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Thanks to a couple of people I now have earring supplies ordered. The only thing I’m missing is a postal scale, earring cards and tissue paper! Hopefully I can get those with Kai’s final check. We’ll see. By the way if you missed it, Kai lost his job today. :( Which is why I am scrambling to bring in money. He’ll be going in with Ben in the morning to apply for unemployment and food stamps. Ugh. Never thought we’d be in a position like this. :( Things were already tight, so this is a huge blow. Hoping he’ll find a good paying job that he likes. So positive intentions are greatly appreciated right now. <3 If you’d like to help at all there’s a paypal button over there -> to the right. Many thanks and appreciation for any help.

Anyways. I wanted to show you what beads I ordered for the earrings. I’m going to be using un-dyed gemstones and swarovski crystals. The earring hooks themselves are titanium so people with allergies shouldn’t have any issues. :) I’m super excited. So these are the beads I’m starting out with. Once things start selling and funds come in I’ll start adding more gems. I wanted to start with peridot though because the lyme ribbon is lime green and the purpose of this(besides income) is to help raise awareness about lyme disease. :) Anyways onto the pretties!


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