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Hello lovelies! I have for you the curios night collection from innocent+twisted alchemy. ^_^ It’s a really lovely collection and I’m glad I didn’t pass it up! I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed with Linda’s shadows. :d Please forgive the blurry-ness. t.t My hands were having tremors today. Anyways onto the swatches!

P.S. Linda shipped them in the cutest baggie ever. I had to save it. >.>

Official Descriptions:
Like Candy is a soft pink beige with a satin finish and has a soft lemon sheen.
Haunted Heart is a mid-tone blue that has a purple undertone (not quite “blurple”) and has red, orange, and purple shimmers.
Apocalyptic Love Story is a mauve that shifts from purple, to blue, to green.
The Sweetest Night is a black with a purple sheen that has green and orange sparkles.

You can purchase this collection from innocent+twisted alchemy here.
You will receive loose product in a standard 5g jar without sifter, packed roughly with 1.63g by weight for $5.
Jars have top and bottom labels. Top label is a picture with collection name. Bottom label includes collection name, product name, lip safe and vegan information and weight.

All products swatched over Madd Style Cosmetics Optimus Prime primer, Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue and bare skin. Photos taken under daylight bulb indoors.

Like Candy is a lovely light beige/peach pink with a yellowy sheen and silver sparks. This is actually my favorite shade of the collection. It’s so pretty.

Ingredients: Mica (77019, 12001-26-2), Titanium Dioxide (77891, 13463-67-7), Iron Oxide (77491, 77492, 77499, 1309-37-1, 1317-67-7, 1332-37-2, 12227-89-3, 51274-00-1), Tin Oxide (778161, 18282-10-5), Silica (7631-86-9), Ferric Ferrocyanide (77510, 14038-43-8), Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate (65997-17-3), Zinc Oxide, Carnauba Wax, Magnesium Myristate. VEGAN

Haunted Heart is a pretty pretty blue with a purple sheen, almost a blurple and it has multi-colored sparks. It’s very pretty and almost looks like it glows.

Ingredients: Mica (77019, 12001-26-2), Titanium Dioxide (77891, 13463-67-7), Tin Oxide (778161, 18282-10-5), Iron Oxide (77491, 1389-37-1), Ferric Ferrocyanide (77510, 14038-43-8), Carmine (75470, 1309-65-4), Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate (65997-17-3), Silica (7631-86-9), Zinc Oxide, Carnauba Wax, Magnesium Myristate, Blue #1 A1 Lake (42090:2, 68291-42-6, Yellow #5 A1 Lake (19140:1, 12225-21-7), Hydrogenated Polyisobutene (5281-04-9), Palmitic Acid (57-10-3). NOT VEGAN

Apocalyptic Love Story is a dusty dark grape purple that shifts to green and blue with multi-colored sparks. It’s really unique and pretty! The shifts are great.

Ingredients: Iron Oxide (77491, 77499, 1309-37-1, 1309-38-2), Ultramarines (77007, 1317-97-1),
Titanium Dioxide (77891, 13463-67-7), Tin Oxide (778161, 18282-10-5), Silica (7631-86-9), Mica (77019, 12001-26-2), Ferric Ferrocyanide (77510, 14038-43-8), Zinc Oxide, Carnauba Wax, Magnesium Myristate. VEGAN

The Sweetest Night is a beautiful sparkly black. It has a purple sheen and tons of multi-colored sparks. SO GLITTERY.

Ingredients: Iron Oxides (77491, 77499, 1309-37-1, 1309-38-2), Ultramarines (77007, 1317-97-1), Titanium Dioxide (77891, 13463-67-7), Tin Oxide (778161, 18282-10-5), Silica (7631-86-9), Mica (77019, 12001-26-2), Polyethylene Terephthalate, Calcium Sodium Borosilicate (65997-17-3), Tin Oxide (778161, 18282-10-5), Zinc Oxide, Carnauba Wax, Magnesium Myristate. VEGAN


You can purchase samples of this set as well. TAT is 10-14 business days. You can contact Linda here. Find innocent+twisted alchemy on Facebook. Go get some pretties!





So some time ago Linda from innocent+twisted alchemy made a new collection called Endless Rain. It’s a gorgeous collection with lovely, complex shades. So I have Velvet Tears, 1000 Cherry Trees, Lavish Lollipop, Needs More Lace, Sleepwalking Pastorals, Cold Grace, Weed Whacker and Endless Rain. I love, love, love Endless Rain from this collection. It’s definitely my favorite. All of the colors are great, I seriously recommend you at least buy samples and try them. :d I got clam-shells and they were packed full. She’s very generous to her buyers. :) Enjoy the pretty colors.

Velvet Tears is a kind of rusty red with lots of turquoise and blue sparks. It’s a dupe for the Lipstick Queen’s LE lipstick “Monarch”. 1000 Cherry Trees is a pale frosty pink. Lavish Lollipops is a dusty pink with a pretty gold shift and multicolored sparks. Needs More Lace(NEEDS MOAR LACE) is a sort of frosty purple with a slight blue shift and aqua sparks. Sleepwalking Pastorals is a dusty grass green with a gold shift and some blue/green sparks. Cold Grace is a red toned purple with multicolored sparks. Weed Whacker is a pale olive green with gold and blue sparks. Last but not least Endless Rain is green, green like dusty rusted copper, with a golden sheen and multicolored sparks. Seriously Endless Rain is gorgeous. Everyone needs it.

Velvet Tears is a warm red with green, turquoise, and blue shimmers. Has a subtle green sheen.
1000 Cherry Trees is a pale, frosted pink.
Lavish Lollipopss is a mauve pink that has a lavender undertone with a strong gold duochrome and gold shimmers.
Needs More Lace is a medium purple with a blue duochrome and aqua sparkles.
Sleepwalking Pastorals is a warm green with a subtle golden duochrome and sprinkles of blue sparkles.
Cold Grace is a purple that has a red undertone with blue shimmers and sprinkles of fuchsia sparkles.
Weed Whacker is a olive with gold and blue shimmers.
Endless Rain is a soft metallic teal with a green sheen with sprinklings of white sparkles.

All photos where taken indoors under a daylight bulb and swatched over bare skin, Kiss My Sass Cosmetics Ivory Matte Eye Primer, and Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue.



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