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I won’t say I’m feeling much better, but I am definitely feeling better. My doctors visit on Wednesday was wonderful. My doctor actually went over to the pharmacy and got me a Gabapentin to take after I told her what had been happening. It was a great visit I shared a lot with her, she is definitely willing to work with me. They took six vials of blood for tests. She thinks I have a co-infection and is hoping my blood work will giver her some idea of where to start since she isn’t familiar with Lyme. I’m just thrilled that she’s willing to try to help me. If I haven’t said before, my doctor is somewhat of a hippie/new age/whatever works let’s do it kind of doctor. She said I was a faerie incarnate and told me to get back into what makes me truly happy. Which I’m going to do. And I won’t lie her telling me I was a faerie incarnate made me warm and fuzzy inside. xd I want to plaster our walls with crystals and told her as much.

She told me to do it. When my mom moved in with us I kind of set my beliefs and passions for spiritual things aside because I couldn’t deal with the comments from my mom. She isn’t able, or at least wasn’t able, I don’t know anymore, to let me believe what I believe. So it was just easier to set it aside than listen to the backhanded comments. I only recently started to kind of get back into it. I pulled my crystals and pendulum out and put what few crystals I had left around my bed. I’m at the point where, I’m willing to do whatever is going to help me and I miss that part of me. So don’t be surprised when you see random posts about crystals, or various other “strange” things, because they’re normal to me. hehe It’s was funny though.

The day before I saw Dr. Bobby our chiropractor. He at one point called me and indigo child, which my doctor also did on Wednesday. My chiro also told me at one point that I needed to go play with the faeries. I’m still not quite sure if he was serious or not. haha I’ve got crazies trying to help my crazies yo! I wouldn’t have it any other way. :d


Edit: There added a couple of photos so you can see. Now I shall go hide under a rock until my bangs grow out. t.t

So last night I decided I needed bangs. So I decided to cut them like I usually do. Little tip… When you decide to cut your hair, don’t let your 2 year old try to help. I ended up making the first cut at the right length, then the second was too short because I was paying attention to Fumiko. Ah well. Lesson learned. Hopefully it grows back quickly.

I can’t believe how fast these last few weeks have flown by. Sascha is leaving for Michigan next week. :( Gonna miss him so much. It helps that we’ll be able to talk to him on Skype and actually see him. We’re doing a going away dinner for him on the 11th at 5pm. Gonna do burgers for him. :) Hopefully Kharizma, Dawn and Russ will be able to be here. I know Sascha will want to say goodbye to them.

I’m so tired. The past few weeks despite going by so quickly also seemed to drag. Mostly because I just haven’t felt well. I did go over to Dawn’s a few days ago and cleansed her house. :d It was really nice. I so miss doing that. I got some amethyst and lemurian seed quartz and did an invocation at the 4 corners of her property and for the doors leading into the house. It was awesome. Dawn and I had goosebumps and she sent me a text message on my way home saying that her son said to say thank you. :) It made me feel good inside.

I need to get some more of the african black soap from shea moisture. I’ve been out for awhile and am starting to slowly break out again. All the ads for acne solutions are starting to look mighty fine. I need to find some eye brow powder. Eye shadow is not working all that well, especially since it’s shimmery. :shifty:


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