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I asked Miss Dena from AFK Cosmetics some questions and she graciously answered them for me! Enjoy!

11084851_810218109068992_1684813529_nWhere are you from?
I’m from a bit of everywhere! As a young kid I grew up in mostly Washington and Illinois, but in about 2nd grade I moved to Alaska and then lived there until last year, now I’m back in Washington!

When and why did you start AFK Cosmetics?
I first launched AFK on Etat in March of 2014, and actually just celebrated my one year anniversary! When I opened it was mainly a hobby since I was working full time as a Tattoo artist.

I had been making eyeshadow for a while but had only given them to friends and family up until then. Shortly after I became I was diagnosed with AS and lost my ability to tattoo. So I channeled all of my creative energy into re-vamping AFK and dedicated 100% of myself to my craft and never looked back!

How did you come up for the name for AFK Cosmetics?
Some friends actually helped me come up with it! I was having some serious troubles coming up with the idea and I went to the sub /r/DPSdolls that I help mod and they helped me come up with it! I actually almost used ‘Rage Quit Cosmetics’ haha
Bahaha that would have been awesome too, but I really like AFK Cosmetics!

What was the first product you made and do you currently still sell it?
The first thing I made (successfully) was ‘F***in Shrooms’ and I do still sell it! That color was the entire inspiration for AFK!
It’s an awesome color. I am partial to purple though.

How do you choose the name and colors for your products?
Its actually easy for me since I usually draw inspiration for colors from something. For example, for my upcoming Doctor Horribles Sing Along Blog inspired collection I basically binge watched the movie while writing down my favorite quotes and what color I believed they should be.
That’s awesome. I can’t wait to see it too!

DSC_1058Where do you make your products?
I actually took over the dining room when we moved into my apartment and now its 100% my studio. I have big tables set up, and more drawers than anyone would ever need haha

What sizes do you offer for all of your products?
For shadows I offer samples in zip top baggies with approximatly 1/4 tsp of product, as well as the standard full size 5gr jar.
For balms, mascara, and primer I have a full size option as well as a mini size, which is basically baby versions of the original. I used to carry samples of the balms, but I found it is very difficult to accurately try something meant for a tube with your finger haha

Will you be making any new products in the future? New collections?
I’m actually working on several ideas right now! As i mentioned before Im working on a new ‘Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog’ inspired collection, it will include shadows, a balm, a hilighter, and AFK’s first blush! I’m also starting to brainstorm for an ‘Arcade’ collection inspired by the Arcade Skins in League of Legends, they are going to be SO GLITTERY!
Bluuushhhh! Yesssss! GLITTER! I can’t wait to see. :d Especially the blush and balm!

DSC_1359Is making makeup your only job?
Yes! Well, I’m also a mother to a very, very energetic 4 year old so I’m also a part time Ninja Turtle (according to her)
hehe! Mothering is a full time job yo and I want to be a Ninja Turtle!

What would you recommend for new customers to try?
I would recommend customers try ‘You Smell Like Burning’ its one of my oldest colors and one of my most popular selling shadows. I actually recently reformulated it slightly to help it adhere without primer better!

Would product would you say best represents your company as a whole? And why?
Oh this is so hard! I’m going to have to say ‘The Strip’ from the Wastelander Collection. Its one of my personal favorites and it is SUPER glittery, which we all know I love!

Have you had new colors/products go so awry you just trash them?
Many, many times! I try to work on new formulas in very small batches to avoid too much waste. But sometimes things just dont mix right, simple things like adding my base formula and grinding certain colors too long can take what looked like an amazing color and turn them into a mess.

DSC_6880What is your favorite product from your company?
My current favorite thing is my April color of the month, ‘You have died of Dysentery’ I’m a huge fan of mauve lips, and I love the color so much I’m considering making it a permanent part of my shop!
Ooooo. You should totally do that. It was a pretty color. :d

What’s your favorite cosmetic product from another company?
Right now I’m pretty obsessed with my Vanille Bergamot lotion from Sixteen92. My skin is hyper sensitive and dry so I need constant moisture, also it smells EXACTLY like how I take my tea!

Random questions!
What’s your favorite color?

IMG_3035What’s your favorite perfume and what does it smell like?
My all time favorite scent ever was Escada’s Ibiza Hippie. It was simply gorgeous. It was fruity, feminine, tropical, and floral , but not overly so. I wish they still made it, sometimes I browse Ebay and consider buying a crazy over priced bottle just so I can smell it again.

Do you have any pets?
My daughter has a pet Beta! He lives like a king in a big 5 gallon tank all by himself haha
KIND OF THE SEA! Fumiko had a beta once… But she tried to pet it. d=

What do you do in your spare time?
Gaming of course! But everyone knows that haha. I also love gardening, cooking/baking, knitting, and painting!

What’s your favorite season and why?
I’m going to have to say fall. Something about the cool weather setting in, the leaves changing, the gentle rustle of them falling to the ground in the wind. It makes me want to bake some bread and make some soup!
Fall FTW!

DSC_6798Would you rather be a bat or crow? And Why?
As much as I love bats, I’m going to have to choose crow. My husband used to work at a raptor sanctuary, I used to go get to hang out with the eagles and ravens! They are so misunderstood, everyone thinks they are pests, but really they are beautiful, and startlingly intelligent creatures.
I think I am a little jealous. I would love to get to see a raven up close and personal. :d

I know you’re a gamer, what’s your favorite class of character to play?
I’m a healer by nature! I grew up gaming with my older brother, and was forced to be player 2 forever haha. It something I truly enjoy now though, pretty much anytime I am given the chance I choose a healing/support class. We are the unsung hero’s of the gaming world :)
I used to get forced to heal. xd I can do it but it’s not my thing. I’m all for dps caster. Specifically Doomchicken. I got made fun of for leveling a balance druid in Vanilla. Tsk tsk.

Thank you so much for answering my silly questions! I appreciate it. :d If you’d like to check out AFK Cosmetics goodies you can visit her shop here. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too!

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I have a new interview! Meet Christine from Hello Waffle Cosmetics!

ChristineWhere are you from?
Mississauga, Ontario! A large suburb outside of Toronto. Our mayor is over 90 years old!

When and why did you start Hello Waffle?
My first purchase with Notoriously Morbid in the fall of 2013 sent me down the indie rabbit hole. I was surprised that such quality products were being handmade by regular people so I was intrigued and decided to start dabbling in creating cosmetics.

How did you come up for the name for Hello Waffle?
I actually didn’t come up with the name! I knew that I wanted my brand name to revolve around cats (crazy cat lady over here) and when brainstorming one night, my boyfriend came up with ‘Hello Waffle‘.

What was the first product you made and do you currently still sell it?
My first product were tinted lip balms. I had issues with grainyness so I discontinued them in early June so I could work on the formula. I recently brought them back in March and 6 of the original colours are available :)
I haven’t been able to try the reformulated balms yet, but I’m looking forward to them when I can! Ginger Kitties is calling my name!

