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KKCenterHk contacted me to try some of their products. I was hoping they’d send me false lashes and they did! I received two different styles, however I’m going to be talking about ES #A562 in this blog post. These are listed in the natural lashes category on the website, but are called glamour lashes. I personally think they’re more natural than glamour. These also have a transparent “stem” instead of the usual black. These run at $16 for 10 pairs of false eye lashes. That’s $1.60 a pair. That’s a great price. These are packaged in a long black box with gold dot stickers holding them in place. The back of the box has instructions on how to apply them in different languages. These are made in Korea.

I’ve gone through two pairs of these lashes since I got them the other week. I screwed up the first pair trimming them. Oops. Though they were still wearable and the lash glue cleaned off of the stem easily. The pair I wore today were much easier to put on and wear. Once I trimmed the stem down and put glue on them they were really easy to put on. Today was the first time I’ve successfully put on false lashes without having to do more than one attempt. YES. They’re comfy, they don’t feel funny on my lids and aren’t heavy. They’re long, but not too long, they don’t bump up against my eyeglass lens. That’s a huge plus. There’s not a whole lot to say. These are comfy, cheap, made well and I like them. They have tons, and tons of eye lash styles and carry other products as well. Take advantage of the code below and get some pretty new lashes. :d

You guys are lucky because KKcenterhk is providing a 10% off coupon for my readers. Use code: BLGA379TO10 for 10% off. :)

  • »»Product: 5/5
  • »» Value: 5/5
  • »» Ease of Use: 4/5
  • »» Packaging: 5/5


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