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Today I will be reviewing the two new scents from indie “Darling Clandestine” (heh, see what I did there?).  Although I’m sure many of the readers of this blog are probably already familar with the brand and it’s owner, I will give a brief overview for the uninitiated. I will confess upfront that this review is not exactly impartial, as I am a bit of a Darling Clandestine fangirl, myself.  Since discovering them through the r/Indie Makeup and More Subreddit last year, I have placed, oh, maybe an order a month?  It honestly reawakened a passion for scent that I had long since abandoned due to the current mainstream industry’s repetative nature (and a hatred for gourmand scents, which seem to be a fairly dominant force).  DC and it’s lovely and passionate creator Evonne** shun all that and seem to start from scratch, creating scents that are not only unlike any other, but also tend to be almost beyond definition, typically schewing the whole note description thing of traditional perfumery and describing each scent with a short piece of prose, meant to evoke the scent itself and the mood intended.

DC has a roster of year round regulars, seasonal offerings, and the occasional surprise release scent, just for kicks when the inspiration hits.  This is review is for lattermost, two surprise fragrances that likely won’t make it far past labor day, along with those emergency beach flip flops you picked up at Walgreens, so get them while you can.

The perfumes smell much better though.




One curious element of the Darling Clandestine scent descriptions are what Evonne calls the “Boss Level” of the fragrance, referring to how challenging the fragrance may be to the person*** smelling it.

Here’s the blurb for this scent:

I couldn’t bring myself to rank a fragrance Boss Level 10. Not yet. ‘Cause that would be the *final* boss, no? Instead I went for a concoction that swings unusually wildly between “Oh, yeah, this is pretty! This is classic, fancy perfume! I can totally wear this to the gala at Norman Osborn’s mansion!” and “Wait, no. This isn’t perfume. Let’s do something else. See that boat down there? Let’s just take it.”

It’s the DarlingClandestine dichotomy of conflicting elements, ramped up a bit for the season of summer blockbusters. Had a lot of internal conflict with this one. “No, no, that’s too intense; nobody’s going to want to wear this anywhere.” “Augh, now it’s too normal! Folks’re gonna think I’m a big ol’ hyperbolic dramapants!” I toyed with high-end elements like chypre and amber and teak, added some criminal underbelly with white mushroom and crushed cranberry, and then crashed through the skylight trying to create impressions of humidity-soaked canvas and scorched fabric. Of course, as with all DC fragrances, please don’t take these “notes” to mean “ingredients” . . . there are more than 30 individual ingredients in this fragrance. I dunno, man. I like it quite a lot.


Bossfight! is a very accurate name for this fragrance.  It morphs on a person’s skin, and rapidly.   From the bottle, I get a sweet warm skin scent (DC’s signature), almost like warm dough without the yeasty smell.  But it quickly turns to an aquatic with a bit of a green top note, kind of leafy.  And then it gets a little lemony?  Hey where did those flowers come from?  I quickly realize that I may have jumped into the deep end with this review.  It acts similarly to a previous DC scent, Halochrome, meant to represent the different colors in a fluorescent germ-cell stain.  But whereas Halochrome was sparky, and to me, somewhat offensive (and headache inducing), Bossfight! is familar and warm.  I can smell elements of other DC scents that I love, like Inked and Maudlin and Bedlam, maybe some Blue Valentine and Smother?  This is truly a big battle, but between characters you love to watch.  It’s the Avengers movie of the DC universe: a charming, likable tussle with a few unexpected turns.  A definite must for DC lovers and an interesting introduction for beginners, if you’re daring enough to take on the challenge.  I will also offer that this is the longest lasting DC fragrance I have.  Many of the oils tend to last only an hour or so, but thi sone seemed to stick around for at least 4, which is nearly unheard of for me.  Showing off I suppose?  Rarely does a blockbuster come in under 2 hours anymore, so I guess I should have expected it.

Bossfight! only comes in one size, a large 2 dram bottle for $14.  I luckily got it when it was $12 a couple weeks ago when it was introduced, but believe me, it’s worth every penny.  The extra $2 wouldn’t put me off one bit today.




Here’s the blurb for this scent:

The fragrance is Arylide, a dream painted in yellow. Angelic plumeria and about ten other elements that comprise my take on late-summer sycamore leaves.

