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So I discovered the up & up Maximum Strength Acetone Nail Polish Remover Dip-It some time last year. I saw it mentioned online and decided to give it a try. So glad I did!

Official description
Easily remove your old nail polish with this remover dip from Up & Up. The convenient dip bottle makes it easy to sponge off your nail polish. In seconds you’ll have a blank canvas for your new color.

Where to buy
From Target stores – $2.49-$2.54 for a 9 oz jar.

To remove artificial nails: Insert finger and soak nail tips, wraps or artificial nails to dissolve and remove them. Scrub fingernail up and down against the bristles. You may need to file any additional residue and clean nail completely before applying any new nail products. Built in brush removes artificial nails quickly. Not for polish removal on artificial nails.

To remove gel polish: Using a medium-coarse file, file away the shiny layer of the gel polish; to scuff surface allowing better removal by the acetone. Soak entire nail(not entire hand) into the remover for 10-15 minutes. Using a wood cuticle pusher, gently scrape away gel from the nails(top and underneath) and skin surrounding the nail. This should be easily removed. If there is resistance, soak nails for another 5-10 minutes. Repeat soak and scrape until all gel polish is removed. Wash hands with soap and water to remove any acetone from the skin and nails. Lightly buff nails to remove all gel nail polish residue from the nails and until nails are smooth. Apply nail oil and/or hand lotion to restore moisture to the nails and hands.

Comes in a white tub/jar with a blue lid. Label is white with black text and blue accents. The jar has a blue twist on lid. When you first open it you’ll find a white paper seal with black writing. When you remove that you’re left with a plastic seal. Make sure it’s not pointing at you when you puncture it. Just peal it away. Inside all round the edge are vertical, long, pink plastic bristles.

Scent and formula
It’s your standard clear, watery, stinky acetone.

Acetone, denatonium benzoate.

The label claims it removes gel nail polish, glitter and artificial nails. Well I don’t use gel polish or artificial nails, so I don’t know how this works on those, but I do wear glitter and regular polish! So this is pretty awesome. It’s not like your normal nail polish tubs, it has plastic bristles instead of foam. All you have to do is stick your finger in and rub your nail up and down on the bristles. You want to make sure it’s up and down and not side to side, as the bristles aren’t strong when moving side to side. It only take a couple of seconds to get off normal polish. When removing glitter polish I find I can moving my finger up and down for 12-15 seconds and the glitter is completely gone or there are just a couple of pieces left which flake right off. Now if you use elmer’s glue or some other type of peeling basecoat under your glitter you’ll find that it takes about 6 seconds for the glue to get bubble and then it peels right off. As with all acetone nail polish this leaves a white powdery looking film on your finger/nail. Also to note. There are two holes on top and if you scrub too vigorously acetone will splash out. So don’t get too excited. xd Just wash your hands and you are good to go. I find this easier and less time consuming than using the foil method I was previously using for glitter polish. I’m on my second jar of dip-it. You’ll find after awhile that the remover turns black and begins to stain your nails. I just kept re-filling my jar with acetone. I did that for several months before getting a new jar. I love this thing dude.




Ermahgerd! A nail post! Holy wow! xd The sun is out. I’m contemplating more swatches, but my arm is tired. hehe It’s hot today. t.t My hair is damp from my shower and it feels so good. I’ve been painting my nails regularly, but uh not taking photos. Oops. I should get back on that. >.> I painted my nails with Sinful Colors Sweet Dreams the other day and oddly enough my best friend was wearing the same color!

Base coat
Nail Tek Ridge Filling Base Coat Foundation II x 1 coat

Nail color
Sinful Colors Sweet Dreams #1119 x 3 coats

Top coat
CND Super Shiney x 1

Sailor Moon! MOON PRISM POWER!Luna


I give you… Pegasus Poop from Amanda Solis! Seriously this polish is GORGEOUS. If you’re interested in it, you can click on the smiley on the left side of my blog, join my makeup group and ask to be added to her waiting list. Now I give you photos!

Skinfood Nail Vita Base Coat

Pure Ice All Night Long x 1 coat
Pegasus Poop x 2 coats

essence Studio Nails better than gel nails top sealer x 1 coat

Full Disclosure Policy: All products mentioned in this entry were purchased by me. There are no affiliate links and there is no financial compensation included in this post.


To whoever it was who sent me awesome Manglaze polishes! Seriously, thank you. You are the awesomest fairy nail godmother ever. <3 I’ve been lusting over Mink Mitten and Fuck Off and Dye for ages, and am also super happy to receive fuggenugly and Matte-Astrophe. You are super duper awesome ^.~

I now return you to our regularly non-scheduled program. xd


So here is my very small nail polish collection. Which includes:

  1. SinfulColors in Green Ocean
  2. wetnwild Wild Shine in Bijou Blue
  3. wetnwild Wild Shine in Kaleidoscope
  4. wetnwild fastdry in
  5. wetnwild fastdry in Teal of Fortunte
  6. So Easy Stripe Rite in Lavender Glitter
  7. So Easy Stripe Rite in Red Metallic
  8. So Easy Stripe Rite in Silver Glitter
  9. wetnwild Wild Shine in Eggplant Frost
  10. wetnwild Wild Shine in Night Prowl
  11. wetnwild Wild Shine in Sparked
  12. wetnwild fast dry in Party of Five Glitters
  13. E.L.F. in Black
  14. E.L.F. in Mint Green
  15. E.L.F. Matte Finisher
  16. INM Northern Lights Holographic Top Coat in Silver
  17. essence in choose me!
  18. essence in so glamourous
  19. essence in break through
  20. essence in no more drama
  21. essence in sweet as candy
  22. Beauty Secrets Base Coat
  23. Beauty Secrets Hardener Top Coat

The Beauty Secrets top coat drives me nuts. It takes about an hour for my nails to be completely dry. So I’m looking at getting the Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat. I’ve heard good things about it. I’m also looking at Trind’s Nail Balsam, Cuticle Balsam, and Nail Repair Color in Lilac. Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator and Seche Rebuild. My nails keep breaking. Though it’s only been the tips, so I squared them off to see if that will help. Though I suspect it won’t.


I’ve been lusting after several Zoya polishes for quite some time now. I want Charla and Savita so bad it’s not funny. They shall be my first purchase when I start to purchase new polish. I’ve seen several people post really positive things about them. I recently stumbled across Konad’s nail stamping stuff. It looks really fun. They have all sorts of plates with cutesy things as well as flowers, letters, numbers, patterns, even really neat french nail tips! I definitely want to pick a few up. There’s a plate with a heart french tip that I really like, as well as a cloud pattern and various japanese themed plates. There’s even a plate with Hello Kitty’s face! It sounds really easy. You paint some polish onto the plate, scrape off the excess. Then you press the stamp on it and roll the design onto your nail. See, it sounds easy. We shall see at some point how easy it really is for me. haha

Really though my question is what do you recommend for strengthening your nails? Do you have a special routine you do? Is there some awesome nail strengthening/growing potion somewhere that I need to pick up? In the past I’ve only tried a nail strengthener by Sally Hansen. However it’s been so long I’m not sure what it was. My nails are very thing and they tend to break off when they get to a decent length. Some of my nails also tend to lose their shape I guess? A couple of my nails will kind of start to bend down instead of growing straight out. I notice if I keep them polished they don’t do that. So I’m thinking that strengthening them would do the trick. Ultimately I’d like to be able to grow them out to a decent length so I can do french tips on my natural nails. I obviously have no idea where to start in making them healthy and strong. I know there are tons of products out there, but I want something that people have good results with and I want to know they’re legitimate recommendations.


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