DSC_2199How do you choose the name and colors for your products?
Most of my eyeshadows revolve around some sort of cohesive theme so I choose names around that. For my blushes and lip colours that don’t have a theme – I try and pick a name that revolves around its colour. And I love puns, hence colours like “Practice What You Peach”.
I love puns! hehe

Where do you make your products?
Downstairs in my lair – ahem workshop. The entire basement is devoted to my workshop! I have 4 tables and two large shelves down there. And 3 lamps because it gets dark and creepy sometimes.

What sizes do you offer for all of your products?
Sample, halfling, and full sizes.

DSC_2046Will you be making any new products in the future? New collections?
I have an upcoming Greek Gods and Goddesses collection that will debut on May 1st. Each Greek god uses it’s Roman equivalent of TKB’s planetary (colour shifting) pigments. For example, Goddess of Love (Aphrodite)’s Roman equivalent is Venus – so I used TKB’s Travel to Venus pigment in it. :)

I also have a new project I’m working on that I’m really excited about. I can’t spill much details as of yet but I’ve hinted at it before and I want to launch everything in Fall 2015.
I’ve seen some of the sneak peeks and can’t wait to see the rest! I’m kind of dying over Aphrodite and Artemis! I can’t wait to find out what this new project is. =O

Is making makeup your only job?
Yes! Best. Job. Ever!
You are just a little bit lucky lady!

What would you recommend for new customers to try?
My rose golds and purples are fan favourites – 23, Fey, Mendelssohn, Ethereal Voice, Cravings, Hot Cross Bunnies, etc.
I am ones of those fans! I love Hot Cross Bunnies, Ethereal Voice, Fey and Cravings. There are a few more I need to try though!

Would product would you say best represents your company as a whole? And why?
I didn’t come up with the concept but the Catssic Literature collection is amazing. Because cats. And puns. And sparkles.
The Catssic Literature collection is kind of awesome and is on my wishlist. One day it will be mine. The labels are adorable and the colors are so pretty! I always drool when people post swatches or do looks with them. Also cats.

DSC_2268Have you had new colors/products go so awry you just trash them?
Yep! I am actually planning on selling some of my “duds” from making my Greek Gods and Goddesses collection. They’re nice and shifty but just wasn’t what I wanted in the final colour. Some batches are quite large – sometimes I try and salvage a colour by adding more colours and welp, sometimes it doesn’t work out.
Oooo! I am curious to see what the colors are now!

What is your favorite product from your company?
I am really digging my plush lip balm formula in the slimline tubes! My favourite product is probably my blushes though.
I have yet to try the new formula or the blush but they look pretty awesome. I’ve seen nothing but good things so far!

What’s your favorite cosmetic product from another company?
Hm, I really love Life’s Entropy’s lip theories. And Fyrinnae‘s shadows cannot be beat! I also love swatching my Femme Fatale eyeshadows and staring at their shifty goodness. I can’t decide!
I’m kind of a jerkface for asking this. lol I don’t think I could choose.

DSC_2133Random questions!

What’s your favorite color?
Gray, like my cat. > :)
Gray is a fantastic color. I’m a little partial though, it’s my maiden name! xd

What’s your favorite perfume and what does it smell like?
Toasted Marshmallow from Sixteen92. It smells like creamy vanilla gooeyness.
Oh gosh. Just because of *you* I am dying to smell Toasted Marshmallow. The kiddoes and I have been toasting marshmallows over a burner on our stove and the smell is amazing. Every time we do I think of you and Claire and then want all the toasted marshmallow scented things. I need toasted marshmallow incense!

Do you have any pets?
Yes! I have a cat named Waffle (duh) and a corgi named Remy who just so happens to be the most mischievous dog on the planet. That dog is way too smart for his own good :|
I am jealous of your Remy. I loooooove Corgis! When I was younger my parents had a friend who bred them and my fondest memory is pulling up to their gated driveway and seeing a heard of Corgis coming around the house. It was adorable and hysterical all at the same time. They are so stinking cute!

What do you do in your spare time?
I am pretty much the most boring person on earth. I spend my spare time watching Netflix with my bf and being a human couch for my cat and dog. On weekends we like to do fun activities like skiing/skating in the winter or ziplining and hiking in the summer!
I think I am far more boring than you. lol Unless you count doctor/therapy appointments exciting!

DSC_2333What’s your favorite season and why?
Fall! It’s when the weather starts to cool down but warm enough to still be comfortable. The humidity is gone so your face isn’t an oil slick and all the bugs have died off. And the snow hasn’t started so you can still sneak in some end-of-season bbq’s :)
I love Autumn! I wish it lasted longer!

Would you rather be a bat or crow? And Why?
A bat! Bats are cool plus they have awesome night vision. Plus they’re cute!
They are pretty adorable!

Christine currently offers lots of cool products! I’ve only tried her shadows which are pretty dang awesome, but I’ve got some of her balms, lip gloss, blush and highlighters on my wishlist(and a lot more shadows too!). You can find her shop here and you can find her on Facebook and Instagram too!

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I have returned with another interview! Today I have an interview from Niamh from Tilt/Shift Cosmetics. Please enjoy!

10954764_1699708843589253_1400035610_nWhere are you from? I love your accent!
I’m from Nottingham, England! But I’ve lived in America for most of my life now, although I do get to visit often!
I would love to be able to visit England one day. England and Scotland. :d

When and why did you start Tilt/Shift Cosmetics?
Tilt/Shift was started about 9 months ago now, and I did it because I was growing tired of being a waitress, despite loving the place I worked it’s not something you want to do forever.
I also around the same time stopped taking photos for money because I was being taken advantage of a lot, as is the problem with lots of visual artists, so I decided to put my creativity into something tangible, and makeup is something I’ve loved since I was about 14, so it was a natural choice!
Aw I’m sorry to hear that. That’s awful. I’m glad you started Tilt/Shift though!

10847669_373467316165916_3768740688892441020_oHow did you come up for the name for Tilt/Shift Cosmetics?
I’ve been taking photos since I was about 10 years old, and until I was about 19-20 it was the love of my life. Tilt/Shift is a type of lens used in photography that creates a really interesting and beautiful effect, I wanted to marry my two loves, hence the name!

What was the first product you made and do you currently still sell it?
The first product I ever made was Chaos, a lilac lipstick, and it’s still one of my favourites! I don’t sell it now but I’d like to try to remake it with the reformulation of my lipsticks.
Oh I would love to see you remake it.

How do you choose the name and colors for your products?
Originally T/S was all space themed, but to be honest I’m kid of branching away from that a bit. I think I’d like to go in a different direction and start taking things which really inspire me and create based off those.
Last night I had a creative surge and started designing packaging and shadows based on my favourite poet’s works!
Oh that’s really awesome to hear. I hope you don’t stop doing space themes altogether though!

10929224_373467292832585_573910970959994993_nWhere do you make your products?
I have a separate room in my house dedicated to T/S things! I create in there and print/come up with ideas in my office, which I share with my husband. I feel very lucky to have a space where I can feel creative! I also feel lucky that I have so many things from my photography work which really help when it comes to Tilt/Shift.