Ergh.  Here’s where I hit a wall.  This is not my cup of tea, or more accurately, my cup of floor cleaner.  Or is it hand soap?  It starts promisingly with a light, powdery floral, (the plumeria, I’m guessing) but gets heavier and more intense as it sits on my skin.  I can smell the notes very clearly, almost too much so.  It does have a late summer haze to it, like the first evening you see the sun go down and start to realize that the days are getting shorter again, and it makes you a little sad.  I don’t have much experience with the scent of plumeria or sycamore, so I’m not sure if it’s the notes themselves that just don’t agree with me? Granted, this is all a personal experience, and it may not react on you as it does on me.

Luckily, this scent is available in an itsy bity vial (1/2 dram) for $6, which is what I got it in, and a larger 5 mL squared glass bottle for $11, both featuring very interesting artwork of what looks like a cat sucking the breath out of a sleeping woman!?  These is my kind of people.  Here’s information about it below, from Evonne:

The image is Yellow Cat, by my aunt Pilar Acevedo. “This particular piece was inspired by a child’s fear of an old wives’ tale.” Find Pilar’s work at .

As far as the logistics of ordering and delivery, her shop on Etsy is easy to navigate.  Evonne also has impeccable communication with her customers, giving accurate updates on order times and responding to customer’s inquiries in short order.  While her turn around time does tend to be much longer than other indie shops, keep in mind that it is a one woman operation, and is worth the wait.  I received this order is probably 6 business days, which is way shorter than usual, but I think it’s because Evonne was leaving for a trip.  She regularly keeps customers up to date through the Facebook page as to goings on and new releases.  I highly recommend you check it out.





**also hilarious and talented.  Might have a little bit of a girl crush.  Might.

** Is there a word for a person smelling perfume?  “Smeller” sounds weird.  “Scenter?” “ Perfum-ed one?“


Hi! I’m Claire, and I am super excited to be your guest blogger this week :)

A couple months ago I discovered a new (to me) perfumer, Deconstructing Eden; when I saw that she had a whole collection inspired by Type O Negative they couldn’t jump into my mailbox fast enough. Be still, my goth teenager heart.

The Type O Negative collection includes four fragrances in EdP format, and I hope she considers expanding the collection because I would love to see more like these (um, Cinnamon Girl, maybe?).

Here’s a look at the collection, along with some quick reviews of all four:

Deconstructing Eden - Type O Negative Collection

Be My Druidess

A midnight fire in a dark forest this unisex blend has incense, woods, tree moss, light and dark musks and a smokey fire

This was the one I was most excited about. Not because it’s the best Type O Negative song ever (but, okay, it is the best Type O Negative song ever), but because it sounded amazing and I love smelling like all of these things. Very little could go wrong here.

Right out of the vial I get a big hit of oakmoss with some dark musks and something phenolic that isn’t birch tar.  A few minutes in I get more incense and less smoke — this smells a lot like dry incense sticks, and is really quite realistic for that type of scent. If you’re into spicy incense and woody fragrances this is definitely one to try. This (along with Black No. 1) is definitely more of a cool weather fragrance, so I’m looking forward to trying it again in the Fall to enjoy that atmospheric mossy woodsmoke aura.

Black No. 1

Milk white skin, a haze of clove cigarette smoke, burning leaves and the blackest patchouli in my collection

Opens with a fairly realistic smoky leaves accord, followed quickly by a light, clean musk that verges a bit on soapy. There are little hints of smoky clove weaving throughout the middle stages — if you aren’t looking for them they aren’t super apparent, and seem to add just a hint of spice and grit to what is essentially an interesting juxtaposition of clean musk-meets-dirty leaves. There’s a touch of the patchouli in the drydown, but I imagine it’s also contributing to the earthiness of the burned leaves. This is another one that I’ll be anxious to wear again in cooler weather.

