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Hey, all! Destiny from Bellibone Beauty here for Guest Post Thursday! I’m so excited to be posting on Toxid Lotus, and Luna is a doll for having me.

If you know me, I’m fairly obsessed with Once Upon a Time. My tumblr feed consists of swarms of CaptainSwan gifsets and fanfics, and I have no shame. So, naturally, when indie companies release Once Upon a Time inspired products, I vacuum them up unabashedly. I’ve been rewatching the show to fill the sad void between seasons, and today I decided to share my little hoard with you! I’m swatching Darling Girl’s Fairy Tale Romance Collection and the shadows from Notoriously Morbid‘s May Vanishing Cabinet. Darling Girl has released a companion collection to Fairy Tale Romance, named Wicked is Coming, but I haven’t received my order yet. I wait impatiently.. 

Let’s dig in, shall we? All products purchased by me, and all opinions are my own. Swatches are taken over bare skin and Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion on the top row, and Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy on the bottom. Italicized information is taken directly from the corresponding brand website.

02 If I Only Had a Heart


If I Only Had a Heart (Darling Girl): pale cream with gold sheen and gold iridescence

Inspired by the short-lived Sheriff Graham, this is a pale highlighter shade with a subtle golden iridescence. I use this as an inner corner highlight as well as a facial highlight.

03 Dearie

Dearie (Notoriously Morbid): description unavailable

Who hasn’t ever looked at Rumple’s crocodile skin and wanted an eyeshadow with that gorgeous golden glow? This is a muddied olive-brown with an antique gold shine.

04 Misthaven

Misthaven (Notoriously Morbid): description unavailable

Though it’s commonly referred to as the Enchanted Forest, the actual name of the realm is Misthaven. You only hear it called that once or twice, don’t ask me why. This is a muted forest green with a murky cornflower shift to it.

05 Hot as Baelfire

Hot as Baelfire (Darling Girl): mid tone matte plummy brown

While some may have been smitten by Charming or Graham, I was head over heels for Baelfire. Charming and sincere, and oh lordy that smile. This is a matte plummy brown, and I have no idea why I thought it would be a good idea to swatch it over Pixie Epoxy. It was a nightmare. (Mattes and glitter adhesive do not mix for obvious reasons.)

06 Always the Queen

Always the Queen (Notoriously Morbid): description unavailable

Oh, Regina. I am so often conflicted by you. At the very least, I love to hate you, and I might never trust you. This is a cranberry-toned red with a strong metallic copper shift. If you don’t apply this shadow over a glitter adhesive, you’re missing out! (Why my Pixie Epoxy swatch picture turned out so warm is beyond me..)

07 You Want Darkness

You Want Darkness? (Notoriously Morbid): description unavailable

Being so heavily influenced by fairy tales, Once Upon a Time deals with a lot of common themes, including the constant battle between your inner darkness and light. After the Season 4 finale, I am ready to embrace the dark side. This is a smokey purple with silver shimmer, and it reminds me of the purple smoke that is associated with dark magic in the show.

08 Let's Hook Up


Let’s Hook Up (Darling Girl): blackened green base with holographic gold sparkle and green and orange sparkle

Mm mm mm. Once Killian Jones stepped into the ring, I forgot all about Baelfire. Sultry, passionate, and surprisingly classy for a pirate. His eyebrow raises induce embarrassing amounts of squealing. This is such a perfect shadow for Hook! It’s a deep black base with gold and green sparkle. This is a crazy glittery shadow, so anyone without a glitter adhesive has now been forewarned. It gets everywhere.

That wraps up my guest post today! Thank you so much for reading, and thanks again to Luna for having me! 



Hello wonderful people of the interwebs! My name is Kaylee Bee, and I am this weeks guest poster. I just want to thank Luna for the opportunity to do this. I am so very excited and I hope you all enjoy!

Today I will be doing swatches and reviews of my favorite indie brand, Notoriously Morbid. When I first got into indies, about 6 months ago, this was one of the very first brands I tried. It was love at first swatch! So without further ado, I present to you some of my NM collection!