What sizes do you offer for all of your products?
I offer samples which are the standard 1/8th tsp. and full sizes which are 5 grams. I’m currently switching to no sifters so I’ll be shrink-wrapping! Yayy so professional! ;)

Will you be making any new products in the future? New collections?
I’m still working on my lipsticks, but I’m SO close. There’s one more thing I have to order in a bigger size and then I can actually start coming up with the colours!
Right now I am really taken by the idea of doing a collection based on my favourite poet, and kind of moving the brand more toward the direction of things I love which other people may love as well, making it more personal to me and hopefully more unique.
Yessss! Lipsticks! MORE LIPSTICKS!

Is making eyeshadow and lipstick your only job?
T/S is my full time job, which I’m very lucky for, but I do model on the side sometimes, mostly so I can have more money to make more pretty things! Haha!

IMG_2394_c6a2f45a-3a80-4774-a37d-c9ee338b863f_largeWhat would you recommend for new customers to try?
My new X-Files collection coming out on the 31st. ;) There are a handful of colours in it that I’m especially proud of: Smokey Man, Bad Blood, Boyish Agility, and Mr. X namely. Also Hot Toddy! I’ve been wearing that colour a lot, I really like it!

Would product would you say best represents your company as a whole? And why?
I’m not sure that I could pick one product, I think as a whole I’d like T/S to be seen as a creative and unique brand, which still doesn’t sacrifice a good balance of different shades, and classic colours.

Have you had new colors/products go so awry you just trash them?
Yes, haha, but never ones that I’ve already released! There’s a plastic bag full of smaller plastic bags which contain eyeshadow failures.
I also have a drawer of shades which are pretty but don’t fit into the collection, sometimes I dive in there and see if there’s something which catches my eye for a new collection!

1507016_373467249499256_6755776489009703364_nWhat is your favorite product from your company?
I honestly can’t pick a favourite, they are all my babies! But currently I’ve been loving Vulcan! I’ve been digging neutrals lately, especially the reddish brownish 90’s neutrals. Mmm.

What’s your favorite cosmetic product from another company?
Oh man. I’ve been on a super perfume kick lately but as far as cosmetics go I love Blackbird’s Green Magic Trick powder, Hello Waffle‘s Golden Veil highlight and Sweet Tea blush, Beauty Bar Baby‘s Black Gel Liner, Shiro’s Baker’s Boy and Hodor eyeshadows.
Right now though, my favourite has been AFK’s The Thorn’s Embrace tinted balm. It’s the colour I’ve been wearing almost every day for the last month. It’s such a beautiful 90’s brown/red/neutral colour and I can build it up for a dramatic lip or sheer it out for a MLBB tint. The colour is so hot right now! ;) I love it.
Also Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfecter in Moonstone. Not indie but good god the hype is REAL.
I want to try Hello Waffle‘s Golden Veil highlight just because of you!

Random questions!

What’s your favorite color?
BLACK. GRAY. I can’t think of the last time I didn’t wear all black. I also like deep, earthy greens.

IMG_2397_3ca7f239-963f-495c-80d2-385282d9123c_largeDo you have any pets?
I have three, all boys!

An incredibly sweet and loving dog, Booker (named after the Bioshock Infinite character), who is a German Shepherd/Carolina Dingo mix. Yes. Dingo. He was found on the side of the road howling at all of the cars and was taken in by an amazing foster mum, Laura, who then reluctantly let us have him, haha. He still sees her often though!

Dexter, a Tabby cat named after the TV show serial killer because when we first got him he liked to bite. Hard. When we first walked into the “kitten room” at the SPCA he ran up to us and climbed all the way up to sit on our heads. He chose us, haha! He only loves me and my husband, which I secretly like. We get all of his snuggles and sweetness to ourselves!

And Odin, a long furred grey and white tuxedo/tabby/I don’t know, who is the sweetest, dumbest, most vocal little boy. We had less than 5 minutes to pick a new cat before the SPCA closed and we went for him, we couldn’t have made a better choice.
Aww lots of fluffies! Mochi happened to choose me too. xd

What do you do in your spare time?
Play video games, take photos, cook, lift weights, and sing. LOTS of bad singing, pretty much for all of my waking hours. I feel bad for my neighbors.

Do you have any hobbies?
I’m trying to learn guitar and build the confidence to write songs. Guitar is actually going well! Writing not so much. Haha. I’m too much of a perfectionist so I write the first line and I’m like “that’s dumb” and I give up. This has been a daily occurrence for the past few weeks now.
That’s cool. I always wish I had learned an instrument!

What’s your favorite season and why?
I used to be a Fall/Winter person. But I’ve lived around Charleston for 9 years now and nothing beats a Summer here. I’ve gotten so used to it I don’t think I could live anywhere else now.

Would you rather be a bat or crow? And Why?
A crow, because they’re badass and beautiful and haunting all at once. Plus I love their call, so creepy!
Ee. I love their call and the noises they make.

Yay! Thanks for answering all my questions. You rock Niamh! If you guys want to try any of Tilt/Shift’s products you can find the shop here and you can find her on Facebook here.

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Yes it is that time again! I am starting up Indie Interview once again! I shall be asking indie owners serious and silly questions to find out more about them! For our first installment we have Claire from Sixteen92. Maker of awesome smelleries!

Where are you from?
I’m a Texas girl — born and raised in Dallas :)

What made you decide to start making perfume?
There are a few ways I could answer this question, really. In the most general sense, I had been searching for a fulfilling creative outlet that gave me something to *make* with my hands. I am in the creative industry by career, but as an interactive and digital art director it is rare that I have the opportunity to create something tangible, something wearable, something truly personal. I wanted something I could put my whole heart into; fragrance has always been something I connected with on a very personal level, and from my very earliest experiments I knew this was something I needed to explore further.

Why sixteen92 and how did you come up with the branding?
I’ve always been fascinated with history and lore, and particularly have not shied away from some of the darker periods in early American history. So while the name Sixteen92 is obviously a cultural reference to the 1692 Salem witch trials, I wanted to blend some of these historical references with a modern design aesthetic when working on the brand. Perfumery is an ancient and timeless art that has grown and evolved over the centuries, taking bits and pieces of character from every era. As perfumers we are inspired by Alchemy (the old), guided by Science (the modern), and invigorated by Magic (the creative).

Vial labelHow do you choose the names and quotes for your scents?
Usually I’ll have an idea of a story I’d like to tell with a scent before I begin blending; other times, it’s a little more difficult! There have been a few cases where a finished blend has really surprised me by being nothing like what I’d planned, and I think that’s part of the beauty of perfumery — there is an element of control (and science) involved, but still the blends sometimes seem to want to tell their own stories and go in their own directions ;)

How long does it generally take you to make a batch of a scent?
From initial concept to completion of a production batch may be hours, days, weeks, or, in a few cases, many months. For most concepts, I have a few versions brewing simultaneously, and will narrow down slowly over the course of a week or two until I’ve found the blend that comes closest to what I was trying to achieve. Many blends (and some entire concepts) never quite get there, and there are a few that I’ve been working on for months. Once I have an approved formula and am ready to brew a production batch, though, it goes pretty quickly. I can mix a production batch in under an hour, but they do like a bit of a “rest” before they’re ready to be bottled.