Love You To Death

Beeswax candles, a drop of sweat, spilled wine and smoke.
Oud, black agar, a creamy patchouli, and myrrh form the base notes. The heart notes are green berries, citrus peel and spice and the top notes are smoke and beeswax

This one opens a little powdery, likely from the honey/beeswax note. It’s sweet but not at all cloying, and despite the citrus and berry notes I would not call this a fruity fragrance. This one is a bit lighter and has less throw than the others overall, but it’s quite lovely and subtle. I actually layered this one with Be My Druidess and it added a really nice amount of warm honeyed sweetness; these two made an unexpectedly cohesive pair. On its own it’s a nice, somewhat soft and feminine patchouli/beeswax/smoke blend that dries down to a gentle woody musk with the faintest hints of berry and wine. This one feels a bit like wrapping yourself in a soft, freshly-warmed blanket.

My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend 

Soft, sweet and beguiling, a close to the skin, white musk forms the base. Heart notes of jasmine, soft rose, freesia, lily and black currant.
Top notes of pink grapefruit, bergamot and mandarin orange

Opens as a strong bouquet of freesia and lily backed by a classic white musk.  This is probably the most traditionally “perfumey” of this set, and the musk here does veer a bit towards soap (or maybe bubble bath) to my nose. Still, a nice composition for the classic clean musk/floral fans, and a nice warm weather fragrance. I enjoyed the drydown on this one quite a bit as the heavy florals gave way to a softer and gentler combination of sweet musk and slightly tart berry/currant with just enough rose to keep it intriguing.


press sample

What I smell
I keep sniffing myself trying to figure out what this smells like. It’s quite interesting. It’s sweet. not cloyingly sweet, but sweet. It smells dark, like there should be dark chocolate in it and whipped cream and berries. But it’s also dirty on my skin. It smells… aged and smokey. Ahhh it’s so pretty. It smells of lace and something old and victorian. I’m bad at describing scents! I’m sorry! I like this, I like it very much. When it dries down it’s sweet and smokey and enchanting. Guys, it smells so good. It smells so different on my skin than it does from the vial. In the vial it smells of dirty sweet ozone and chocolate.

Official description

She says nothing at all, but simply stares upward into the dark sky and watches, with sad eyes, the slow dance of the infinite stars.
– Neil Gaiman

A dark counterpart to Aquolina’s Pink Sugar. Spun brown sugar, red berries, vanilla and tonka bean absolute dance with a sprinkle of dirt, a swirl of cauldron smoke, and a drop of bittersweet cocao absolute.

☾ Notes: ☽
Brown Sugar, Red Berries, Caramel, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Dirt, Cauldron Smoke, Cocao Absolute

☾ Fragrance Family: ☽
Sweet / Gourmand / Feminine

What I smell
It’s apple-y and violet-y and rose-y and amazing. When I first sniff it from the bottle I can smell all the apples. It’s reminiscent of when I was little and we had a ranch and had fruit orchards all around us. That’s that it smells like, walking through the orchards picking fresh peaches and apples, but it also smells like fresh blossoms. It brings back a lot of memories. When I put it on it’s just amazing. It smells like my skin but a million times better. It’s fresh and floral and delicious. The Violet really comes out on my skin after it settles. It smells more floral than fruity. It’s just delicate and delicious. I love it. It’s not too floral or too fruity, it’s just… perfect. Perfect yo.

Official description

I talk in a daze, I walk in a maze
I cannot get out, said the starling
– Nabokov

☾ Notes: ☽
Crisp Apple Skins, Tart Peach Candies, Rose Absolute, Sugared Violet

☾ Fragrance Family: ☽
Fruity Floral / Feminine / Candy Gourmand

What I smell
When I sniff this from the bottle it smells like cold Mexican Hot Chocolate. It smells delicious and it makes me wanna go get some Mexican Hot chocolate to drink. I think I’ll be getting some when I go to the store. When I put it on it has this odd change on my skin. It smells like Mexican Hot Chocolate, only it has florals to it. I don’t understand at all. When it dries down the floral comes out more and the Mexican hot chocolate dies down. So it smells of chocolate and spices and vanilla… then it smells floral. I don’t even know. It’s quite interesting and I like it. I’m not a foodie person when it comes to scents. So I tend to stay away from scents like this. On my daughter it has no floral scent to it. It just smells of chocolate and spices and some vanilla. She loves wearing and sniffing herself. xd