Captivated: A metallic olive green with copper sparkles


over Darling Girl Primped & Primed



top (primped & primed), middle (glitter glue), bottom (pixy epoxy)

top (primped & primed), middle (glitter glue), bottom (pixy epoxy)



Swatched: Over Darling Girl Primped & Primed. There was no major change over glitter glue and pixie epoxy.

My thoughts: I adore this color to pieces. It’s definitely not one I wear to work, but it’s so much fun to put on for a day out on the weekends! I’m a sucker  for greens, especially olives, so I couldn’t resist this one.





Teacher in Tweed:  An olive brown that practically screams librarian.

over DG Primped & Primed

over DG Primped & Primed




top (primped & primed), middle (pixy epoxy), (bottom) bare

top (primped & primed), middle (pixy epoxy), (bottom) bare

Swatched: Over Primped & Primed, pixy epoxy, and bare. Being a matte texture, it does not take well over a glitter glue.

My thoughts: This is a really nice matte brown color. It’s much darker in person and looks much different depending on what base you decide to put it over, as shown here. I like that it’s so versatile, and really changes colors over primers. So experiment and find a combination you like! I personally like to pair it with pixy epoxy!






Bad Juju:  A warm, coraly magenta with an airy lavender duochrome.

Bad Juju

Over glitter glue



Bad Juju Comparison

top (primped & primed) middle (glitter glue) bottom (pixie epoxy)


Swatched: Over elf glitter glue. Primped & Primed (top)  and Pixy Epoxy (bottom) also shown for comparison. Glitter glue brings out the lavender duo chrome more.

My throughts: I didn’t think I’d love this color as much as I do. The shift looks a bit more blue in real life, but it’s lovely when it hits the right light. This is subtle and natural enough to wear in a work environment in my opinion.






Pale Rider: A dusty matte purple

Pale Rider Primed

over Primped & Primed

Pale Rider bare



Pale Rider Comparison

top (primped & primed)


Swatched: Over Primped & Primed and bared. As with Teacher in Tweed, avoid sticky primers cause it will clump if you’re not too careful.

My thoughts: This is by far my favorite of the lot. These pictures don’t do it justice by any means. It’s hard to capture the true color of this, but it’s exactly as described with grey undertones and it is beautiful.





Crimson Horror: A gorgeous deep red with a hint of metallic and a little sparkle that is sure to get you noticed

DG Primped & Primed

over DG Primped & Primed


over Fyrinnae Pixy Epoxy

over Fyrinnae Pixy Epoxy

top (primped & primed), middle (glitter glue), bottom (pixy epoxy)

top (primped & primed), middle (glitter glue), bottom (pixy epoxy)


Swatched: Over primped and primed, glitter glue, and pixy epoxy.


My thoughts: So I am a HUGE red fan. Before the Venus palette (which is awesome but I don’t support Lime Crime), all my friends would make fun of me for the unusual color choice. So when I saw this color I had to have it. Plus Doctor Who. I love to wear it over Pixy Epoxy, as it really brings out the red.  I’m not sure if this is discontinued or out of stock, but as of right now I cannot find it on the site.




Mint To Die For: A matte mint with a tiny amount of glitter for an added twisted classic look.

over primped & primed




top (primped & primed), middle (glitter glue), (pixy epoxy)



Swatched: It shows up pretty much the same over all three primers

My thoughts: This is a really beautiful mint color. As much as I love mint, it just doesn’t work with my skin tone. However, if you can work pastels and love spring, this is definitely a color for you!









Northman from the Deadlove collection


over glitter glue


 Merlotte from the Deadlove collection

over glitter glue

over glitter glue


Carmet & Paesh the Black Friday ’14 GWP

over glitter glue

over glitter glue



Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed! This was my first time swatching with tape so I hope I did it right and if you like what you see, feel free to follow me on my brand new blog! It’s still under construction but it should be up and running soon!


Kaylee Bee


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