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Just to prove to you all how far behind I am, I received an email from Tess, from Sundara Cosmetics on June 2nd saying she shipped my package. It arrived on the 4th and I’m JUST now posting swatches. :shifty: Eeek. I’m only 2 months behind. t.t I was really impressed when I opened my package and saw how nice and neat everything was wrapped. Everything was in sealed bags with Sundara Cosmetics stickers. All products were labeled nicely as well.

Tess sent me a set of her pastel colors and some of her brights for free and I purchased a full size jar of Lotus and her foiling medium. Let me just say her pastels are goooorgeous. I definitely want to order full size jars of a few of them but my favorite surprisingly of the bunch was cucumber melon. A scent I particularly hate. haha The jewel toned mattes she sent me are quite beautiful as well! I had to buy a full size jar of Lotus because it’s my favorite flower and I wanted to see how her packaging was for full size jars. As you can see from the photos all of the products included ingredients, including the samples! Hooray!

The formula’s are great. There was an issue with the primer I used for the jewel toned mattes so some of them look a little patchy, but I assure you they are not, it was an issue with the primer. I unfortunately couldn’t find the new photos I took of them and didn’t have time to take new ones, but wanted to get this post up. So at some point hopefully soon, I’ll be taking new photos of those so you can see how lovely they really are. I’d also like to note some of the swatches look a little shimmery, that’s my primer. :shifty: Not the shadows. Must. Get. Non. Shimmery. Primer.

Her foiling medium is great. There was a bit of a mishap with the ingredient list. She misspelled Glycerol on the label so I didn’t realize there was glycerin in it. However it doesn’t appear that there is enough in it to irritate my eyes? I have no idea. It burns a tiny bit, but once it dries it seems to be fine, the same thing happens with the eyeliner I got from Darling Girl Cosmetics. She did offer to send me a refund without any hesitation even though I didn’t ask for one. It was refreshing to see such good customer service from her and I was pleased with her response. :d

On a final note, I will be ordering some more full size jars from her. I love some of the colors I got and there are other colors I want to sample. I can promise you’ll see an official review of Sundara Cosmetics after I make another order. :d I was very impressed with the products, packaging and the customer service! Right now their shop is on vacation while they make new products but once it’s back up you MUST check them out!

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