Official description
MEXICAN Spiced Hot Chocolate :: Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, Mexican vanilla, cinnamon sugar, spicy pink & black pepper, and whipped cream

What I think
I’m not going to discuss the scent of the lotion cause I gushed about Lolita up there. ^ But the lotion is wonderful. It’s silky and smooth and it doesn’t leave an oily residue on me. It absorbs completely into my skin and I can smell Lolita pretty much all day when I put it on.
It’s fantastic to put on after a shower or bath, it feels so good dude. I need a vat of this stuff. :GRABBY: Normally I use HoG’s pumpkin butters. I love them, but this has become my favorite. I just love the feel. Mmmhmmm. Also when my skin is super dry, which it gets in the winter, ugh. I can put a few drops of Argan oil in a bit of lotion and mix it up and put it on and it’s heaven. Super moisturizing and it stops the stingy, itchy annoying dry skin crap. It’s magical.

Official description
Our hand and body lotion is super luxurious and super moisturizing without leaving your hands sticky or greasy. This is a perfect lightweight lotion for everyday use, and leaves your skin feeling silky soft and nourished, courtesy of Avocado Oil, Jojoba, Shea Butter and Aloe.

Deionized Water, Grape Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Emulsifying Wax NF, Glyceryl Stearate, Jojoba Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Stearic Acid, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Silk Amino Acids, Glycerine (Vegetable Origin), Sorbitol, Cyclopentasiloxane, Phenoxyethanol and Caprylyl Glycol (Optiphen®), Methyl Cellulose, Allantoin, Fragrance. NOT VEGAN

Guys. I cannot express my love and amazement of Claire and Sixteen92. She sent me this amazing package. It had a sweet note and candy and spider rings and perfume samples and a lotion sample. It was so awesome. Fumiko quickly stole the rings and the candy. I’ve wanted to try her stuff since she first opened up. I wanted Lolita it sounded amazing and everyone seemed to love it. Dude. It smells fucking awesome. It is so good. And Black Sugar. Never would I have picked it for myself. I don’t like chocolate and it has cocoa in it, but dude it’s awesome. I’m wearing it right now and I smell like I should be in an old Victorian house at a party having a lovely time. It.Is.So.Good. Mexican Hot Chocolate smells just like the real thing, it smells delicious. Fumiko absolutely loves this smell and she is constantly asking me to put it on her. xd I think I need to get her a bottle. Where is a damn money tree when you need one? DX And the lotion. Dudes. It’s so silky and smooth and it’s scent with Lolita so it’s like extra amazing and I wish I had money so I could buy all the things because they are so amazing and I love Claire like so much like this much |______________________________________________________________________________________________| < That much dudes. I need moar lotion and I want to try the shower gel so much and I have perfumes on my wishlist. Guys I need to try these: I Saw Goody Proctor With the Devil, Southern Gothic, Hellebore, Mellifera, Salem, Swarm, Cloven & Toasted Marshmallow. :grabby: Guys. Ugh. Why is she so awesome. Claire I love you. You make amazing smelly and lotiony things and I want to marry you. Also I want to bathe in a tub of Lolita lotion. Don’t judge. :SQUEE: Also. Can I just say how much I love her long sample vials. They are so pretty. I like them much better than the shorter ones. I think I’m done gushing now. I think. OH. ALSO. I’m going to be doing an interview with Claire soon. Just so you know. You know. Be looking forward to that!

I am not very good at describing scents. I want to do more scent posts but I’m not sure. What do you think? Should I do more? I have tons of samples in my perfume box. xd So I have plenty to blog about! P.S. Don’t forget to join me on reddit, /r/makeupmonstrosity/ COME POST WITH ME.

So you can find Sixteen92 here. Shop is currently on vacation though! You can contact Claire through her Etsy contact here. Facebook is here and Instagram is here!

If you like this post do me a favor and like it up there on the top right! :UP:





Happy Thursday all and welcome to my slightly spooky guest post! I frequent Reddit and that’s where I found out Luna was looking for guest posters. So I jumped at the opportunity and here I am.


You have to understand right off the bat, I love Halloween. I mean, I love fall in general but I especially love Halloween. Between all the cool weather, the dressing up, and the never ending candy, what’s not to love?

