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So who hasn’t heard of Clarisonic’s skin cleansing system? No one? Awesome! Good news, friend! Sigma Beauty just released their Cleansing & Polishing Tool[1. affiliate links]. If you’ve been lusting after Clarisonic Mia here’s your chance to get an awesome tool that does the same thing for a much better price.

So let’s say you’ve been living at the bottom of the ocean and you have no idea what these mind boggling tools do, well let me tell you! This little skin gadget does two main things, #1 it cleanses your skin and #2 it exfoliates/polishes your skin. How does this magic happen you ask? Well the Cleansing & Polishing Tool comes with 3 brush heads: soft, medium and firm, and a cute little case to store the brushes and tool in. Soft is used for daily cleansing with your favorite cleanse, please make sure you keep your cleanse under one minute, you probably want to keep your skin intact. ;) You can use the medium or firm brush for weekly exfoliating. Simply add your favorite cleanser to the medium/firm brush and exfoliate away dead skin cells, again make sure you keep your cleanse under one minute. Once you’ve cleansed or exfoliated your face you can apply your moisturizer and go on with your routine. :) The Cleansing & Polish Tool requires 2 AA batteries which are not included. If you don’t already use rechargeable batteries it would be an excellent idea. :d

You can get the Cleansing & Polishing tool for $39 from Sigma Beauty. The Cleansing & Polishing Tool is a fraction of the cost you would be paying for a Clarisonic cleansing system. I have this on my list of goodies I want to get. I’ve been drooling over the Clarisonic Mia for awhile now but it’s simply out of my price range. The Cleansing & Polishing Tool is much more do-able for me and I plan to do it! :d


Have you seen Sigma’s new Dry’n Shape System[1. affiliate links] for makeup brushes? They just released it! I haven’t obviously tried it yet, but I’m really interested in it. I’ve been eyeing those brush guards for quite awhile now, but never actually purchased them. Mostly because between my cat and 3 year old I imagine I won’t have many left after a few days. This however looks right up my alley. What’s it designed to do you ask? Well let me tell you! This was made to completely dry your brushes in 4-6 hours, AND it re-shapes them for you. There’s a neat little video you can watch with a demonstration.

Taken from the website:

The Dry’n Shape provides the necessary pressure to bristles to quickly and efficiently remove water from every fibre. The fabric used to shape the bristles was specially engineered to accelerate water evaporation, resulting in a faster drying time for your brushes.

How do you use? Simple my friend, or at least it’s supposed to be! You wash your brushes like you normally would in brush cleaner or whatever you so choose, I personally wash mine with dish soap mixed with some grapeseed oil. Then you gently press out the extra water and place your brushes into the smallest band that your brush will fit into. You’ll want to make sure that the bristles are firmly compressed. Then you just wait 4-6 hours for the magic to happen and Voila! Dry brushes! It’s $29 from Sigma, which is a pretty good price. Oh and remember if you spend $30 or more you get a free gift, who doesn’t love a free gift? You can also get $10 off their bestselling premium kit. Don’t forget Sigma ships worldwide! Just a heads up also, I’ll be receiving a brush for review soon and also giving one away. :d So you should be looking forward to that!


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