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Warning, warning! This post is photo intensive. xd I got carried away testing the eyeshadows with this. Vee from Glamour Doll Eyes sent me some Glitter Fix to try out. I was really excited about it when she first mentioned working on it! Bam! Glitter, bitches! Now that that’s out of my system, please enjoy this review. :3

Official description
Glitter Fix can be used to adhere your glitter, make your sparkles stand out more and last all day. This really intensifies the look of any sparkles.

Where to buy
From Glamour Doll Eyes – $6.25 USD for a 10ml tube with doefoot applicator.

After you apply your primer, add some Glitter Fix over the top. You can use your finger or the wand. Pat it in just a little and wait until it is nearly dry. Apply your shadows/glitter as normal. Be sure not to apply it when it is too wet or your shadows will look patchy.

You can also apply it on top of your eye shadow to adhere glitter or extra sparkle. Put some on your finger and lightly pat it over your shadows. Wait until it is almost dry and then tap on your glitter/sparkles/eye shadow and watch it gleam!

This comes in a clear tube with a gray lid. Doefoot applicator and wand are white. The label is very attractive and features an illustration of a girl, the name of the product, company name, website and ingredients list.

Scent and formula
This has a clean scent reminiscent of creams and gels you’d get from the doctor. You can only smell it faintly if you sniff it. xd It’s a slightly thick cloudy, white gel formula.

Water, Glycerin (Vegetable), Polysorbate 20, Xanthan Gum, Tocopheryl Acetate, Phenoxyethanol, Sorbic Acid, Caprylyl Glycol.

I used 4 different sparkly eyeshadows for this! I used Celestial Crash from Glamour Doll Eyes, Corcra from Backstreets Makeup Co. and Unicorn Pee and Goth Mary Poppins from My Pretty Zombie.

Celestial Crash is a light lavendar (but shows up darker with more pressure) with a pink, gold, blue, purple and gold sparkle.
Corcra is a beautiful bright purple with shimmery eye-catching pink/purple shimmer.
Unicorn Pee is an iridescent white blue with enough multi colored glitter to make you puke!
Goth Mary Poppins is a blackened Purple Blue…color changes depending on the type of light you’re in.

Side note, Vee approached me about doing a custom color for a collection she is releasing in January 2015, thus Celestial Crash was born! So I chose some of my most sparkly shadows that really need a glitter adhesive to shine. As you can see from the photos the Glitter Fix does an amazing job bringing out the gorgeous glitter in these. Unicorn Pee was really freaking hard for me to capture. Over plain primer it’s very sheer and most of the glitter falls off, however over the Glitter Fix it became more opaque and there was hardly any glitter fallout and holy cow it was glorious! Goth Mary Poppins doesn’t have glitter in it, but it has a massive amount of sparks. You can see in the photos the Glitter Fix does enhance it a little, but not much more than the primer. The glitter in Corcra was fantastically gorgeous over the Glitter Fix. Celestial Crash also glowed more so over the Glitter Fix than the primer. The Glitter Fix does a fantastic job of preventing glitter fallout and really enhancing the shadows that are applied over it. I am very happy with it! I haven’t yet compared it to other glitter adhesives, but that is a future post I’ll be working on! The only iffy thing I about this is that sometimes when closing the lid some of the gel will gloop out. I talked to Vee though and she let me know that mine is from the first batch and she filled it a little full. She knows exactly where to fill them to now!

What do you think? Will you try it?




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