Where do you make your perfumes and other products?
I have taken over about half of the first floor of my house, much to my husband’s displeasure. Goals for 2015 include moving into a dedicated production facility.

What sizes do you offer for your perfumes, lotions and shower gels?
Perfumes are available in 2mL sample vials and 1.5 dram (5.5-6mL) bottles; most general catalogue scents are also available in 10mL roll-on bottles. Lotions are available in 1oz mini and 4oz full size jars. Shower gels are available in 2oz mini and 8oz full size bottles.

Will we see any new products from you in the future?
I hope so! I am currently working with a candlemaker to hopefully translate some of my scents into candles and possibly other room fragrance options. I do not have a timeline for this yet as I am still in the planning stages, but it’s something I’m definitely working on :)
Oooo candles in your scents would be so amazing, room fragrance too!

Is making awesome smelly things your only job?
It is not. I currently own two businesses (the other being a line of screen printed infant and toddler clothing called Mod & Mini) and I work full-time in the advertising industry.
You sound like a busy lady!

What should new customers expect when purchasing from you?
Between my general catalogue and seasonal releases I try to present a fairly broad range of scents, so hopefully everyone should be able to find something that they love! I also put a lot of care into my packaging, and try to make the entire purchase experience as aesthetically pleasing (and great-smelling ;) ) as possible.

LOLITA!What would you recommend for new customers to try?
When trying any new fragrance brand I always recommend starting with samples, as they give you the opportunity to try several different scents to see what works best for you. I recently introduced a Best Sellers sample pack that includes 6 of my most popular fragrances; I think it offers a little something for everyone :)

What would you say is your signature scent from your line?
I certainly have best-sellers (hello, Lolita!), and I also have my personal favorites, but I’m not so sure I would classify any single fragrance as a “signature;” that might be best left up to the wearer ;)

Which scent best represents your company and style?
I would probably say Salem. Not necessarily for the obvious 1692 references, but because I think it represents my overall approach to fragrance design — a bit conceptual, atmospheric and slightly weird, but still wearable.
Salem is one of your scents I really want to try. It sounds amazing!

What are some scents that smell awful on their own?
Haha! There are a few. Civet comes to mind. Yikes. But it’s gorgeous blended at very small (<1%) dilutions with heady florals. Many of the aroma chemicals (Floralozone, Rose Oxide, some of the Aldehydes) are so strong undiluted that they will hurt your nose, and Birch Tar out of dilution smells like barbecue sauce.
I’m kind of curious about Rose Oxide now.

What are your favorite scents to work with?
I try to keep a pretty varied list of favorites, in an effort to remain as objective as possible with new blends. But the scents I am personally drawn to are the Fall and Winter types — the atmospheric, resinous, incense and smoky scents. I find those are often easier for me to blend because they are the scents that I personally wear most often. But, on the other hand, I think it might be more fun blending some of the floral/green Spring or Summer types because those are a bit more challenging for me. I’ve found some unexpected favorite notes while working with heavy florals and aquatics, despite these not being my personal choices for everyday wear. In fact, a few of my personal favorites from my own collections are some of the sweeter, more floral scents. I think I feel more connected to them because I spent so much energy working on them :)

What is your favorite scent from another indie company?
I have a few! BPAL Snake Oil, Aklemia Vamp, Solstice Scents Covered Bridge and Conjure, and 1000 Flowers Reglisse Noir (are they indie? Maybe more niche. Oh well).

Some non-indie favorites include several from Tokyo Milk (Bullet Proof and La Vie La Mort in particular), Comme des Garçons Avignon and Synthetic :d ry Clean, Fresh Cannabis Santal, Prada Eau de Parfum, and my weird guilty pleasure that nobody is allowed to laugh at me for, Britney Spears Curious (i’msosorry).

Now random questions!

What’s your favorite book?
I wish I had more time to read! There are a lot of books on my reading list. For classics, I would have to say Wuthering Heights. I’ve actually been working on a Wuthering Heights collection forever; maybe one day soon it’ll be ready ;)

Do you have any pets?
I have two very opinionated dogs — a Boston Terrier named Maddie and a Siberian Husky named Bruce Wayne. My older daughter has a Bearded Dragon named Steve.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I don’t have much of that, to be honest. If I did, I suppose it would be spent on photography, which is something I enjoy but haven’t had much time for lately.

Do you have any hobbies?
I like cars (driving them, working on them, etc). If I had more time (see above re no free time!), I would love to get a cool old muscle car to restore.

Would you rather be a bat or a crow? And why?
Despite my strongly held belief that both of these animals are badass and awesome, I would have to choose bat by process of elimination, due to the fact that all crows are simply waiting for the first available opportunity to peck my eyes out. True facts.

Thanks so much for answering my questions Claire, I really appreciate it! I learned a lot. :d If you want to get a hold of Claire or try any of her products you can find Sixteen92 on Facebook and Instagram as well as on Etsy!

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Robin from HellCatCosmo answered some of my questions! :d
230527_124023791011628_2932718_nHow long have you been making adorable jewely, and what made you start?
Robin: I’ve been making random crafty things since I was tiny. My one was one of those hyper craft people who made porcelain dolls and went to a million craft stores. She took me with her because I was the youngest and really the only one who was really into it all like she was. I started selling things I made and jewelry and stuffs in the first grade- until I got caught, which made my teacher place an order and then tell me it want allowed… and then shopped my stuff around in the teachers lounge. I think I had a “business” Almost every year I was in school. Every time I’d be shut down by “the man” I even made and sold things so I could afford gas to and from beauty school… and supplies. I put it aside to do hair- and am picking it up again because I really really missed it.

il_570xN.333772028What do you use to create your littler masterpieces?
Robin: Lately it’s polymer clay and resin. I don’t have a working kiln these days so I’m limited to what I can play with. I’m always looking for new ways to make things- I want to start sewing again but there is just no room left for it. hahaha

What is your favorite item that you make?
Robin: Monsters. Easily my monsters. The Pumpkin monsters I’ve been playing around with are my favorite at the moment. Anything custom is great too because it gets me out of my head a little and forces me to improve myself.

il_570xN.490282325_npcjWhat is your favorite item from another indie shop?
Robin: Oh wow, I don’t even know. There are so many shops that I love. Monkeys and plushie monsters from “SillyBeans” and “TheJaeBird” on etsy. My face soap that I am honestly obsessed with is Black Magic from OHWTO. MY favorite perfume ATM is Serpentina from “DarlingClandestine” on etsy. Makeup omg omg omg so many shops- SO many! At the moment most of my stalking has been MADD STYLE Cosmetics, BlackRose Minerals, and I’m shitting myself to try out Detrivore Cosmetics. I know I’m blanking on something here- But that is what springs to mind.

