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So um. I hate to even ask this. But I just got a call from the owner of the house. She needs $1000 by the 1st and we have $300. So I was wondering if any companies would be willing to do a sort of raffle thing like they did with TPE. =/ I just don’t know what else to do and we don’t have anyone we can borrow money from and there’s just no possible way we’ll have $700 by the 1st. That’s only 4 days away. If 35 people donated $20 or 70 donated $10 for the raffle or 140 donated $5 that would give us what we need. d=

Kai is only making minimum wage and getting paid for 35 hours a week. That’s only $240-250 a week. Which is about $1000 a month. Our rent is $1150 and we still have to pay bills, gas, and groceries. >.< We’re hoping to god that Kai will get promoted to the sales floor like yesterday, but he hasn’t yet. At least he’d be making commissions which would bring in more money and help a lot. But right now we’re pretty much screwed and I don’t know what else to do. If anyone is willing to donate anything at all there’s a paypal button on my side bar. I really, really, really hate being in this position. :(


In case I forgot to mention, every Thursday I’ll have a guest poster who will be blogging about beauty related things! Since some of them are unfamiliar with WordPress, I’m making a little post to show them how to use it. :d So feel free to ignore this.

#01 There is a bar at the top of my blog where it says “+ New”. Hover over that and click on “Post”.

#02 Now that the post page is up, the first thing you’ll want to do is enter a title into the box that says “Enter title here”. That will set the url for this post. :) Now you can begin typing up your post in the text box where the giant “#02” is.

#03 On the right side of the post page you should see two widgets that say “Categories” and “Tags”. This is where you can enter the brands you’ve used, or select fotd, etc. If a brand you’re using isn’t already in the category list then just click “Add New Category” and add it. I generally enter the same tags so they match the categories.

#04 Adding media/photos! You want to click on the “Add Media” icon above the text box directly next to “Upload/Insert”. This will pop up an upload page.

#05 Now once the media box pops up you can either drag and drop photos, or click on the “Select Files” button and select your photos.

#06 Once your photos are uploaded you’ll see a list of your photos, you can now click on show and expand the info for your photo. Here you can change the title of your photo, add a description, etc. You can also choose to have the photo link to itself or something else. My post area on my blog is only 510 pixels wide, so if you’re choosing to post single images instead of a gallery, then you want to make sure you select the size that is 500 pixels wide. If your photos are small than that then it’ll let you choose full size automatically. You can also choose how to align your photo if you’re just posting single photos. If you’re using a gallery then simply edit the title or description and move on to the next photo. If you’re posting single photos, the title of the photo will show up in a black box under the photo. If you don’t want this to happen then just leave the title blank. Once you’re done editing information you can click “Save All Changes” at the very bottom of the pop up and it’ll take you a list of your photos.

#07 Alright so at the bottom of the page with the list of photos you’ll find the “Gallery Settings” area. If you plan on using the gallery then just select “Image File” next to “Link thumbnails to”. Leave the “Gallery columns” set to 3. Any more than that and they show up wonky. Then you can click on “Insert Gallery” and it’ll enter the code for the gallery into the blog post.

#08 Now if you’re writing your blog post early you can change the publish date to post on your Thursday. The Publish widget is to the right above the Category widget. You want to click on “Edit” next to “Publish Immediately”. This will expand the date/time selection dropdowns/calendar. Just select the date of your Thursday guest post date and then click “OK”. Then if you’re all done with your post you can click “Publish” and it will save your post and publish on the date/time you selected. And that’s pretty much it. Oh and if you want to see how your post looks before publishing it, you can hit the “Preview” button any time and it will pop open a new tab and let you see how it looks.


After bugging Linda with questions about Fry’s and then complaining about having about having a bunch of shut off notices and rent due by the 15th and us having less than $30 to our name, she released Toxic Lotus early and is donating all the proceeds to us to help out with bills/rent. <3 So if you’d like to help, please do so. I can’t thank her enough. While you’re there, you might want to look at her other shadows, she has some beautiful colors and all of the art is hand drawn by her. :) Thank you again, times a million Linda. *hug*

If you’d like to donate there’s a paypal button over to the right on my sidebar. I’ve been going back and forth between asking for help, and well not, I guess I’m asking for help. I’m paranoid someone is going to think I’m lying or scamming, or something, but I swear I’m not. :( it’s been really hard since Kai lost his job, if he was still employed with GNC we would have had 2 checks that would have covered bills and rent, but instead his check from Fry’s on Friday will be around $300. :( We had to borrow from my mom to pay the gas shut off and most of his check on Friday is going to pay her back. I know a lot of people are struggling right now, worse than us, but if you’re able and willing, any help is appreciated.


Alrighty. I have a dilemma. Some of you may remember when I had to remove my adult product reviews/posts to another blog because it went against Adsense’s TOS. Well since Adsense has disabled my account I no longer need to worry about that. However I don’t want to make people so uncomfortable that I lose readers and people that I like! So my question to you is, would you feel comfortable enough to continue reading my blog if I were to move my reviews back here? Now keep in mind I always put adult reviews under a cut and the title always has “Adult Product/whatever Review:”, so no one would be blindly clicking on something they don’t want to see on here or twitter or facebook, etc.

