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Hello Y’all!

Thank you to Luna of Toxid-Lotus for allowing me guest post today! I debated on what I should review and decided on items that I received from my /r/IndieMakeupandMore exchange with /u/Kitty_Party, which by the way was wicked fun and she was amazing in her generosity! Clearly from the title I am reviewing the Grisly Grimoires, 2014 Halloween collection, by Notoriously Morbid which is a company that is near and dear to my heart.

Product CollageNow I need to preface that winter has seriously come to Utah and by time I get home it is dark, so all product swatches are taken under an OtteLite (basically an overpriced daylight lamp). I also did all of these swatches over e.l.f primer.

Just another brief note, I recently received some fabulous advice from /r/photography about ‘freelensing’ and macro filters which I will be doing on all future blog posts so my swatches will be much better! YAY!   Ok enough rambling on to the products!!

This was a limited edition release of 6 full shadows, a mini blush, coffin kisser and a charm. I have to say I am pretty much in love with all of this collection and I opened them in no particular order, or did I?

Kicking off with the Coffin Kisser:

The formula of Notoriously Morbid‘s CK is well known and if you don’t know…you are missing out! This one was colorless lip balm that smells like candy to me and my unsophisticated nose (according to the site it is brandied apricot) and as expected nice and hydrating, perfect for Antarctica winter err I mean Utah winter.

Clavicule of Solomon

Clavicule of Solomon

Surprised I stared with the pink color?? No surprise here, pink colors are my jam and this beautiful pink with a fabulous purple-gold shift.  I am planning to try out a look with this and Teacher in Tweed from their Buffy inspired, Slay Me, collection.

Dragon Rouge

Dragon Rouge

I actually wore this the day after I received my exchange package. I am still in my obsession with coral shadows and this fits the bill! I wish I had snapped a FOTD, I paired this with Femme Fatale Wild Vine and a main stream brown from Tarte Cosmetics on Monday.  There is at least to my eye isn’t a full duo-chrome shift but more a lovely gold shimmer from within. I may horde this for my wedding since we are going to Hawaii and this really says beach to me!

Book of Honorius

Book of Honorius

This color is the exact reason why I need to get a macro lens. There is a great purple shift, IMO. I believe the site mentioned a red shift but it came across more purple to me.

Book of Shadows

Book of Shadows

This color is AMAZEBALLS. I know that I do not own anything like this color in my collection. I really want to just paint it all over my face so everyone can see this amazing dark purple with bright green duo-chrome.



This blackened purple is going to be a great lid color and I want to try it as a liner as I am working on improving my liner skills. I thought I had something similar in my collection but so far I have not found an exact dupe which of course is awesome!



Such a bright sparkling blue with a pinkish-purple shift. I think this will be so much fun during the holiday season to wear. It really makes me think of Elsa from Frozen, lol.

And the last piece ….

Grand Oracle Blush

Grand Oracle Blush

It was almost ironic that right before my package arrived I was realizing that I have about three blushes that I wear almost exclusively out of the 5 that I own. The three that I wear really are summer type blushes that worked well in the perpetual summer that is Phoenix. I was debating about adding a few winter colors to my collection and then this beauty arrived. The only down side to this blush, it is not apart of the NM core collection…hint hint Carrie ;) . This matte blush is to die for! I love me a good matte blush and the mauve color is perfect for winter and for sure is a color that I do not have and I am really glad it is now in my life :) .

Sneak Peek:

Included was a Black Friday Sneak Peek in

Nothing Is Trivial

Nothing Is Trivial

This is a shimmery silvery blue that really would make a lovely highlight shade.


DO NOT MISS THE BLACK FRIDAY SALE! Notoriously Morbid does a limited year long coupon among other amazing LE items. Fine them here!

Thank you again Toxid-Lotus allowing me and my humble blog come hang out for the day!



purchased by me

I don’t know why but I keep hitting c instead of n at the end of Merlin. *boggle* I have Notoriously Morbid swatches, and just a few of many! From the In Camelot collection I have Young Merlin. Velvet Hammer is from Show A Little Burlesque. Boe is from The Doctor. Witch With a Wand is from Trip to Oz and Jupiter Rain is her RAINN shadow. Carrie donates the net proceeds of Jupiter Rain to the RAINN foundation. Onto ze swatches!

Official descriptions
Boe is a metallic copper brown with a golden sparkles.
Jupiter Rain is a teal with gold sparkles.
Velvet Hammer is a metallic purple with red and blue sparkles.
Witch With a Wand is a neutral light brown with a bit of pink and a surprising sheen.
Young Merlin is a dark brown with rainbow sparkles and a blue sheen.

Ordering options
You will receive loose product in a 5g jar without a sifter, packed 2-2.5g by volume for $5.50 per jar.
You will receive loose product in a baggie, packed ¼ teaspoon by volume for $1.25 per baggie.
You will receive loose product in a 3g jar without a sifter, packed ⅓ teaspoon by volume for $2.75 per jar.

All photos taken indoors in direct light and outdoors in direct sunlight. Swatched over bare skin, Glamour Doll Eyes Foil Me and Detrivore Cosmetics Eyeshadow Primer.

Boe is a coppery brown with gold sparks.
Ingredients: magnesium myristrate, copper powder, silcon dioxide, mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, tin oxide. VEGAN

Jupiter Rain is an aqua teal with gold sparks.
Ingredients: magnesium myristrate, mica, carnauba wax, titanium dioxide, ferric ferrocyanide, silica, blue #1 A1 Lake, Hydrogenated polyisobutene, palmitic acid, preservatives, chromium oxide green. VEGAN

Velvet Hammer is a metallic grape purple with red and blue sparks and a blue sheen.
Ingredients: Mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, ferric ferrocyanide, tin oxide, carnauba wax. VEGAN

Witch With a Wand is a light, shimmery brownish peach.
Ingredients: magnesium myristrate, mica, titanium dioxide, tin oxide, iron oxide, carmine, silica. NOT VEGAN

Young Merlin is a dark chocolate brown with a blue sheen and rainbow sparks.
Ingredients: mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, tin oxide. VEGAN
I love Jupiter Rain and Velvet Hammer! They’re so pretty. RAINN is a foundation dear to my heart, so that helps. I like all of them a lot, they’re all pretty. What do you think? Which ones do you like?

You can find Notoriously Morbid on Facebook here and Twitter here. You can contact Carrie on her contact page here.




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