So with October fast approaching I figured I’d review a few spooky scents for you from a couple of my favorite perfumeries.

 Blooddrop Perfumerie: Boo-tiful

DSC_0561 - Copy

“The perfume of a gorgeous and irresistible spirit; a blend of pink lotus, lily, broom, tea rose, and heliotrope absolutes on a base of creamy marshmallow.”

This one reminds me of a Victorian lady-ghost haunting a dusty, but elegant, house. I love it.

In the bottle it’s sweet, with a lot of light floral scents swirling around together. It’s hard to pick out individual notes, the scent just brings to mind “a butt ton of flowers”. Originally I didn’t think I’d like this one, flowers of any kind are a hit or miss for me because of potential headaches. It’s probably why I stick with foodie perfumes (who doesn’t want to smell like cake or a milkshake?).

Once you put it on those florals don’t stay light, the sweetness is still there but it’s almost overpoweringly floral. Like smushing your face into a bouquet of flowers. I think my skin digs flowers but nose doesn’t most of the time. I’m not entirely sure what pink lotus smells like but I can can pick out very strong notes of lily and rose.

Luckily this mellows out, with a very sweet and very creamy quality coming from the marshmallow. It ties everything together once it dries down into a very smooth, not quite gourmand, floral with a hint of hay. That might be from the broom? There’s also another layer of floral I don’t quite recognize, but I’m guessing it’s the heliotrope (I had to Google that one).

I found that the more it dried the more I liked it, it’s just those first few moments of flower-punch-in-the-face that throws me off. Wear time is great too, I’ve had it last through a whole work day where I catch whiffs of it as I’m typing. 10/10 would recommend, I’ve been wearing this on nights in but will be putting it on more often as soon as the weather figures out it’s supposed to be fall (curse you 90 degree weather).


Deepmidnight Perfume: Sleepy Hollow

DSC_0562 - Copy

“The orange and yellow moon is full and gleams through the trees as round as a jack o lantern. You just want to get through the woods and back home for a peaceful night. The crisp and lush smells of fall leaves and acorns, pumpkins, sweet candy treats, and fragrant spices, haunt your senses and relax you. Wait…was that the sound of horse’s hooves you just heard?”

That first sniff out of the vial it’s all cinnamon, just lots and lots of cinnamon. Luckily, subsequent sniffing (doesn’t that sound weird) lets me pick up hints of pumpkin and spices.

On the skin I get a lot of warm pumpkin with more of the spices coming through; cinnamon and maybe anise. It only briefly reminds me of those pumpkin spice lattes you start finding in coffee shops around this time of year. There’s also a hint of what reminds me of those scented fall candles you find in the store.

There’s also some sweetness to it from the candy and a cozy nuttiness in the back, once again from the spices I think. I was a little on the fence about this scent but after a while the smell of leaves and a bit of dirt start to come into play. It’s also a little sharp, not quite like crisp air, but it reminds me of being outside in the cold air after running between houses trick-or-treating as a kid.

Overall it has good throw and it just hangs around forever on my skin, even after a shower. What puts it into my “I need more of this category” though is the mixture of sweets and earthiness. I guess for some bizarre reason I want to smell like candy and dirt. I’ll probably be picking up a full size of this sometime soon.

sixteen92: Huntsman


“Smoky Lapsang Souchong tea, dragon’s blood, cedar wood, fir balsam, leather, saffron, chai spice accord”

Right out of the vial there’s a lot of leather, fresh oiled leather. I usually find leather scents kind of overpowering but lucky for me there’s the scent of cedar in there to push it back a bit.It’s not quite a fresh cedar scent either, it reminds me of what it smells like when you’re sawing a cedar tree; a little warm and kind of fuzzy.

There’s a definite smoky note that emerges once you put it on, and it’s not the smell of burning wood either. Reminds me a bit of singed leaves, it’s actually a scent that I’m surprised I like. Normally smoky scents are a little too much for me. There is still a very strong scent of cedar and leather, but it blends really nicely with that earthy burnt leaf note. As for the spices mentioned in the description I caught a little saffron but none of the chai spices. I think the cedar might have overpowered that part a little bit.

