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  • Cosy and snug a comfortable and warm seat for your favourite cat to rest on and enjoy the day
  • Removable cushion, removable covers, pads and soft fleece cushions to make it more comfortable for your cat, and allow for easy washing
  • Made from durable materials and a strong frame that prevents sagging, the seat is sturdy enough to hold up to 50 pounds of weight
  • Having a non-permanent fixture allows it to be easily installed onto different windows
  • No tools required to install and can work with suction cups

Where to buy
From Amazon – You get one window cat bed for $17.00 USD.

Directions came pictured on a piece of paper.

This comes in a cardboard box in pieces with directions.

Ugh. This cat bed. First after I unpacked it I noticed a red stain on the furry pad. Oh well I thought. Then came time to assemble it. This people, is a pain in the ass to assemble. If they had just made the openings that the tube pieces go into a hair larger it would have been SO much more easy. Instead it took me a lot of cursing, time and struggle to get it together. I already hated it. Once it was together it was time to stick it to the window. I cleaned the window, and stuck it on. It the top suction cups de-suctioned and it fell down. I stuck it on again, one top suction cup de-suctioned. We played this game for a few minutes until it stayed up. Hooray! I put Mochi on. She sat for a minute and then one of the bottom suctions de-suctioned and she fell down. Guys she only weighs 7 pounds. So I cleaned the suction cups and tried again. Nope. I wet them with water, nope. I spit on them, nope. I seriously hate this cat bed. I have tried countless times over the weeks to get this thing to stick to the window and it does not stay. Within minutes one of the top suction cups comes undone. Seriously the longest it has stayed suction cupped to the window is just under 20 minutes. It has become a game to time it and see how long it stays. I wish I were joking. I threw it away. I wish I could explain to you the amount of pleasure it gave me. This thing is a pain in the ass to put together and refuses to stay suction cupped to the damn window. If it had actually stayed on the window it would have been wonderful. Mochi wanted to use it. She would sit by it and give me puppy eyes just asking for me to stick it up, then I would and it would fall. Be forwarded, this will crush your cats window sleeping dreams if you buy it for them. Just don’t. Don’t crush their dreams. The fuzzy mat that comes with it is super soft, so that’s nice. That’s all I got.

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So I there’s been some radio silence on the blog lately. And I was doing so well for awhile there. I just haven’t been feeling well. I haven’t been up to photographing stuff or doing much in the way of swatches or reviews. The kids are back in school and we’ve been having many appointments at NARA. So it’s been a little busy. We got rid of our old couch. Hopefully soon I’ll find a used leather one to replace it with. Mochi got fixed last Wednesday. She’s been a clingy, meowing mess since. xd She’s meowing constantly. She follows me around with “meow, meow, meow, meow”. Everywhere. Today we went to NARA for family therapy and we were gone about 3 hours. When I got home Mochi was waiting right at the door for me and immediately started meowing and rubbing on me. I took a short Instagram video:

You can’t hear her, but she would meow and I would meow back at her. Also. Dun, dun dun. We are getting a new kitten. The kiddos therapist and I have talked off and on about emotional therapy with a companion pet for them. They’ve really missed Zero. So she gave me a companion pet letter for them. She doesn’t usually do that. People usually just want a letter to avoid paying a deposit. She thinks the kids would do really well with animal therapy.

So anyways. Britton from Haus of Gloi found a mama cat with 3 adorable kittens outside their business location. She posted about them in the HoG facebook group. Immediately I fell in love with the gray kitten. See picture below:

All the kittens

This is his mama:
Mama cat

Isn’t she beautiful? I believe Britton is keeping mama and maybe the orange dude. She named the orange one Tucker. :d We have named the gray kitten Poet. Well the kids named him. He has beautiful green eyes like his mama. Look how cute he is!


Poet is coming home Friday. We are super excited. He’s so sweet. I met him and Britton and Matt and Jen from HoG last Friday. Super nice peoples. The kittens were adorable and so entertaining. xd Loved them.

Also So. Funny story. Some of you have heard already. xd The other day Fumiko was badgering me to trim her bangs. I hate trimming her bangs because we have no hair scissors, it takes forever to make them straight. So I being the brilliant person I am, decided to trim her bangs with the clippers. All was well until she jerked and I shaved off half of her eyebrow. So then I shaved off half the other eyebrow to make them even…. then the next morning Fumiko took my brow trimmers and completely shaved off her brows. Now she says she’s going to keep shaving them off because she doesn’t want brows because I don’t have any… her quote “If you don’t have browns then I don’t have brows!”. Lord. So then I told her I couldn’t grow eyebrows and I actually want nice brows and that apparently makes no difference to her. She is against brows now. We’ll see how long this lasts…

She looks like a cute little alien. xd Will she grow them back or keep removing them? Too bad I can’t steal hers. t.t We also started decorating for halloween at the beginning of September. >.> So excite. We also did crockpot stew, mango cider and pumpkin cookies for Mabon and also did some smudging/prayers at NARA. It was pretty wonderful. I hope everyone else had a blessed Mabon.

Kitten and Mama cat pictures from Britton at Haus of Gloi.

Mochi being sweet

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