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Hi all!

MaroonedOnAnIsland here, for the not-exactly-Thursday Guest Post!

I originally wanted this post to focus on eyebrows. I recently found this wonderful way to use powder on your eyebrows, especially if you get oily or live in a humid area.

Instead, I will be writing a review of Haus of Gloi, for very good reason.

They have cured my KP!!

For those who don’t know, KP stands for Keratosis Pillaris, a condition of the skin that causes tiny, angry red dots, that looks like a rash. This typically presents on the back of your arms or on your upper legs. I personally have had this since about the age of 12 or 13, showing up on both my arms and upper legs.

And I have tried everything. Believe me – lotion with AHAs, AHAs on their own, BHAs, or pretty much any kind of actives, fancy lotion, cheap lotion, lotion with fun botanicals (like borage!), and many other things.

I was pretty much set in the idea that my KP wouldn’t go away. So when I purchased the Haus of Gloi lotion in Aether (their name for their unscented products), it didn’t even occur to me that this would do anything for me! Needless to say, I am very happy with this product. SO happy, in fact, that I would go as far as saying that I will probably never buy a different lotion again.

I didn’t even notice at first. When you have a skin condition for so long, you almost forget about it to the point that you don’t even look at it anymore. So it surprised me when my mother pointed out that my arms weren’t all angry anymore!

The rash is gone, the bumps are 95% gone, and it is no longer red! I AM SERIOUSLY RAVING!! This is awesome!!!

Now if only it could do something with the acne I keep getting… (Isn’t that supposed to be only for teens?!)

On another note, I also bought the hair oil from Haus of Gloi, in the Litchi Milk Tea scent. ANOTHER RAVE HERE!! I have low porosity, 2C/3A curly hair, and this stuff is amazing! Smell is great, and my hair is so soft! It hasn’t looked this pretty in a long time.

Needless to say, Haus of Gloi has my wallet. I will be repurchasing the hair oil and the lotion, many, many times.

Haus of Gloi, you done good.


press sample

What I smell
I keep sniffing myself trying to figure out what this smells like. It’s quite interesting. It’s sweet. not cloyingly sweet, but sweet. It smells dark, like there should be dark chocolate in it and whipped cream and berries. But it’s also dirty on my skin. It smells… aged and smokey. Ahhh it’s so pretty. It smells of lace and something old and victorian. I’m bad at describing scents! I’m sorry! I like this, I like it very much. When it dries down it’s sweet and smokey and enchanting. Guys, it smells so good. It smells so different on my skin than it does from the vial. In the vial it smells of dirty sweet ozone and chocolate.

Official description

She says nothing at all, but simply stares upward into the dark sky and watches, with sad eyes, the slow dance of the infinite stars.
– Neil Gaiman

A dark counterpart to Aquolina’s Pink Sugar. Spun brown sugar, red berries, vanilla and tonka bean absolute dance with a sprinkle of dirt, a swirl of cauldron smoke, and a drop of bittersweet cocao absolute.

☾ Notes: ☽
Brown Sugar, Red Berries, Caramel, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Dirt, Cauldron Smoke, Cocao Absolute

☾ Fragrance Family: ☽
Sweet / Gourmand / Feminine

What I smell
It’s apple-y and violet-y and rose-y and amazing. When I first sniff it from the bottle I can smell all the apples. It’s reminiscent of when I was little and we had a ranch and had fruit orchards all around us. That’s that it smells like, walking through the orchards picking fresh peaches and apples, but it also smells like fresh blossoms. It brings back a lot of memories. When I put it on it’s just amazing. It smells like my skin but a million times better. It’s fresh and floral and delicious. The Violet really comes out on my skin after it settles. It smells more floral than fruity. It’s just delicate and delicious. I love it. It’s not too floral or too fruity, it’s just… perfect. Perfect yo.