I’d actually considering layering it with Sleepy Hollow, just to make it a little sweeter. I think it’d go well the cinnamon and earth notes in it. Huntsman actually strikes me as a more masculine scent but I’ll happily wear this one around regardless. It strikes me as the perfect scent for a cozy night in or when the weather starts getting cold and dreary.

Parting Thoughts

So I’m a really huge fan of Blooddrop perfumes, the packaging is adorable and the scents are always unique. I’m looking forward to a huge haul of decants of their Halloween selection this year.

It wasn’t till recently that I decided to try Deep Midnight Perfumes, I had heard that their specialty was Halloween scents. So I purchased a bunch of samples and loved almost of all of them but I think Sleepy Hollow is my favorite. Candied dirt, mmm.

Lastly, sixteen92 is a new perfume house on the block but all the scents I’ve tried have been very well thought out so far. Huntsman was in the giant fall pack I got and it’s the one I knew right off the bat I had to have it in a full size.


Anyway, that’s the end folks, hope you enjoyed my little review. Thank you again Luna for letting me do this guest post!


Mad As Birds by Darling Clandestine
Cloudswing by Darling Clandestine

Mad As Birds
Mad as Birds is a sweet, cool, garden-dew fragrance with notes of pear and mint and smoky amber and marigolds. A multitude of different scent elements and weeks (months!) of methodical alchemy make Mad as Birds no ordinary scented oil mix—it’s a truly inimitable fragrance.

The newly reformulated Cloudswing is a bright, crisp, golden-green scent with notes of warm hay and vanilla and mowed clover and marigolds and intense lemongrass. A bit of warning: this new batch is VERY heavy on the essentials, including cypress and lemongrass, so if you’re sensitive, pregnant or nursing, please steer clear of this lovely.

Mad As Birds has to be one of my favorite perfumes ever from Darling Clandestine, with that being said i don’t think Cloudswing is too far behind. I guess I really like my marigold scents. xd This combination is so lovely. This combination smells of minty, lemongrassy pears and marigolds wrapped in vanilla and amber blankets. Sometimes I get a waft of lemongrass, and other times it’s most certainly pear and marigold.

You can find Mad As Birds and Cloudswing from the Darling Clandestine Etsy shop. You’ll find Mad as Birds as a perfume oil for $17 and as a solid perfume for $10. You’ll find Cloudswing as a perfume oil for $17 and as a solid perfume for $9.


Step Right Up (Calliope Crash Collection) by Darling Clandestine

Step Right Up
It’s the eyes that tell you. When you shout into the crowd, daring them to enter a world of marvels, the likes of which they’ve never seen before. Some smile, some scoff, some draw back in what appears, uproariously, to be real horror. But there are a few—a select and wonderful few—whose eyes glimmer with a bright, palpable something, an untamed curiosity, an earnest desire to see and hear and touch and understand. These are the ones who linger in your memories, green and gray, gorgeous shadows of evenings by the sea, the glimmer and creak of wooden skiffs on the warm black water after the Big Top has tumbled and the throngs have dispersed. These are the ones who enter unblinking, meeting your outstretched hand with theirs, without fear, without scorn, without a word.

Carefully blended and infused by me in small batches in vintage green glass wine bottles, this is a clean, oceanic, very unisex fragrance with notes of wood and spice. More than a dozen different scent elements and several days of methodical alchemy make Step Right Up no ordinary scented oil mix—it’s a truly inimitable fragrance.

Lordy. This perfume is made up of so many smellies, it’s amazing. When I first put this on I smell cloves and smoke and musk, when it settles down it smells of musk and vanilla and there’s a hint of clove. It’s just lovely. I will be procuring a full size solid asap, as I will be wearing this a lot.

You can find Step Right Up and other scents from the Calliope Crash Collection from the Darling Clandestine Etsy shop. You’ll find this as a perfume oil for $16 and as a solid perfume for $9.


Ripper by Mannaia Fragrances

Our tribute to Jack the Ripper smells like a smoky, rainy night in London, with additional notes of rose, tuberose, orchid, peppercorn, leather (like a certain apron), amber, musk, and a hint of grape. It’s fairly unisex, as the florals are not overwhelming.