Would you rather be a Crow or a Bat?
Robin: ooOooOoOo So difficult. I’m obsessed with bats- have them tattooed all over my foot…. but I think I’d be a crow. I think my personality is more crowlike. I’m dark, social with my own kind, and fearcely protective. I like all the lore involved with crows too. And I’m a Bird. Robin. Shits through feathers. All of it.

il_570xN.398216646_8xyfIs there anything else you’d like to add?
Robin: I don’t think so. Just a hearty thank you for the time you spent putting this together! It’s been great reading about people who make the things that make me gush with spaztastic joy. And if I ever make an eyeshadow I’m going to force you to take my swatch photos hahaha

Are you a butt, Y/N?
Robin: I am many butts. All smushed together in a ball and deep fried. I am deep fried butt. Dusted in powdered sugar. Coming soon to a state fair near you.

Robin is AWESOME. Some of my favorite earrings were made by her. :d I have a pair of white anatomical heart earrings with black bows. I’ll have to get a picture, they rock! She has lots of goodies in her shop that I lust for. &GT;.&GT; She also has an awesome youtube channel. She’s fantastic! Now go buy her stuff. :d


Vanessa from Chinovi Cosmetics graciously answered my silly questions. :) Thank you.
Vanessa from ChinoviLuna: How long have you been making indie cosmetics, and what made you start?
Vanessa: I started playing around with formulating around March 2011 and I opened Chinovi April 1, 2012. I started Chinovi because I enjoy makeup so much and wanted to be able to share that passion/addiction with others. I’m not artsy when it comes to drawing, painting, writing, etc, so this how I am able to express myself creatively.

Luna: Do you have any future plans for different products? Any future collections in the works?
Vanessa: I wanted to launch Chinovi with just eyeshadows to ensure I would be able to manage everything. I have full intentions of offering so much more! I currently have matte shadows, brow powders and blushes being tested out. Look for them in the new year! As far as collections go… I Cloverhave tons of ideas! I just finished creating the Holiday 2012 collection, “Oh, Christmas Tree” and am going to focus next on fine tuning the mattes, brow powders and blushes. I do have a collection that has been in the works for a year… it’s called the “Beauty Queens” collection and it is bases on all the girls in my family!

Luna: What is your favorite item that you make?
Vanessa: My favorite items to make are definitely eyeshadows! So many possibilities, not enough time!!

Luna: What is your favorite beauty item from another indie company?
Vanessa: Black Magic from OHWTO is my go to facial soap. I love how my face feels and looks afterwards. Which reminds me, I need to order more! I also am loving Darling Girls Azalea blush… gorgeous!

MonsterLuna: Would you rather be a Crow or a Bat?
Vanessa: I’d rather be a crow. They don’t creep my out the way bats do. Plus, I’m a HUGE “Game of Thrones” fan, and Jon Snow is often referred to as “crow”… and he’s HOT! ;)

Luna: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Vanessa: I just want to say, Thank you for giving me this opportunity! I love that you have created such a great blog that spotlights indie products and companies like me! You’re awesome, Luna!

Sooooo, it’s been awhile since I planned on doing the indie interviews. Sorry Vanessa! I’ve had yours as a draft for um months. Whoops. But hey I’m getting it done right now. I hope not much has changed or I’ll have to do a second interview! xd Your blushes are pretty. I still love Gidget. I think you have it up for sale now. I think you reformulated it though. I’ll have to order some to see how it compares. :d The sample I have is beautiful. I have to agree with you on Black Magic is amazing and addicting. I need to sneak some more samples from you. &GT;.&GT; Shhhh don’t tell my husband.


Woot! Mo from Madd Style Cosmetics let me ask her a few questions. :)

Luna: How long have you been making indie cosmetics, and what made you start?
Mo: I started Madd Style Cosmetics in February of 2010, however I had been making cosmetics for the better part of a year prior to opening. I’ve always considered myself an artist. Creating is a passion of mine. I’ve worked with many mediums however, after being a part of the online beauty community for so long, and modeling for indie companies, the science behind making cosmetics become more and more intriguing. Before MSC, I owned “Madd Style Designs”. I sold hand-made cosmetic bags and vegan lip balms. Extending my cosmetics line, at that time, just seemed like the most logical – and natural- thing to do.

Luna: Do you have any future plans for different products? Any future collections in the works?
Mo: Currently I am working on 2 Collections (possibly 3! shhh!) for Halloween. After that the Holidays will be in full swing, so there will be plenty of new product coming out within the next few months. Recently I started releasing blushes from MSC’s new “Cheek Chic” line, I plan on coming out with one or two more cheek colors by the end of the year, as well as a “re-release” of my Optimus Primer with new packaging.

Luna: What is your favorite item that you make?
Mo: Of course I am bias, but I love the eye shadows. lol. The major thing that sets Madd Style apart from other indie (and mainstream) companies is the complexity and uniqueness of the shadows. While MSC does offer a wide range of simple, more practical colors, I am a huge fan of the ones that “do tricks”. The ones that change color, are pressure sensitive, have color-shifting sparkle, and duo-chromatic finishes are my most favorite to create… and wear!

Luna: What is your favorite beauty item from another indie company?
Mo: I LOVE MTCoffinz’s pressed eye shadows and color balms. I only have one color balm but I can already foresee an addiction happening. lol

Luna: Would you rather be a Crow or a Bat?
Mo: Bat! For no good reason other than they look more badass, are unique in their existence, and sonar is cool. lol

Luna: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Mo: Just a big thank you to you, Luna, and your readers, for taking the time to show MSC some love. Over the past 2.5 (almost 3) years Madd Style has grown to be very successful and I count my blessings everyday. I’m so proud, and honored, to be where I am today and will never forget that it’s because of all of “you”. &LT;3

MSC is an awesome company run by an awesome lady. Her shadows are beautiful. She’s got some really interesting and unique duochromes. Like Seedless for example. It’s a pretty pink with a green shift. So is Final Fantasy. It’s a gray/green base with a pretty gold duochrome. MSC is definitely a company you should peruse and buy. Samples come in little clam shells and aren’t always up. So if you want samples check her shop periodically. It’s really worth it. :)


More indie interviews! Today we have Rebecca from Ella’s Lead.

Luna: How long have you been making collars and other animal things, and what made you start?
Rebecca: We started making dog-related products in 2007. We started out making leashes. We started making these items because, well, basically, I was sick of hardware failure on cheap collars and leashes. Ella was not a dog we could afford to have equipment failures with.

Luna: Do you donate to various animal shelters?
Rebecca: Yes! We have quite a few rescues we donate to that can be found on our “Collars for Causes” page. But, we also donate to the occasional rescue that contacts us about a fundraiser or silent auction. Another reason we started our business was because we could not foster because Ella couldn’t be around other dogs. So, we would donate leashes to local rescues. I kind of see rescues as 50% of the reason we started making our products.

Luna: What is your favorite thing that you make?
Rebecca: Oh, man! I have so many favorites! It’d be easier probably to ask me which I least like to make. HA! One of my favorite designs, though, would have to be “The Goldmund.” OH! And “The Fring”. I also like some of our simpler designs like “The Mann”, “Eunice”, “Lu’s Remedy”, “The Pinkman” and “Goodman”. Oh! And our “Walking the Dead” collar line, which is our Walking Dead-inspired collars. I’m also really into leather leashes. Ben makes all the leashes, but I’m going to learn how to braid them soon, and then those will be added to my list of “favorites”. Nice leather leashes are really underrated.

