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Hello Lovelies!

It has been forever since I have actually done a blog post for Luna and I was honored for her to ask me yet again. In all honestly, I haven’t done a blog post in a while and I needed to get a swift kick to my butt to get me blogging again.  So when Luna asked me was right around the time that My Pretty Zombie was having her anniversary sale and we were discussing all the pretties she had and what we wanted.  That conversation resulted in this eye of the day done with some of my favorite colors from My Pretty Zombie.


Done with

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Primer (my favorite Primer Ever)

My Pretty Zombie pigments in Demons are My Bitches, Brisket, Tenderloin and Bleu.

Call Me Maybe Lashes from Oh My Lash.

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Until next time lovelies!sig1




Hello! My name is Jules, and I consider myself to be a Makeup Enthusiast. I am not a professional by any means, but makeup is definitely my hobby. I enjoy a blend of mainstream and indie makeup, and I love comparing and contrasting the two, especially to find color dupes.

Today I wanted to work with one of the Life’s Entropy Cosmos lipsticks,  a product that was highly coveted, and limited edition. I only snagged samples of most of the collection, but I’m happy that I did! Although there were some complaints about the product (sweating, for the most part)  I was really pleased. I find the formula to be comfortable to wear, and non-drying.

When swatching these, I wanted to see if I had any similar colors in my collection, and I thought that Blackbody would be a close color match for Cyber, a permanent shade in MAC’s lipstick line.

The following swatches were done over bare skin, under a daylight bulb, with flash.

Leftm MAC Cyber; Right, Life's Entropy Blackbody

Left, MAC Cyber; Right, Life’s Entropy Blackbody

Left, Life’s Entropy Blackbody; Right, MAC Cyber

From the swatches, it looks like Blackbody has more of a brighter red tone to it. Cyber can be worn in a light layer as shown here, or be layered to become a more deeper plum, where it would have less of a red tone, and lose its closeness to Blackbody. In terms of finish, Cyber is more of a matte/satin finish, while Blackbody has more shine to it. Cyber also has a drier texture than Blackbody, and to me, is less comfortable to wear. (However, I wear all products with a lip primer!)

I know the Cosmos lipstick line was supposed to be a line of dupes for some of the shades in the NARS Audacious line, so before you come running to me telling me the obvious dupe for Blackbody, I wanted to see what else might be close! (Also, cheaper!)

If you liked this post, you can find me over at The Brauhaus! Thanks for reading!



press sample

Official description
True Skin Care’s Proprietary Formula
True Skin Care’s proprietary formula is a unique blend of natural ingredients designed with sensitive skin in mind. Hyaluronic Acid will keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. While Peptides and Green Tea stimulate the skin to reverse the signs of aging and vitamins and peptides nourish your skin to fight free radicals and keep your skin looking fresh!
Unique Blend of Active Ingredients
– Vitamin C
– Hyaluronic Acid
– Green Tea
– Cucumber
– Peptides
– Caffeine

What Makes Our Eye Gel Different?
At True Skin Care we focus on providing the best Under Eye cream on the market. The proven results of our Eye Gel coupled with our attention and hands on approach to make sure every single customer is satisfied is what really separates us from the competition. For example after you purchase our product today, if you need anything at all just send us a message and one of our Founders will personally read and respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. As a family-owned and operated business we appreciate every customer who chooses our product, and we want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied.

Where to buy
From Amazon – You get a 0.5 ounce bottle for $35.95 USD.

Apply a small amount of the eye gel onto your finger, then gently massage around the eye area. Use twice daily.

This comes in a clear frosted pump bottle with a frosted silver cap and base. The pump top is white and silver. the label is clear and frosted with black and green details. It has the product and company information on it.

Scent and formula
It smells like aloe vera gel and has a similar consistency as aloe vera gel. It’s a clear, cloudy gel.

Deionized Water, Butylene Glycol, Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Glycerin, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Ethoxydiglycol, Hesperidin Methylchalcone, Steareth-20-Dipeptide-2, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Sorbic Acid, Carbomer, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Extract, Euphrasia Officinalis (Eyebright) Extract, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract, Sodium PCA, Triethanolamine, Glycosaminoglycans, Sodium Hyaluronate, Panthenol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, Allantoin.