Ripper is a lovely floral scent. When I first put it on I smell orchid, amber and musk. Once it settles the rose and amber are heavy. It’s a beautiful fragrance. If you like rose you’ll definitely want this perfume.

You can find Ripper on the Mannaia Fragrances site as perfume oil in a sample vial for $2.50 and a full size perfume oil in a roller ball bottle for $8.


Mirror Witch by One Hand Washes The Other
Serpentina by Darling Clandestine

Mirror Witch
Legend says that in order to summon the spirit of Bloody Mary, also known as the Mirror Witch, you must say her name thirteen times in front of a mirror, in the dark; it is said that on the thirteenth repetition, she will appear, Upon appearing, the Mirror Witch may do any number of things to her summoners, depending entirely on her mood upon being awakened. If she’s not offended you may get away with a scratch, but offend her and the price may very well be your life. Reverent gifts of Pomegranates, dried Figs, white Sage, candied Ginger, and a vision of White Musk.

Serpentina is a crisp, green, ethereal fragrance with a little opium bite. More than a dozen different scent elements and several days of methodical alchemy make Serpentina no ordinary scented oil mix—it’s a truly inimitable fragrance,

Mirror Witch is a scent I wasn’t sure I’d like, but I love it. When paired with Serpentina I smell fig, sage and this exotic floral something. It’s a lovely combination, both scents are delicious on their own but together, oh man. You need to try it.

You can find Serpentina from Darling Clandestine‘s etsy shop in a solid perfume for $9 and in a perfume oil for $13. Unfortunately Mirror Witch is an autumn/Hallow’s Even scent from One Hand Washes the Other. They’ve been retired until autumn.


Bathory by Mannaia Fragrances

Inspired by the Hungarian “Blood Countess” herself. Contains notes of rose, tuberose, orchid, blood orange, blackberry, hibiscus, wine, amber, musk, and neroli.

I like rose and smoky incense scents. &GT;.&GT; When I first put this on the rose scent is really strong, but then after a few minutes it settles down into a musky, amber, rose scent. It’s a lovely scent and I highly recommend it if you decide to shop with Mannaia. :)

You can find Bathory from Mannaia Fragrances. You will find it in a 5/8 dram for $2.50 and a full size 1/3 oz roller ball for $8.00.


I Smell Like A Witch by One Hand Washes The Other

I Smell Like A Witch
A special request for Luna of, I smell like a Witch came about when a little boy told her that the combination of scents she was wearing made her smell “like a witch”. Heh. Red & White Roses, Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum, Smoke, Sandalwood, Patchouli & Vanilla Bean.

I was super excited when Becca made this for me, it was perfect. When I first put this on I can smell the rose and bubble gum, then it settles to a smokey/rosey/incense smell. It’s like walking through a rose garden getting wafts of rose, only it’s filled with smoke and incense too. I also love layering this with other scents. Also you can read the back story here. :)

You can find I Smell Like A Witch from OHWTO in a solid scent for $4 and as perfume oil for $9.


Falchion by Darling Clandestine

Falchion is a deep, sultry, earthy unisex fragrance with a hint of dark chocolate. Superbly sexy and thoroughly appropriate for gents and bold ladies who aren’t into the sweet stuff. More than a dozen different scent elements and weeks of methodical alchemy make Falchion no ordinary scented oil mix—it’s a truly inimitable fragrance, part of my Calliope Crash line. It does contain a little cinnamon, which can warm the skin a bit, which I think is rather delightful, but take note if you’re a sensitive type. :)

So first, I don’t like chocolate, I just don’t. With that being said this scent is amazing. It goes on herby/earthy and mellows out to this earthy/bee’s wax/musky scent on me. It’s like magic.

You can find Falchiion on the Darling Clandestine website, $9 for the solid scent and I don’t think she sells an oil version, but I could be wrong.


Be Mine by One Hand Washes The Other
Morderteile Kelah by Darling Clandestine

Be Mine
Be Mine is the smell of a thousand heart-shaped cinnamon red-hots sprinkled liberally on buttercream-frosted cupcakes, accompanied by a bowl of punch, cups of coffee and tea; all served at an antique wooden table laden with roses, jasmine and orange blossoms; the perfect Valentine’s Day afternoon teatime treat.