Luna: How many animals do you own and how did you come by them?
Rebecca: I have 3 dogs, a tortoise, a pet rat, and several geckos. The geckos I got from gecko breeders. I got my tortoise from a breed, my rat from a breeder, and my dogs were all adopted from various Chicagoland rescues.

Luna: What kind of collars and leads and such do you make and do you make collars for other mammals besides dogs?
Rebecca: We make leather collars, leather leashes, and rope leads. We make custom embroidered collars, and we make custom latigo/bridle metal studded collars. And, yes, we collar cats regularly, and we recently made a collar for our first human customer. :)

Luna: Would you rather be a Crow or a Bat?
Rebecca: I want to be a hybrid mixture of the two. Not because it’d be necessary, but because it would awesome!

Luna: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Rebecca: Thank you for interviewing me! I don’t get this opportunity often, and it is always fun to talk about my passion (dogs, collars, and leashes).

Luna: Are you a butt, Y/N?
Rebecca: No. I am ALLLL hip! :p

You are a sweet, lovable, kind lady. &LT;3 Your collars are gorgeous. I love the one you made for Mochi! Next step is Zero’s. I love how active you are with shelts/safe havens. You are awesome lady. Maggie is the cutest pup ever. Oh man. She melts my heart. I’m happy she got a loving family. :d I also need to get a bracelet for you for my stupid id tag thing. xd Oh and thank you for answering my questions!


Say hello to Rosa from Black Rose Minerals!

Luna: How long have you been making cosmetics, why did you start and do you have any future plans for new shades/products?
Rosa: Creating BRM for me was and is very personal and therapeutic for me. I started in early 2010. I had recently started watching youtube videos and that also meant buying lots of new stuff. One day I came across TKBtrading and purchased one of their kits. At that point I was just experimenting. I never thought that this little kit was the beginning of BRM. I ended up purchasing some eye shadows from different companies and discovered that I had purchased some re-packaged stuff. This lead to research and more research. During this time I had started making my own creations. That dream of having my own make up line seemed like something I could do. So now to the depressing stuff. My mom passed away at the end of 2009. And shortly after that I was laid off. I was pretty much a mess. The only thing that was helping was making eye shadows. The things that usually helped me, music and reading, weren’t doing it. It took me a long time to enjoy music they way I used to. I am getting way off topic. After lots of research and trial and error Black Rose Minerals opened for business in November on 2010.
I always have tons of new shades waiting in the wings to be released. I have created over 400 shadows so far, though not all make it. I have a basket full of rejects. I hope to get more blush colors done soon. In the future I would like to expand to include some lippies.

Luna: What is your favorite eyeshadow/blush that you make?
Rosa: This is such a hard question to answer. Every color I make has its own special place for me. I’m going to pick a few because I can’t just pick one. Noxious, Nightingale, Luciferi collection, Soul Reaper and the Luna collection are among my all time favorites. Oh and blushes, Junkie is my favorite so far.

Luna: What is your favorite eyeshadow/blush from another indie company?
Rosa: Hmm this is a tough one as well. Callipygian from Fyrinnae for eyeshadow and Thing blush from Detrivore.

Luna: Would you rather be a Crow or a Bat?
Rosa: I would have to say a bat. I’m a night person.

Luna: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Rosa: I would like to thank you for providing me with this opportunity! Also for helping me out with labels and banners and swatching! I really appreciate it! =)

Look out for new shades to be released just about every month. Also please don’t be afraid to contact me with any question, concerns, color requests, anything! A huge THANK YOU to those that have given me chance! Every sale is greatly appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to read this little interview!

Man. Black Rose Minerals is great, Rosa is great and she makes such beautiful shades. I think BRM is one of those companies that flies under the radar, kind of like Detrivore Cosmetics. I have to start posting more swatches. ;) I’m happy to help you too, Rosa. :d I enjoy it. I hope BRM rises above the radar. You really have beautiful shadows and now blushes that go on like a dream. :) I seriously encourage you to try BRM if you haven’t yet. Rose has sample options and she often runs sales. :) Thanks so much for answering my questions Rosa!


^.~ Woot Andrea from My Pretty Zombie was nice enough to answer my silly questions! Enjoy!

Luna: How long have you been making cosmetics, why did you start and do you have any future plans for new shades/products?
Andrea: I started 2.5 years ago I think, but I’m getting old and it’s hard to remember.
I wanted to make my own eyeshadow because nothing was ever red enough, weird enough, or lasted long enough through my grueling work day of testing pee. Also I thought I could improve upon the crappy Halloween store makeup to make bruises…because I LOVE to make bruises!
Also I wanted something inexpensive and catchy in my etsy shop to con people into buying my zombie barbies.
Then it just kind of took on a life of its own.

I always have plans for new stuff, but working full time at my “real” job doesn’t leave me as much room to do all the creative stuff that I like. Things are evening out a bit in my work/life balance so I’m hoping to do new stuff more regularly.

Luna: What is your favorite beauty product that you make?
Andrea: I have so many favorites…I find myself wearing the same stuff over and over again even though I have so many options.
I can’t live without exsanguinate eyeshadow. I wear MDMA blush every damn day. Even when I only put my eyebrows on.

Luna: What is your favorite beauty product from another indie company?
Andrea: I love the lipsticks from other companies…I have so many. Velour from sobe botanicals is spectacular. Providence and grace used to make a lip glaze that was so delicious. I think I have 5 colors all in the frosting flavor.

Luna: Would you rather be a Crow or a Bat?
Andrea: I guess I would rather be a bat because their wing membranes are so gross and see through.

Luna: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Andrea: I’m kind of a shut in and don’t get out much in the Internet world. But I’m around if you need me…or have any questions about colors, dead stuff, drugs, or need help planning for the zombie apocalypse. (Also you are the Goth Mary Poppins)

I’m a bit biased because you spoil me but man I love MDMA and My Pretty Zombie and almost every shadow/blush you make. I like using THC and LSD for contouring my cheeks. I love Dropsy from the new trio. I love the THC shadow lawdy it’s gorgeous. All of your stuff is awesome sauce. It really is. And you are super awesome seller. I have to say too, that I love your theme. I like the gross and weird and whatever. It’s great. :d Seriously if you haven’t tried MPZ yet you’re missing out. Andrea is super nice and her shadows/blushes are amazing.


Awww yeah! Linda from innocent+twisted alchemy answered my silly interview questions. :d Enjoy!

Luna: How long have you been making cosmetics, why did you start and do you have any future plans for new shades/products?
Linda: I have been making cosmetics since 2009 so about 3 years. My store hasn’t been opened for long but I was testing out formulations and such. I’m a creative person and like trying out different things to venture into. Most of the time, I lose interest but for some reason creating cosmetics was a lot of fun for me and I just want to keep doing it. I used to be into the beauty community on youtube a lot and discovered that you could create your own, so I took the plunge.

I have a ton of collections planned out. Half of them are based on my own comic ideas. As for new products, I’m still testing out some formulations on pressed blushes. But honestly, I love making eyeshadows the most.