I’ve used the True Skin Care Anti-Aging Eye Gel for a couple of weeks now and I like it. It’s a soothing and cooling eye gel that is supposed to also help with under eye circles and help with anti-aging. I have noticed that after using it my eyes look a little less puffy and it most definitely feels good. It’s very cooling. I haven’t notice any difference with under eye circles, but to be honest I don’t have very visible ones so I didn’t expect much of a change. It’s very hydrating without leaving any residue. I like this under eye gel. In general I find that cooling under eye gels tend to burn my eyes but this did not. I like that very much. This is made in the USA in FDA registered facilities and has a money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with it, just email them and you’ll get your money back!

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Hey there, everybun! Leesha here from Leesha’s Lacquer!

The lovely Luna, who has done a great job guest posting for me, has given me the honor to do a guest post for her!

When I think LUNA, I think crazy, wild and free! I can think of no better way to translate that than ANIMAL PRINT!

Animal Print Nail Art 1

Polishes Used –

Zoya – Raven

Julep – Otte

NYC – French White Tip

Essie – Little Brown Dress

Wet n Wild – Silvivor

Animal Print Nail Art 2

These were so much fun to create! I used a dotting tool for the Cheetah, Leopard and Giraffe Prints and a small brush for the Zebra and Tiger stripes.

Animal Print Nail Art 3

I hope everybun enjoyed this little taste of the nail art world, feel free to visit me on my blog if you’re roarin’ for more (I know, that wasn’t PUNNY..HAHA. KILL ME NOW.)

P.S. OMG look at this adorable kitty I found!

Leesha's Lacquer


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Since Google is killing their reader on July first a lot of people are weighing in on other readers. I present to you Bloglovin’. I’ve been using it for quite some time now. It displays posts kind of like a blog using the read more feature. You can scroll down and preview posts. You just click on a post you want to read and it pops up in another tab. If you ignore other posts you can just click on the “Mark as all read” at the top of the page. It also features the nice “Scroll to top” button, so if you’re lazy like me and don’t want to scroll up just bop the button and voila you’re at the top!

If also has this little box up at the top, on the right side. This has an “all unread posts” link at the top where you can click on it and have all unread posts pop up. This is nice if you decide not to hit the all read button, this way any unread posts you skip magically pop up and you can go through them. It’s handy if you want to go back to a post later but it’s halfway down the page of a billion posts you intend to read and forget about. >.>

I seriously didn’t mean for this post to be so long. Sorry! :HK:  OKay. Under the all unread posts link is another link. “Liked posts“. I forgot to mention you can posts to your favorite list. *whistles* Anyways, this link allows you to pull up all of your favorite list to the top. This is also handy. If you favorite a post and really like it and want to go back to it later, you can hit the liked posts link and voila. I think I just repeated myself.

Below those two links is your group links, which I also forgot to mention. Eep. You can add categories for sorting blogs. Also up at the top is a handy little bar that shows you home, popular posts, top blogs and feedback. It also has a litter search box called what else but “search blogs“. This is where you paste the blog link to add to Bloglovin’, after you add a blog it asks what category you want to add it to. Also you can manage your blogs and sort them into lists later if you want.

Oh Goddess this is so long. Novel. It’s a novel. Okay anyways under the all unread posts and liked posts links, by the way liked posts has a cute little heart next to it, D’aawww. You can see your categories. You can click on a category link to show just the posts in that particular category. Under those is a teeny tiny “show read blogs” link.You can click on it and it pops up a tall list of the blogs you marked as read but didn’t actually read. Also up top by the Mark all as read button is a button with a little gear and arrow button where you can sort your blog list. You can sort by blog, sort by date, use small images and big images. I personally prefer big images.

Hokay. I’m almost done, I swear! :shifty:  Next to the search blogs feature at the top you’ll find a tiny little picture of you, or whatever swanky picture you want to use. As you hover over your swanky picture you’ll find a little menu of sorts pops up like magic. This allows you to invite friends, edit your blog, manage blogs you follow, this is the category sorting thinger, bloglovn’ buttons(I made my own), help, cause we all need help, settings and sign out. Holy bajeesush we’re almost done!