Morderteile Kelah
Amber, hyacinth, milk and strawberry jam, brewing in a batch of double-barrel scotch, aged 12 years.

I’m not usually a fan of “foodie” smells but gosh this smells good. At first this combination smells almost like apple pie, the cinnamon is really strong, then it mellows out and smells musky, and sweet with a touch of amber. It makes me feel like I’m having a picnic in the middle of meadow in the summer, where I’m not dying of heat or breaking out all over from grass allergies. xd

You can find Be Mine from OHWTO as a solid scent for $2.80 or as a perfume oil for $7.20. It’s on clearance as it’s a Valentine’s Day fragrance. Morderteile Kelah is currently un-released from Darling Clandestine but will be available in solid scent soon.


Veritas by One Hand Washes The Other

A fragrance inspired by The Boondock Saints. At last.
Veritas, the left hand to Aequitas'(from Darling Clandestine) right, is a green chypre scent, though the perfume itself is a cloudy whiskey gold. This perfume was meant to evoke the imagery from the Boondock Saints, and with that in mind I set out to gather components that would do just that. The notes used are almost too many to list, but include a quartet of sensual musks, church incense, white funerary freesia and lilies, shamrock clover, men’s aftershave, bourbon vanilla, gun oil, Irish whiskey, smoke, worn leather, and tobacco absolute. So as not to leave anyone out, this scent is perfectly unisex, though as with any perfume oil, your skin may “amp” up certain notes more than others, so your mileage may vary.

I realize the notes up there is like a paragraph long but omg this smell is amazing. It’s musky, smokey and dirty and it smells like an old saloon with perfumes and cologne and smoke and alcohol and everything. It’s amazing. It makes me see an old saloon. Ugh, it’s awesome. Gosh I never liked perfumes much until I found indie. <3 You can find Veritas as a perfume oil for $12 at the OHWTO etsy shop.


Mad As Birds by Darling Clandestine
Toxid Lotus by One Hand Washes The Other

Mad As Birds
is a sweet, cool, garden-dew fragrance with notes of pear and mint and amber and marigolds.

Toxid Lotus
is like I Smell Like A Witch’s older sister, you know, the one always in trouble for doing something devious. Blackened dark Musk, Red Wine, Damask Rose Absolute, Frankincense, Baby Roses, Myrrh, and a hint of White Amber.

I’m no expert in perfumes, but I know what makes me feel good, what provokes a memory and just what smells good to me. Mad As Birds is an amazing smell. I wear it quite often paired with other scents. It’s wonderful on it’s own and mixed with other things. Mad As Birds smells like musky/herby florals to me. Toxid Lotus is a special blend Becca from OHWTO made for me. It smells like old victorian houses, incense and smoke, with a hint of rose to me.

You can find Mad As Birds from Darling Clandestine in either a perfume oil for $17 or as a solid perfume for $10. You can find Toxid Lotus from One Hand Washes The Other as a perfume oil for $9 or as a solid scent for $4.


If you haven’t tried One Hand Washes The Other yet you’re really missing out. Besides having my holy grail black magic soap, Becca also makes perfume oils and solid scents. She made a scent for me called I Smell Like a Witch(I know I’ve mentioned it before, but had to do it again). It’s amazing and exactly what I wanted. The actual notes are Cotton candy, rose, patchouli, vanilla, sandalwood, smoke, and bubble gum. Seriously if you haven’t smelled it you need to. It’s heavy with a rose scent, which is what I wanted, so if you love roses, yeah you need this. Also you need this so you can be a creeper and smell like me. INHALE DEEP YO.

Also back story on the name… When I was waiting for my first therapy appointment at NARA this lady and her little boy came out and his mom was making a new appointment when the little boy kinda slid onto the 3 seat chair thing I was on and he slides over to me and says “Are you a wtich….” which these big puppy dog eyes, and I was like “why would you ask that?” And he says “Because you smell like a witch” So I said “Why yes, I am a witch” and his eyes got all big and he had this look of sheer amazement on his face then says “I knew you were real…” Then slowly slid back off the chair and backed up to his mom. This was one of three odd experiences I’ve had with children there. I am convince the children of the corn go there for dr’s appointments. Also I wonder how many witches he’s smelled in his small life. WTF


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