Official description

I talk in a daze, I walk in a maze
I cannot get out, said the starling
– Nabokov

☾ Notes: ☽
Crisp Apple Skins, Tart Peach Candies, Rose Absolute, Sugared Violet

☾ Fragrance Family: ☽
Fruity Floral / Feminine / Candy Gourmand

What I smell
When I sniff this from the bottle it smells like cold Mexican Hot Chocolate. It smells delicious and it makes me wanna go get some Mexican Hot chocolate to drink. I think I’ll be getting some when I go to the store. When I put it on it has this odd change on my skin. It smells like Mexican Hot Chocolate, only it has florals to it. I don’t understand at all. When it dries down the floral comes out more and the Mexican hot chocolate dies down. So it smells of chocolate and spices and vanilla… then it smells floral. I don’t even know. It’s quite interesting and I like it. I’m not a foodie person when it comes to scents. So I tend to stay away from scents like this. On my daughter it has no floral scent to it. It just smells of chocolate and spices and some vanilla. She loves wearing and sniffing herself. xd

Official description
MEXICAN Spiced Hot Chocolate :: Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, Mexican vanilla, cinnamon sugar, spicy pink & black pepper, and whipped cream

What I think
I’m not going to discuss the scent of the lotion cause I gushed about Lolita up there. ^ But the lotion is wonderful. It’s silky and smooth and it doesn’t leave an oily residue on me. It absorbs completely into my skin and I can smell Lolita pretty much all day when I put it on.
It’s fantastic to put on after a shower or bath, it feels so good dude. I need a vat of this stuff. :GRABBY: Normally I use HoG’s pumpkin butters. I love them, but this has become my favorite. I just love the feel. Mmmhmmm. Also when my skin is super dry, which it gets in the winter, ugh. I can put a few drops of Argan oil in a bit of lotion and mix it up and put it on and it’s heaven. Super moisturizing and it stops the stingy, itchy annoying dry skin crap. It’s magical.

Official description
Our hand and body lotion is super luxurious and super moisturizing without leaving your hands sticky or greasy. This is a perfect lightweight lotion for everyday use, and leaves your skin feeling silky soft and nourished, courtesy of Avocado Oil, Jojoba, Shea Butter and Aloe.

Deionized Water, Grape Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Emulsifying Wax NF, Glyceryl Stearate, Jojoba Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Stearic Acid, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Silk Amino Acids, Glycerine (Vegetable Origin), Sorbitol, Cyclopentasiloxane, Phenoxyethanol and Caprylyl Glycol (Optiphen®), Methyl Cellulose, Allantoin, Fragrance. NOT VEGAN

Guys. I cannot express my love and amazement of Claire and Sixteen92. She sent me this amazing package. It had a sweet note and candy and spider rings and perfume samples and a lotion sample. It was so awesome. Fumiko quickly stole the rings and the candy. I’ve wanted to try her stuff since she first opened up. I wanted Lolita it sounded amazing and everyone seemed to love it. Dude. It smells fucking awesome. It is so good. And Black Sugar. Never would I have picked it for myself. I don’t like chocolate and it has cocoa in it, but dude it’s awesome. I’m wearing it right now and I smell like I should be in an old Victorian house at a party having a lovely time. It.Is.So.Good. Mexican Hot Chocolate smells just like the real thing, it smells delicious. Fumiko absolutely loves this smell and she is constantly asking me to put it on her. xd I think I need to get her a bottle. Where is a damn money tree when you need one? DX And the lotion. Dudes. It’s so silky and smooth and it’s scent with Lolita so it’s like extra amazing and I wish I had money so I could buy all the things because they are so amazing and I love Claire like so much like this much |______________________________________________________________________________________________| < That much dudes. I need moar lotion and I want to try the shower gel so much and I have perfumes on my wishlist. Guys I need to try these: I Saw Goody Proctor With the Devil, Southern Gothic, Hellebore, Mellifera, Salem, Swarm, Cloven & Toasted Marshmallow. :grabby: Guys. Ugh. Why is she so awesome. Claire I love you. You make amazing smelly and lotiony things and I want to marry you. Also I want to bathe in a tub of Lolita lotion. Don’t judge. :SQUEE: Also. Can I just say how much I love her long sample vials. They are so pretty. I like them much better than the shorter ones. I think I’m done gushing now. I think. OH. ALSO. I’m going to be doing an interview with Claire soon. Just so you know. You know. Be looking forward to that!

I am not very good at describing scents. I want to do more scent posts but I’m not sure. What do you think? Should I do more? I have tons of samples in my perfume box. xd So I have plenty to blog about! P.S. Don’t forget to join me on reddit, /r/makeupmonstrosity/ COME POST WITH ME.

So you can find Sixteen92 here. Shop is currently on vacation though! You can contact Claire through her Etsy contact here. Facebook is here and Instagram is here!

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