Now, what I originally meant to post was how to import your Google humans over to Bloglovin‘. It’s pretty simple to do. First you make a Bloglovin’ account here. Then you go fill out your fancy settings. At the bottom of the page(scroll aaaaaall the way down). You’re down right? Right? At the bottom just above the save settings button a button to import blogs. Now when you click on that, it takes you to another page where you can click on Google Reader or OPML/XML, whatever the hell that is. So when you select Google Reader you go to another new page. This page has a button that says Import from Google Reader. So you click that bish and go to yet another page. I swear it’s worth it. Then it asks if Bloglovin’ if it can manage Google Reader’s data. So after you select access a new window pops up and immediately starts importing your data which it is now doing to my Google Reader that I haven’t used in years. Damn you Google!

TEAL DEER: Bloglovin’ is awesome and easy to use. So yeah. Have fun. There is a screenshot below that shows you the basic set up. It says EVERYTHING I just typed up there. *sigh* Oh Goddess, mother, 2[94u82[9uj. It copied over 200+ blogs. Well that’s gonna be fun. xd I think I posted about everything. If you have questions I can probably answer them, unless they’re about your love life, space, sea creatures etc. Now I’m going to go manage all of my new blogs. d=


Kinda, sorta, trying to kick my butt into stuff. It’s not laziness, I wish it were. I just can’t seem to get back into what I was doing before. I want to, I just simply can’t. Mind says DO IT, body says EFF THAT. Part of it is all of the work that comes with swatching. It’s a huge effort for me. I planned on getting back into swatching like I did before; bare skin, primer and glitter glue, but I haven’t. So I guess I’m not really asking a question so much as saying for now, for awhile, I’m just going to do swatches over glitter glue, over primer when I’m up to it. So uh, yeah.

Things are all jumbled right now. Like whoa. I’ve been saving up for my tattoo. Finally. I wish I could go to sleep and wake up on tattoo day. I’m getting my lotus on my chest with “love as thou wilt” above it. Maybe that will kick my butt. Maybe not. We’ll see. The end of the month can’t get here soon enough. One last thing. I’m looking for a real rose gold eyeshadow. I know I’ve seen one somewhere, but I can’t place it. So if anyone knows of any indie shadows that might work please let me know. I guess with my brain all scrambled lately it’s decided it likes gold, which is strange before I love and prefer silver jewelry, not gold, but now? Gold it is I guess. Anyways I’m looking for this, this or this color. I’ve found a few shades that are close, but no buenos. Halp please! ^.~ икони


Thank you to Astrid(from Blooddrop) for sending me an amazing little gift box of kindness(she sent me luna moth <3 ), and thank you to whoever chose me for a little cheer. <3 It had me in tears. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I don’t even know what to say except, thank you. It’s beautiful and I appreciate it so much. <3 <3 <3 Astrid picked out scents for me that are beautiful. She sent me a perfume oil in Very, Very, Very Good and Luna Moth. She also sent a sugar polish in Mink, and a Kiss Kiss Lip Balm in Marshmallow Pumpkin. Again, thank you both so much.


EDIT: Uh I had to reinstall the theme. Things look shitty. I am giving up for the moment so I guess happy yellow, dolphins. Yes dolphins. Also Adolphin really likes grapes. Om nom nom.

So uh. I decided to change themes. I’m still in the process of changing things so just a heads up it looks stupid for the moment. Probably moments. Too tired and lazy to fix it now. So yeah. That’s that.


I was tagged by Karoliina from Bones and Lilies. :d

1) Post 11 facts about yourself.

2) Answer the questions the tagger has set for You.

3) Create 11 questions for the people You’ve tagged to answer.

4) Tag 11 people.

