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Okay so holy moly. Stephanie from The Raven and the Rose offered to send me her Scaredy Cat samples since she purchased full sizes, and she did! Along with some Linnaues Cosmetics, Geek Chic Cosmetics, Persephone Minerals, Fyrinnae and Meow Cosmetics samples. :d She actually sent colors I’d been wanting to try too! She is super awesome, and thank you! <3 I now need all of the Sailor Senshi sets from Persephone, and definitely want to try some Geek Chic goodies. Their photos on their site always seem kind of meh to me so I haven’t tried them yet. After swatching a couple of their shadows though they’re much better than the website photos. :) I swatched these the other day but just got around to uploading the photos. I’ve not been feeling well and been trying to get stuff done around the house so I haven’t been on much. I’ve either been busy or dead in bed. haha


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