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Sooo I see people ask all the time “How do I clean my brushes?”. Well this is how I do it!

  1. Assemble items: dirty brushes, dish soap, olive oil/grapeseed oil, a small bowl, towels or brush guards and jars.
  2. Prepare drying station! Now this all depends on whether you are going to be using brush guards for drying or towels. If you’re using towels then I suggest laying out a hand towel on the counter, then rolling up a hand towel and placing that at on one end of the other hand towel, then take a wash cloth or two depending on how many brushes you’re going to be washing, roll that up and place it further down on the hand towel from the other rolled up towel. This provides a downward angle for your brushes to dry so water doesn’t get into the ferrule.
  3. Select a brush and wet it making sure you keep the bristles pointed down.
  4. If you’re like me and you have a giant costco sized container of dish soap you can pour some into a small bowl and dip your finger in to add soap to your hand, if not then just pour a little soap about the size of a pea into your hand and just a few drops of oil.
  5. Now you may take your wet brush and swirl it around your hand until the bubbles are nice and dirty.
  6. Once you’ve sufficiently swirled your brush around and dirtied your bubbles you may now rinse your brush. Again make sure you keep it angled down to avoid any water damage to the glue inside the ferrule. I like to rinse off my hand at this time and swirl the brush around my hand a little bit to make sure it gets squeaky clean.
  7. Once you’re done rinsing squeeze the excess water from the brush from the ferrule down to the bristles. If the water isn’t clean when you squeeze it out simply repeat step 5 and 6 until the water squeezes clean.
  8. Now that you’ve squeezed the excess water from your brush you’re ready to dry! If you are choosing to use brush guards simply slide on the brush guard from the tip of the handle towards the bristles and place the brush guard down in a cup or jar to dry. If you’re using the towel method simple lay your brushes bristle down on the wash cloth and handle up on the rolled up hand towel. This gives your brushes a slight downward angle so water doesn’t drip back into the ferrule and damage the handle or glue causing bristles to fall out.
  9. Just rinse and repeat for all your brushes!

And uh that’s it. It’s pretty easy!

Now how often should you clean your brushes? Honestly? Every day is ideal, but most people don’t take the time to do that. I keep on hand several essence shadow and liner brushes, they’re cheap and work really well. This way I can rotate out without having to wash them as often. My other brushes I try to wash once a week but here’s a handy guideline:

Foundation Brushes – Foundation brushes really should be washed at least once a week, if you suffer from acne it’s more beneficial to your skin if you wash them daily. If you’re not up to that then I suggest keeping several foundation brushes on hand so you can rotate.
Finishing Powder, Bronzer and Blush Brushes – Clean these at least once a week.
Eyeshadow Brushes – Unless you’re rotating them out I’d really recommend cleaning them every two – three days.
Eyeliner Brushes – These should be cleaned after every use, especially if you’re using a foiling medium or sealant.

Now why is it important to keep your brushes clean? Washing your brushes on a regular basis helps keep them free of old makeup, dirt and debris, bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells. It’s even more important for those who suffer from acne or other skin problems. Keeping your brushes clean helps take care of your skin. It also increases the life of your brushes, meaning over time you spend less money on replacing them. Keeping your brushes clean also helps prevent excess oil, bacteria and such from getting into your makeup[1. I know mineral makeup is very unlikely to breed bacteria unless say water is introduced, but let’s be on the safe side shall we?]. And on that note, please don’t share, and please don’t use the icky testing stations at Sephora and other places… It’s a breeding ground for infection and really gross. :SICK:

Next DIY installment will be on how to keep your makeup sanitary!


Have you seen Sigma’s new Dry’n Shape System[1. affiliate links] for makeup brushes? They just released it! I haven’t obviously tried it yet, but I’m really interested in it. I’ve been eyeing those brush guards for quite awhile now, but never actually purchased them. Mostly because between my cat and 3 year old I imagine I won’t have many left after a few days. This however looks right up my alley. What’s it designed to do you ask? Well let me tell you! This was made to completely dry your brushes in 4-6 hours, AND it re-shapes them for you. There’s a neat little video you can watch with a demonstration.

Taken from the website:

The Dry’n Shape provides the necessary pressure to bristles to quickly and efficiently remove water from every fibre. The fabric used to shape the bristles was specially engineered to accelerate water evaporation, resulting in a faster drying time for your brushes.

How do you use? Simple my friend, or at least it’s supposed to be! You wash your brushes like you normally would in brush cleaner or whatever you so choose, I personally wash mine with dish soap mixed with some grapeseed oil. Then you gently press out the extra water and place your brushes into the smallest band that your brush will fit into. You’ll want to make sure that the bristles are firmly compressed. Then you just wait 4-6 hours for the magic to happen and Voila! Dry brushes! It’s $29 from Sigma, which is a pretty good price. Oh and remember if you spend $30 or more you get a free gift, who doesn’t love a free gift? You can also get $10 off their bestselling premium kit. Don’t forget Sigma ships worldwide! Just a heads up also, I’ll be receiving a brush for review soon and also giving one away. :d So you should be looking forward to that!


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