Luna: What is your favorite eyeshadow that you make?
Linda: My favorite eyeshadow that I’ve made is probably “Grieving Flame” [the new formulation]. It’s, also, my best seller. I think it’s mostly because I have a hard time making duochrome shades (though, I’m trying!) and “Grieving Flame” is a definite strong duochrome and a huge success in my opinion. I, also, really like making my “Hell Wonderland” colors. I think it’s fun to base them off of my own artwork.

Luna: What is your favorite eyeshadow from another indie company?
Linda: Oh gosh! I love a LOT! I really like Darling Girl’s “Taupe a la Mode”, Fyrinnae‘s “Meerkat”, and MaddStyle’s “Mystery Meat”.

Luna: Would you rather be a Crow or a Bat?
Linda: Can’t I be a hybrid? :d That would look kind of funny though. Honestly, I don’t know… ^_^;

Luna: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Linda: Thank you so much for the opportunity! &LT;3 And I’d like to thank everyone for their support! It means a lot to me!!! ^___^

Thanks so much for answering my questions. :d I love your shades. Most may not be duochromes but they are gorgeous and complex. I would definitely like to see pressed blush. I think you will be able to make some gorgeous shades. Your art is amazing too. You’re suck an awesome artist. :d


Meet Sophie from Femme Fatale Cosmetics. She was a doll and answered my questions. ^.~

Luna: How long have you been making cosmetics, why did you start and do you have any future plans for new shades/products?
Sophie: I have been making cosmetics since early 2011. I used to buy indie a lot, and to be honest I was introduced into this by unknowingly purchasing repackaged micas from 4 different ‘indies’. I was incredibly disappointed by those occurrences, but on the other hand it also led me to learn more about creating cosmetics. Eventually I purchased ingredients because I thought it would be a great hobby to have, and it seemed like a lot of fun! After so much support from bloggers, family and friends as well as my own passion for it, I couldn’t resist opening Femme Fatale. I really can’t imagine doing anything else for a job. It’s an immense amount of work and can be really challenging, but it’s also very rewarding!

I have a TON of products planned for the rest of this year! I am currently working on expanding the eye shadow range and adding new blushes. After that there is a lot for me to work on: more illuminators, facial primers and mineral veils, eye primer, and most excitingly – new nail polishes! I am also planning Femme Fatale’s 1 year anniversary sale as well as a possible Halloween themed release, Christmas gift product preparations and working on getting some retail space (which is still undecided but an exciting prospect all the same!).

My mind literally never stops working, so much so that now that I cannot think about work when I go to bed at night otherwise I can’t sleep for hours – seriously! Haha. But yes, there are a lot of things I am planning and currently working on, and to say I’m an excited would be a major understatement!

Luna: What is your favorite eyeshadow / blush that you make?
Sophie: It’s really difficult to pick just one shade. Every shade has to be a favourite for me to release it. I can make over a hundred eye shadows and only choose a handful to release, so yes, it’s hard to pick! I particularly like Dispersion and Heroic – Dispersion because of the contrast between the teal duochrome and the striking mulberry base, and Heroic because it looks like light molten gold when it’s applied – it’s just so soft and pretty!

Luna: What is your favorite eyeshadow / blush from another indie company?
Sophie: Gosh I have tons! I love Mephisto by Fyrinnae. That one has been at the top of my favourite list for a long time now, I love the contrast between the colour in the pot and the colour when it’s applied. Other then that I have a giant list of favourites from various indies, I’m particularly fond of duochromes and multi-tone finishes!

Luna: Would you rather be a Crow or a Bat?
Sophie: Hrm. I’ll pick crow, since I’d prefer to fly around and see the world in daylight =)

Luna: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Sophie: I’d like to thank you, Luna, for having me on your blog and giving me a chance to share a piece of myself and Femme Fatale with your wonderful readers!

Holy cow it looks like you have a lot of things planned for the future. :d That’s awesome. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. I haven’t received a single shadow from you that I don’t love. You have some of the best duochrome shadows around. You have a huge talent and eye for color. You really do. :) I’m glad you answered my silly questions, so thank you! &LT;3


Say HAI to Caitlin of Shiro Cosmetics. She’s a local hero!

Caitlin of Shiro CosmeticsLuna: How long have you been making cosmetics, why did you start and do you have any future plans for new shades/products?
Caitlin: I’ve been making cosmetics for a little over two years now! I needed a job I could do from home that would allow me a lot of flexibility with hours. While I was thinking about a viable source of income, I stumbled across the Indie makeup community and was all, “Hey, I could do that!” I’ve been very interested in the beauty industry since I was 12 or so, and had at one time considered makeup artistry as a career, so it seemed like a perfect fit.

DSC_1127With regards to new shades and products – SO MANY IDEAS. “Geekery” is such a wide umbrella to work with for themes! The next eye shadow collection I’m going to do will (probably) be a 10-color Fullmetal Alchemist-inspired set. After that I’d like to make some new, more unique blushes, possibly some with duochromes.

Luna: What is your favorite eyeshadow / blush / lippie that you make?
Caitlin: Favorite eyeshadow that I make: Victory Road (this answer changes practically daily)
Blush: 1-Up
Lippie: Why Not Zoidberg?

Luna: What is your favorite eyeshadow / blush / lippie from another indie company?
Caitlin: Favorite eyeshadow from another indie company: Book of the Dead (Fyrinnae)
Blush: I’ve never bought an indie blush actually!
Lippie: Zombie Holo-Gloss (Darling Girl)

Luna: Would you rather be a Crow or a Bat?
Caitlin: I’d definitely rather be a crow. They aren’t as feared by the general populace, they’re highly intelligent, and they’re really beautiful. I love birds. &LT;3

Luna: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
SnakeCaitlin: Anything else I’d like to add? Just that this is the BEST JOB EVER :d

Oh man I can’t wait to see your take on Fullmetal Alchemist! I love Why Not Zoidberg? it’s just the pretties lip color. You know I still haven’t tried Book of the Dead yet from Fyrinnae. Must remedy that. Your blushes are awesome sauce, your intertubes and smooth, creamy tubes of love and your shadows are beautiful and complex and hell you’re an awesome person. ^.~ I enjoyed the interview! Thanks for letting me rack your brain for a few minutes. :)


Woot! Interview with Gladys from de Leon Cosmetics. :)

Luna: How long have you been making cosmetics, why did you start?
Gladys: Back in early 2009 I developed one of those strange makeup cravings that I sometimes get. It has no rhyme or reason, and there certainly isn’t any logic to it, but all of a sudden, I wanted red glittery eyeshadow. After perusing my vast makeup collection (read, dumping it all on the coffee table and squeeing when I rediscovered lost treasures!) I noted that while I owned a matte red, there was indeed no glittery red to be found. Actually, there was no glittery anything but that’s another story…

So I set out to acquire this little missing part of my life. Truth be told, it was probably destined to be purchased, applied a few times and then relegated to the dozen lunchboxes that currently contain my collection. That is the way of things in my household.

