!], regular strawberries, and some called june early harvest strawberries. The pink strawberries were on a rack that had them priced at 2 for $6, which was great since there were 6 plants to a plastic container. The regular and june early harvest strawberries were 2 for $5 and only had one plant per container, BUT the sign said tomatoes and vegetables even though half the rack was strawberries. So! I took a container up and asked if they could be priced and told the cashier what the sign said. She told me they would actually be $1 each because there was a coupon for them. SCORE! So Kai and I got 4 of the regular strawberries and 4 of the june early harvest strawberries. I then went back and forth on the pink strawberries and Kai told me to get them so we could go. haha We also picked up a 2cu ft bag of turf king soil. It was $7.99 where the miracle grow soil we got last year was 1 cu ft for $12.99… Last year the same bag was $6.99. WTF

So we get up to the cashier and the girl was super nice she actually rang ALL of our plants up including the basil which was $3 and the 6 pack of strawberries which was also $6 for $1 each! So we saved $4. Woot! My mom was originally going to give us money for the soil and her strawberries but on the way out of the store I told Kai we should just pay for them and give them to her as an early birthday gift since her birthday is June 14th. He thought it was an awesome idea so that’s what we did. haha When I got home I said “Happy Birthday Mom, we got you strawberries and dirt! xd ” hehehe I also have a card to give her. :)

So I’ve been bugging Kai for a couple of weeks now that we should try a new pizza place that opened up next door to the Yogurt Shack. It’s called Sparky’s Pizza and they sell pizza by the slice, well that’s what the sign said. So Kai decided tonight we should try them, which I was really happy about. I wanted to see what their pizzas were like but I also wanted to see if they made me as sick as domino’s and such. So we pulled up their menu on the website which by the way doesn’t have everything they have listed! To my delight they have green olives and to our delight they have anchovies! *squee* They have a pizza that has pepperoni, green olive and crushed red pepper, so I got that and had them add pepperoncinis too. Kai got an anchovy and black olive with light sauce and then we got a regular pepperoni for Tiff. BTW Kinon’s friend Tiff is staying with us til the end of the month. :) Oh Kai also ordered wings with sauce on the side. So I went downstairs before we left to tell my mom and she decided after looking at the menu that she wanted one too. So she picked out the Village Vegi with pepperoni.

Soooo we get to the pizza shop and we wait for the lady to finish ordering, then someone asks if we we wanted a slice of pizza. Kai says that we have orders for Kyle and Amanda to pick up. Then she says that she has an order for Sue and an order for Amanda, but no Kyle. LOL So I’m all but we ordered the order for Kyle first, how is that possible. So Kai rambles off the phone number and the girl says that’s for the Portland location. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA He called the wrong number and no one caught it. LOL Sooo we had to re-order our order and she called the other location to explain what happened. Oops. Also they were out of wings which was also funny because she says “The dough-boy won’t actually be back with the wings for another 40min.” ha I didn’t know they were still called dough-boys. So we decided to go over to Fred Meyer and pick up some soda while we waited. By the time we got back the pizzas were just done! I must say I am very happy with the pizza. It’s much better than the chain places we have around, not quite as good as our favorite place in California, but still yummy. The red sauce is nice, it’s NOT sweet, and very herby. I wish it were a little less herby, but it’s not sweet so that makes me happy. Their anchovies are delicious! I’m also extremely happy they have green olives, it’s the first place we’ve found that has them here. The veggies on the pizza my mom got were delicious and not over cooked, so they were still a tad crunchy.

So yes, delicious and slightly lazy Sunday. I now leave you with stuff from my garden! P.S. – photos are from my phone. xd


So between the plant sale at the OC college with Kharizma and going to Fred Meyer with my mom later that day I got lots of herbs and plants! I found some tomato plants: mexico midget, black from tula, green zebra, wisconsin 55 and red velvet, a red pepper plant: buran, giant pascal celery, and winter savory from the college. I got lemon cucumber, french lavender, genovese basil, spearmint, triple curly parsley, and catnip from Fred Meyer. The lovage that Kharizma gave me previously is growing well. It had some little aphids on it which I’ve been taking care of with simple soap water. The sweet mint that Fumiko stripped of its leaves has some new growth. I planted the spearmint in the pot that the basil was in that Fumiko stripped since it died. :( I planted my curly parsley and genovese basil in the pot on the back porch and have vowed to strangle the squirrel if he eats them. I did sprinkle some walnuts back there since that’s all I had.

Today I’m going to have Kai move one of the chrome shelves in front of the sliding glass door, the part that doesn’t slide. :p So I can use it for plants and herbs. :) The catnip is for the catcat obviously, though she shows no real interest in it. I seriously think she just doesn’t like catnip. My mom picked up a couple of pepper plants at Fred Meyer, and a regular cucumber plant which she has downstairs. She also swiped my red velvet tomato plant since they didn’t have the beefsteak that she wanted. If you’re wondering about the title, Kai thinks the house is being invaded by the little shop of horrors. hehehe Someone suggested I get him a venus fly trap and name it Audrey. bwahahah. I seriously might do that.


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