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EDIT I just realized I labeled the blush swatch photo incorrectly… The light swatch is on the left and the heavy swatch is on the right. Oops. /EDIT
My Bokeh Face order arrived today! Ohmygod. The colors are goooorgeous and I love my blush. Lotus is gorgeous. I need to find a foundation that works for me. My Boots foundation just isn’t agreeing with my skin. Putting Lotus over my bare skin makes it more pink because I’m SO pink. Bokeh Face foundation is next on my list. ;) The eyeshadows are amazing. They’re prettier than I anticipated. Each one is seriously gorgeous and shimmery and colorful. I can’t pick a favorite, I love them all. Onto the swatches before I go on and on about them.


I also received samples from Natalie the owner of Bokeh Face. You might remember, she made a purple blush for me, which I can’t wait to get! Anyways. She sent me some goodies in cute packaging. I took the time to swatch them on my eyes. I really like all of the colors so far. Swiss Vanilla is going to be amazing for highlighting. It’s so pretty. I think my favorite of the 5 is Amethyst Cocoa. It’s so pretty. These were all taken indoors with flash since I did them so late at night. Will take natural light swatches this weekend. I just couldn’t wait to get these up.

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