11 Facts about me

  1. My name is Amanda, but I am going to legally change it to Luna at some point. I’ve always hated my real name. My mom still calls me Mandy which is worse than Amanda. xd So one day my name will legally be Luna.
  2. I grew up on a farm where we had miniature horses, ponies, chickens, dogs, cats and a pig. xd My parents could never keep clothes on me. Soon as I was out the door I stripped down to my undies. Around us were peach trees, plum trees and a walnut orchard. We were allowed to pick as many peaches and plums as we wanted. I had a Great Dane which was a clumsy, clumsy thing. We ran through the orchards and got covered in mud all the time. I had a trick pony named Sugar which was really appropriate. If you left a can of anything on the fence she would get it with her teeth and lean her head back to drink it. She was gorgeous and so sweet. If I started to slip she’d stop immediately for me to adjust my self. Man I miss her. We also had East Indians that lived across from us and grew their own garden. They were so nice, I don’t know how to spell her name but the elder lady over there would come get me every day for either lunch or dinner. She made me awesome hot milky tea and lots of naan with curried spinach, potatoes, and chick peas. It was so delicious. And she made this weird sweet gooey stuff that was so yummy.
  3. I am absolutely terrified to camp, or be in any kind of tall grass/weeds. I’ve had lyme disease since I was 8. It had been misdiagnosed over the years. Some people think “oh well you already have it, what’s the harm?”. Well the harm is ticks carry a plethora of diseases. If I got bit again I could contract something else. I don’t need to get anything else. In a month or so I’m going to be starting a lyme protocol. So if I disappear that’s why. It’s getting bad. I can’t write very well anymore. It looks like chicken scratch. Typing is really hard because my hands shake pretty bad now and the twitching has been worse too. My fingers randomly hit different keys from the twitching and such. If you saw the typos on this post you’d probably crack up laughing. d= I’ve fallen a few times this month just because something went numb or just gave out. That’s why I can’t drive anymore. And I can’t be alone in case something happens and I hurt myself. I fell one time last month or so. I got a glass of hazelnut milk and was walking down the hallway. My leg just went limp. I fell and spilled it. Gives you a whole new look on crying over spilled milk. xd I try to joke about it, but it’s not a joke. I tear up just thinking about it. I’m 30 years old. This shouldn’t be happening to me. I know. Shit happens, but damn it makes everything difficult when it shouldn’t be. I’m really scared.
  4. I am Native American on both sides of my parents. I have my card from my moms side which is Myammia the downstream people. They are known as the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma though. On my dads side there is Blackfoot but the last person to be enrolled was my dads aunt. d= I don’t know much about my heritage, my mom never wanted to talk about it and my dad didn’t know much about his side either. I was lucky that my mom at least followed through with enrolling me. I need to get Fumiko and Sascha enrolled now. I wish I knew more. I find it fascinating. When I was 13 my mom and I visited out reservation but only for a couple of hours before driving on to see my brother in Michigan. So I didn’t see much. d= I was studying under a shaman here when I got pregnant with Fumiko. Then I had to stop I was too sick. :(
  5. I’m fat. There I said it, I’m fat. That’s why I always photograph my face and nothing else. d= When I was pregnant with Sascha my body freaked out, probably from the lyme disease. But Between my 7th and 8th month checkups I ballooned to 250 pounds from around 150. It was horrible and embarrassing and I was shocked. I’ve never been able to lose it. I’ve tried everything. It just won’t come off. :( No one could figure out how I gained so much in such a small amount of time and I sure as heck don’t know. I’m hoping that maybe the lyme protocol with help a little. When I look back to before I gained so much, I was beautiful and I never knew it because I was always teased and called fat, and I wasn’t. I don’t know how I couldn’t see that but oh well. For now I’m trying to feel okay to be in my own skin. It’s hard. I know it’s not helping my health either, but what can you do when nothing works? d=
  6. One day I want to have a Great Dane again, and a Corgi named Ein. Right now I have a Siamese mix, Mochi who is the littlest cat. We also now have a Siamese mix that is white and orange named Zero. My best friend ended up moving and couldn’t take him with her. d= So we took him.
  7. My husband is part Japanese. Fumiko was named after his grandmother Fumiko. :d
  8. I just got into indie last year around March. I accidentally stumbled onto it when someone was holding a giveaway for Orglamix. I googled them to see what they had and found all of the hoopla about it. At that point I’d stumbled onto Etsy as well. I believe my first purchase was from Persephone Minerals. And here I am today with a collection of stuff that um compared to the 2 eyeshadows and mascare I had. lol
  9. I was born on January 1st. Every time someone notices I get “Oh you’re a New Year’s baby” which I hate. So much. My due date with Fumiko was actually January 1st. Two days before I took some Blue Cohosh to get things moving. Within the hour my water broke and we rushed to the midwives. All was well and she was born on December 31st. I also went into labor with Sascha on Hallow’s Eve. He was born on November 2nd. It was long and hard but so worth it.
  10. I like to eat cheese and mustard. I also like pickled eggs. And pickled plum. Yep.
  11. I love bats and skulls and zombies and crows and all sorts of things creepy. But I also like creepy things when they’re cute. :d Which reminds me I’ll have some things from Robin’s shop to give away. Ooooo. She makes ridiculously cute jewelry. :d Also TEAM INDIE. GO BUY ALL THE INDIE!