But the universe had other plans for me. I discovered that no retail outlet within lazy driving distance offered a glittery red. No problem, I prefer to buy online anyway. I love getting packages in the mail! So I widened my search and discovered a makeup genre that so far had escaped my attention. Indie makeup, short for independent. People were actually making their own cosmetics!!! Instead of corporate juggernaughts, there were average everyday people mixing their own pretty powders! This caught my eye. How does this happen? And so started one of the largest research projects that I have ever undertaken. Formulation.

I spent the next two years reading, researching, developing relationships with other formulators, and above all, practicing my formulations. Some things were an instant success; some things have had me tearing my hair out for months, staring at ingredient lists, wondering where I went wrong. There is a lost graveyard box in my lab labeled rejects, and the contents are not pretty!

And I was happy muddling along with my pretties. I would use them on myself, grinning at the sheer luxury of creating an eye shadow to match a shirt I was planning to wear that weekend! But people started to notice and after months of being urged to go into business for myself and “share the pretties” as I was told to do, it started to leak into my brain. Could I do this? What business experience do I have? I have no chemistry background, in fact my 8th grade science teacher can affirm that I have NO science aptitude! But I do have a knack for colours and the formulation comes naturally…

My partner urged me to follow up on this and as a team, we started on the long and often painful process that involved way too much paperwork to fathom, and frustrations at every corner. We had a plan. I would continue to work full time outside the home, while seriously studying the formulation side of it, spare money being invested in the business and in time we would open. And then the universe stepped in. I was made redundant 3 days before Xmas and after an initial absolute freak out, I desperately searched for the silver lining. Maybe it was time to put aside any insecurities and just go for it! What else did I have to do? I was incredibly unhappy in my previous workplace and yearned to be my own boss, surrounded by an activity that made my heart sing, but that full time wage is really hard to give up, you know?

And so here we are. Older, wiser, and still hating the paperwork. But we present de Leon Cosmetics as a labour of love, a project that absolutely had to happen.

And in case you’re wondering, that red glittery eye shadow? It’s available for all to share! It’s called Dorothy’s Slippers and I’ve used it more than a few times now!

and do you have any future plans for new shades/products?

Oh I have so many plans, it’s like being a kid in a candy store. What do I do next? Ooh look, shiny!
To give you an idea of what’s in various stages of development I have blushes (cream and powder), cream eyeshadows, lip liners, eye liners, eye shadow pencils in the chubby stick format, and foundations (powder and liquid).
New shades? I still have some unreleased eyeshadows waiting in the wings and today I’m working on lip colours for our more Goth clientelle.

Luna: What is your favorite eyeshadow/lippie/primer that you make?
Gladys: Eyeshadow: Squeaker’s Ride, hands down my favourite of the bunch. Lippie: Looks better in red, I have a weakness for red lippies. Primer: My eye primer rocks my world!

Luna: What is your favorite eyeshadow/lippie/primer from another indie company?
Gladys: I just have to do a shout out to a fellow Aussie Indie maker here and say that Faerie Fire by Femme Fatale has got to be one of the prettiest shades I have seen in a long time. And Sophie is just too adorable for words!

Luna: Would you rather be a Crow or a Bat?
Gladys: Bat. I call them my gothic butterflies. My partner calls them rats with wings. I love him despite this.

Luna: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Gladys: I would love to add a huge thank you for the support that you and a few other ladies (you know who you are!) have shown me since I launched the company. Being way over here on the other side of the world, it was daunting breaking into a market that is very US based. It has been a very eye opening ride, I can tell you! But along the way I have found a network of fellow indie makers and customers that I am proud to call friends. I am in this for the long haul and each day I approach my work table in total awe that this is what I get to do!

My current favorite eye primer is from de Leon. :) It’s awesome sauce. Her lip products, both the gloss and lipstick balms are amazing as well. I have samples that I still need to swatch and get up, but they’re great.


Evonne from Darling Clandestine answered some questions for me! I’m going to start interviewing indie owners who want to participate with just a few simple questions in hopes people can get to know them a little bit and can see why they started up. :d

Luna: How long have you been making perfume, and why did you start?
Evonne: I’ve been making perfume for about two years now. Insanely sensitive noses run in my family; it’s a little unnerving to “outsiders.” :) Back in the ’80s there was a National Geographic article that fascinated me; it detailed the history of creating perfumes back to ancient times, and it was printed with “scratch and sniff” pages. As a teenager, I was always drawn to the little “hippie” shops where they sold sandalwood and patchouli and all the usual fare, but it was always sort of the same old scents and the same old hippies.

When I discovered Etsy and began buying handmade in just about everything I could, I realized that perfuming seemed absolutely doable. The ingredients I needed were on the internet! Isn’t the internet wonderful? And once I started toying with creating blends, turns out my brother Aaron was just as fascinated (he collaborated with me on Step Right Up, and he’s a trusted consult for a lot of my blends). I also had IMMENSE support from the rest of the indie beauty community, which encouraged me to keep creating and keep outdoing myself. ;)

Luna: What is your favorite scent that you make?
Evonne: There are so many that I’m proud of and in love with, but I think right now I have to say Inked. It always jumps to mind first when I consider “favorites,” and when I talk about it I almost feel like I’m talking about a secret crush or an old flame I can’t get over. It’s a sexy, sexy scent, and I achieved exactly what I wanted with it. Inked is not for everyone, ’cause it’s definitely unusual and complex (of course, anyone who comes to my shop should be prepared for unusual and complex!), but the folks who fall in love with Inked fall in L-O-O-O-O-V-V-V-E with Inked.

Luna: What is your favorite scent from another indie company?
Evonne: The Morbid the Merrier’s Athelia and the Lust trio from TMTM are my faves. Also pretty fond of One Hand Washes the Other‘s Desolation Angel.

Luna: Would you rather be a Crow or a Bat?
Evonne: I think I’d rather be a crow! Less chance of getting swiped at by silly terrified people, free range to roam, best pickings for food. ;)

Luna: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Evonne: Sure! First, I want folks to know that each of my fragrances has a “story”. The labels, the representative images, the stories in the descriptions . . . each one reflects a whole lot of time and effort and care. On my solid perfume and Bitsy labels, you’ll find only the representative images of each scent. On the full-sized oils, you’ll find a unique little message in the ingredients. It’s all part of the story. I want my customers to fall in love with a scent, find one that speaks to them and works with their chemistry *and* their personalities and their own little microcosms of memory. The descriptions may be a bit “tl;dr” for some folks who aren’t looking for something truly original. Some folks would rather just, I dunno, buy a product that says something like “warm vanilla sugar” on the label. I’m looking to create something a little more personal.

Second, I’d love to add that I am BLOWN AWAY by all the love and support I’ve gotten from the indie community. From both my amazing customers and by fellow sellers. And from you, Luna—thank you so much for welcoming me into your community and for giving me a place to be seen and heard. &LT;3

D’awww I feel all warm and fuzzy! I love your scents. I haven’t received a single one that I haven’t liked, but my favorite so far is Mad As Birds. It’s just amazing. Thank you for creating crazy beautiful scents. ^.~


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