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Thanks to BzzAgent I received these for free from Hasbro! I received two Style Sets and a set of two pets! We got the Yummy Treat Bar Style Set and the Littlest Pet Shop Style set and got the Pet Pawsabilities set with Sugar Sprinkles and Ripley Davis. Warning. There are lots of pictures.

Official descriptions
Yummy Treat Bar Style Set – Design your Littlest Pet Shop world your way with more than 35 pieces in the Yummy Treat Bar set! You can build and design a deliciously fun treat bar for your Penny Ling pet to hang out in. It just takes a little while to build the bar with the easy-glide panels, and then she can sit on one of the stools with a friend (other pets sold separately) or check out the treats in the case! With a sweet-looking scene backdrop, you and your panda pet will feel like you’re at the tastiest hangout around!

Littlest Pet Shop Style Set – Design your Littlest Pet Shop world your way with more than 135 pieces in the Style Set! You can use the easy-glide panels to set up a shop for your exclusive Minka Mark, Kitery Banter and Sunil Nevla pets. Then decorate it with the Deco Bits and stickers the way you want to! When it looks the way you think it should, they can hang out inside or on the rooftop with the tree and playhouse. You’ll never run out of adventures with the Style Set!

Pet Pawsabilities Set Sugar Sprinkles & Ripley Davis – Here’s a cute duo – a pet and her little pet friend! This cat and little kitten come with colorful Deco Bits accessories, for loads of customization fun! They’re the perfect addition to any pet collection!

Where to buy
Pet Pawsabilities Sugar Sprinkles & Ripley Davis
From Amazon – $11.55 with free shipping on orders over $35.
From Hasbro – $4.99. Standard shipping is $6.98.

Yummy Treat Bar Style Set
From Amazon – $14.99 with free shipping on orders over $35.
From Hasbro – $14.99. Standard shipping is $7.97.
From Toys R Us – $14.99, shipping is $5.99.

Littlest Pet Shop Style Set
From Amazon – $39.99 with free shipping.
From Hasbro – $39.99. Standard shipping is $7.97.
From Toys R Us – $39.99 with $5.99 shipping.

Both the style sets come with complete directions. They are very easy to put together!

The Ripley Davis and Sugar Sprinkles come in standard plastic molded packaging. The style sets come in cardboard boxes with cardboard inserts. Items are wrapped in cardboard or in plastic baggies. The style sets come with instructions and pamphlet inserts.

Pet Pawsabilities Sugar Sprinkles & Ripley Davis
You get Sugar Sprinkles, Ripley Davis and a few accessories! They come with little pegs with flower shapes and a dollop of whipped cream with a bow for Sugar Sprinkles. Sugar Sprinkles is a bobble head Littlest Pet Shop toy and it can be removed and put on other bodies. Some of the LPS sets you can get come with two different bodies in different positions that you can swap with the head.

Yummy Treat Bar Style Set
Comes with the framework pieces for the style set, a cardboard backing with a pop out counter, Penny Ling, stools, treats, a treat display case and lots of little deco bits pegs. This was really easy to put together and very cute. Penny Ling comes with crocodile tears that you can insert into little holes by her eyes. She has holes on other parts of her body as well where you can place the little deco bits pegs. This comes with various treats including an ice cream cone that was dropped on the floor, oops! The backing is double sided and the inside part has a pop out counter for your treat case! The side panels come in two shades of translucent pink and have holes for the deco bits pegs. This is made so that it can be put together with other style sets! As with the Pet Pawsabilities Penny is also a bobble head and her head comes off and can be switched around with other bodies.

Littlest Pet Shop Style Set
This comes with the framework pieces, a cardboard back and top, desk, tree, shelf, fish bowl, pet house, cash register, pet items and more. This features a storefront that can be opened and closed. It’s really cute! It has an overhang for the door and pet door. It has curtains and plants to put pegs on. The back panel and top panel are both double sided. It even has a cobblestone sidewalk! This set comes with Minka Mark, Kitery Banter and Sunil Nevla. All three have various holes that you can put the deco bits pegs into. This set also comes with a hanging chandelier. You can actually hang Minka from her tail on some of the hook things for the chandelier. The top panel can be flipped over to show a pool or just a patio area. There’s just lots of stuff! These pets are bobble heads and can be switched around!

My daughter loves these. She’s been playing with them non-stop since they arrived a few weeks ago! Her favorites are Penny Ling and Sunil Nevla. xd She loves voicing Sunil. Before we got these she was an avid fan of the show, but only ever had a stuffed animal. She was so excited when we opened the box that she screamed. haha These have been really great toys for her. She enjoys them and they keep her busy! I received some coupons for these which I gave away to some friends. Fumiko discovered the heads come off by watching youtube videos. xd She quickly popped them off and switched all the bodies around and made zombie pets. haha These are super awesome and I am so grateful for the chance to review them! Fumiko loves them. It was like christmas for her. Now she really wants Blythe’s bedroom! The only problem we’ve had with these is that the cardboard backs keep popping out.

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