Tagger’s questions

1. If you could be any fairytale character, who/what would you be? I have no idea. d= I didn’t grow up with fairytales so I don’t know a lot of them.

2. What’s your favourite dish to prepare? Do deserts count? Because I totally love my apple pie that I make. On nom nom.

3. Do you play games? If yes, what are your three favourite games and why? I use to. But I can’t anymore. I played WoW since the beta and enjoyed Rift when it came out but I only played the beta.

4. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why? (And for how long?) I’d choose London. I’ve always been fascnited by it and always wanted to visit and photograph it. I dunno. Just something about it screams home. I think if I went I’d like to stay and it be home. It would also allow me to get better health care.

5. What are the best qualities in the area you live in? Oregon is lovely. You actually get four seasons here. I like that it’s dreary for part of the year. I just like it. I feel more comfortable that way. But it’s just a lovely state. There are so many natural things you can go see. Like waterfalls. :d If I can’t ever move to London, then I’d be happy here. I love autumn here. The trees are just amazing to see. Oregon is weird. xd I hope it stays that way.

6. What’s your favourite piece of clothing? Right now? My bat shoes! They’re a size too big(the site said they ran a size too small. pffft) but they’re awesome. I need to get another pair in a size smaller. I need to stock up on them. lol I love bats so much and it’s awesome having bat shoes.

7. How long have you blogged? I have been blogging in one form or another for since 2000 and on my current domain since 2003. It’s been awhile. xd

8. Who do you feel you write your blog for? What do you imagine your typical reader to be like? My blog is about me. It changes and turns into whatever I’m doing at the time. It’s been about so many things over the years. Right now it’s about makeup. That’s what I’m into. That’s what I primarily blog about right. I blog about my health/life every so often. Just because I need to get it out. Right now I imagine my readers to be like me. Into makeup and beauty and some are here to see what I post about my life.

9. Do you have one favourite band? If yes, why are they above all the rest for you? I don’t have a favorite band right now. But when I was a teen? It was Tori Amos. I still love her music. It really helped me get trough a really rough time in my life when I hit rock bottom.

10. What housework is your least favourite? Any housework sucks and hurts for me. But the worst is laundry. It has to be taken up and down a bunch of stairs and it makes my heart freak out and I get really dizzy. So laundry. It’s the worst.

11. Do you have a favourite blog? You know I don’t. I’ve never thought about it. But I don’t have a favorite blog.

11 questions from me

  1. What is your favorite color and why?
  2. What is the one deepest memory you’ve had throughout your lifetime?
  3. If you could get any tattoo on your body what would it be and why?
  4. Do you drink tea? What is your favorite?
  5. What’s your favorite season?
  6. If you had to choose one makeup company to wear for the rest of your life what would it be?
  7. Have you broken any bones?
  8. What is your favorite perfume and why?
  9. Do you have any pets? If yes then what are they?
  10. What is your biggest fear? What caused it?
  11. What are you going to be for Hallow’s Eve? If you have little demon spawns what are they dressing as? :d

Tag 11 people

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