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Robin from HellCatCosmo answered some of my questions! :d
230527_124023791011628_2932718_nHow long have you been making adorable jewely, and what made you start?
Robin: I’ve been making random crafty things since I was tiny. My one was one of those hyper craft people who made porcelain dolls and went to a million craft stores. She took me with her because I was the youngest and really the only one who was really into it all like she was. I started selling things I made and jewelry and stuffs in the first grade- until I got caught, which made my teacher place an order and then tell me it want allowed… and then shopped my stuff around in the teachers lounge. I think I had a “business” Almost every year I was in school. Every time I’d be shut down by “the man” I even made and sold things so I could afford gas to and from beauty school… and supplies. I put it aside to do hair- and am picking it up again because I really really missed it.

il_570xN.333772028What do you use to create your littler masterpieces?
Robin: Lately it’s polymer clay and resin. I don’t have a working kiln these days so I’m limited to what I can play with. I’m always looking for new ways to make things- I want to start sewing again but there is just no room left for it. hahaha

What is your favorite item that you make?
Robin: Monsters. Easily my monsters. The Pumpkin monsters I’ve been playing around with are my favorite at the moment. Anything custom is great too because it gets me out of my head a little and forces me to improve myself.

il_570xN.490282325_npcjWhat is your favorite item from another indie shop?
Robin: Oh wow, I don’t even know. There are so many shops that I love. Monkeys and plushie monsters from “SillyBeans” and “TheJaeBird” on etsy. My face soap that I am honestly obsessed with is Black Magic from OHWTO. MY favorite perfume ATM is Serpentina from “DarlingClandestine” on etsy. Makeup omg omg omg so many shops- SO many! At the moment most of my stalking has been MADD STYLE Cosmetics, BlackRose Minerals, and I’m shitting myself to try out Detrivore Cosmetics. I know I’m blanking on something here- But that is what springs to mind.

Would you rather be a Crow or a Bat?
Robin: ooOooOoOo So difficult. I’m obsessed with bats- have them tattooed all over my foot…. but I think I’d be a crow. I think my personality is more crowlike. I’m dark, social with my own kind, and fearcely protective. I like all the lore involved with crows too. And I’m a Bird. Robin. Shits through feathers. All of it.

il_570xN.398216646_8xyfIs there anything else you’d like to add?
Robin: I don’t think so. Just a hearty thank you for the time you spent putting this together! It’s been great reading about people who make the things that make me gush with spaztastic joy. And if I ever make an eyeshadow I’m going to force you to take my swatch photos hahaha

Are you a butt, Y/N?
Robin: I am many butts. All smushed together in a ball and deep fried. I am deep fried butt. Dusted in powdered sugar. Coming soon to a state fair near you.

Robin is AWESOME. Some of my favorite earrings were made by her. :d I have a pair of white anatomical heart earrings with black bows. I’ll have to get a picture, they rock! She has lots of goodies in her shop that I lust for. >.> She also has an awesome youtube channel. She’s fantastic! Now go buy her stuff. :d


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