My issue having them on another blog is, I completely forget about that blog and never post on it or remember to comment on it, etc, so it would be easier and better for me to move them back here. So I thought I was ask your thoughts on the matter. I don’t know how many future reviews I’ll be doing once I get caught up as my health has made it hard to have sex with my husband let a lone go play with something to review. I do however get the chance to review lubes/lotions/bath & body products/etc that are geared more towards affection/novelty rather than straight bath & body. So keeping in mind all reviews dealing with adult products that are not safe to display(most lotions and bath products have no nudity or sexual reference on them so I feel safe not putting those under a cut) are put under a cut and are titled properly would you have any issues continuing to read my blog? :d For the love of all that is good in the universe please say you would still read my blog! If you don’t I will be forced to hunt you down and beat you with a fish… Okay I kid, but I would be very sad. :( Also in case you would like to see examples of reviews you can see my other blog here. Nothing is under a cut over there by the way because that’s all that blog was used for. The only explicit things I would post, which would be under a cut with proper title would be the Pleasurists adult listings which sometimes contain a nude photo. Oh and I would also be possible hosting giveaways for adult items here.
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So the top 5 companies from the last poll are:

Morgana Cryptoria (52%, 22 Votes)
Shiro Cosmetics (50%, 21 Votes)
High Voltage Cosmetics (43%, 18 Votes)
Darling Girl Cosmetics (36%, 15 Votes)
Venomous Cosmetics (29%, 12 Votes)

So now we have a new poll! All 5 companies offer both lip products and shadows. Some of you have commented that you’d love to see more lip items since most indie giveaways are just shadows. So what do you want to see? I’ll definitely be purchasing some lipstick from Morgana, but the outcome of the poll depends on who else I’ll be buying from. :d This will be for the giveaway for 100 GFC followers. Also to note if any of the awesome sauce indie companies would like to donate a little something for the giveaway that would be awesome! Black Rose Minerals is going to be donating a sample pack for it and I’m going to be purchasing a couple of shadows from her as well. If you’re interested in donating anything feel free to email me at Thank you!
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…Answer it! I want to do a giveaway when I hit 100 Google Friend Connect followers. I plan on doing some random things plus some things from an indie company. The problem is, I don’t know which company to choose, this is where you come in! Vote in le poll down there and let me know which company you’d like me to purchase giveaway items from. :d You can choose up to 5 companies. Companies that I’ve already done a giveaway for aren’t on the list. :)
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EDIT HAHAHA Kharizma has already offered to come over Wednesday and bleach my hair. /EDIT Alright. I have a box of bleach sitting in my bathroom closet. Every time I look at it I want to grab it and bleach my hair… I’m even starting to have dreams about it now. Seriously last night I dreamt that I bleached my hair and dyed it pink. It was so real I was upset and a little teary eyed when I woke up and realized my hair was still the same. So here’s my issue. At this point I seriously don’t know what effects my skin anymore. Sometimes things that have bothered me don’t irritate my skin, sometimes things I’ve used for ages without issue make me break out. :( So while I’m desperate to bleach and dye my hair[1. seriously I don’t know if you can understand but it’s this overwhelming need to do it so I can be me, who I’m supposed to be. Ugh. It makes me teary eyed just thinking about it. I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin. I don’t feel normal. I want that feeling back, and I feel that way with pink hair.] I’m also a little afraid, because I don’t know if it will cause my scalp to break out or not. :( It’s been over a year since I’ve used anything but temporary dye in my hair.

If I do it. I’ll wait until I can get some Cupcake Pink dye and mixer/toner from Morgana. But like seriously, Kharizma if I do this can you um come over and sit with me and take me to the ER if necessary[2. yes I am actually kind of worried it could cause serious pain. Kai even told me if I do it to make sure Kharizma is here so I don’t die. haha And yes it is sad that I’m a little worried hair dye might hurt me… ] and you know make sure the bleach doesn’t kill me? Also can you help me with my roots in the future? Because I’ve never been able to just dye my roots. t.t

So here’s where you come in? What the hell do I do? Kai said to do what made me happy, which would be bleaching my hair. haha Knowing me, I’m probably going to take the chance anyways. I hate my natural hair and I don’t feel comfortable at all without pink hair. :( My hair was pink for most of my sons life, I miss it. My logic is, my nail polish doesn’t seem to bother my skin, the remover doesn’t, sooooo hair dye should be okay, right? :? Also if I do bleach it and it doesn’t kill my scalp and I hate it, I can do what I did before. Dye it brown and let it grow out.

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Alright I have a decision to make and I can’t decide. I need to order another set of my shampoo/conditioner bars and I don’t know which scent to get. I’m torn between Pink Sugar and Vanille de Framboise. Pink Sugar smells like Lush’s creamy candy bubble bar, and Vanille de Framboise smells like Bath & Body Works Black Raspberry Vanilla, both are scents that I adore. So help me out, which scent do I get? Right now I’m using up the last of my Mango Zephyr which smells amazing, but I want to change it up. :d I really need to get my stuff on both computers. I don’t have my watermarks on the desktop because I made them on the laptop. :(

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