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Hi guys!  I’m Sarah, and I’ll be your guest writer for today. Today I’ll be sharing with you two looks!

First up is an office-safe mermaid inspired look.

Step 1: Blackbird Cosmetics “Dog Days”, medium-light matte brown, lightly blended into crease.

Step 2: Ten Three Lab’s “The Buttler”, a deeper matte brown, blended into outer V for depth. (Fun fact: I did the label art for this collection )2ttlb

Step 3: Dawn Eyes “Beloved” patted on the inner to mid lid.  There was some debate at the studio the day I wore this as to whether it leaned more green or more blue, but it’s officially described as a “tealy golden blue” on the Dawn Eyes website.  It’s a perfect mermaid color IMO!

Step 4: Add some winged liner and mascara!

The final look under two different lightings.

The final look under two different lightings.

The end result is a very subtle pop of color.  Just enough to liven up your eyeshadow while in situations that call for a more reserved dress code!

This second look was born out of necesity to pack light while traveling.  Samples are super convenient for travel with so I thought it’d be a good opportunity to try out 3 new samples I haven’t had the chance to wear yet!    (Please forgive the drop in photo quality for these, I left my camera at home so all I had to work with was my phone.)

The samples featured are Shiro’s “Kaepora Gaebora”, Blackbird’s “Vintage”, and Dawn Eye’s “Mantle”.

Step 1: Blend “Vintage”, a mauve matte, into my crease and outer corner.

Step 2: Pat “Kaepora Gaebora”, a silvery taupe, onto the inner to mid lid section.

Step 3: Add “Mantle”, a deep purple-brown, to the outer V and lower lashline.  Finish up with mascara!

All in all, 3 sample baggies and a mascara wand is all you need to pack for this look…. hardly a burden!

Hope you guys liked the looks!  And thanks Luna for the feature!


.Hey there guys! My names Lauren, otherwise known as Laurensics, and I’m an indie makeup and Orphan Black addict. If you’re anything like me you probably squealed when you saw the Project Leda collection from Ten Three Labs. Consisting of six perfumes, three smudge sticks (tinted balms), and one salve stick, the collection is based on the characters and references from the show.

Whole Project Leda collection

Cara, the owner of Ten Three Labs, was lovely as always. I have a nut allergy and can’t wear products with sweet almond oil, so she made a set of samples with coconut oil for the base. Cara is always communicative and willing to help, offering to help me track down my package when it got stuck in customs. Based on the US weather and Australian customs, I won’t comment on the shipping time.

Onto the products!


The sample perfumes come in cute 1 mL bottles, and have a stopper controlling the flow of perfume. This is one of the best sample designs I’ve seen from an indie company, there’s no risk of losing the sample if you drop it, something I’ve done on multiple occasions. They’re priced $3.50 USD for a single sample, and packs of 3, 5 and 10 are available for a discounted price.

The bottles which the Ten Three Labs samples come in. Look at the stopper!

The bottles which the Ten Three Labs samples come in. Look at the stopper!

I wore each perfume for at least one day, and my review is blind, I didn’t read any of the notes before wearing the perfume.

All the perfumes contain osmanthus as a base note, and as I’ve found, osmanthus doesn’t agree with my skin chemistry. Nearly all of the perfumes came off quite musty on my skin. As they say, your mileage may vary.

IMG_0174 (2)


Amber, patchouli, nag champa, osmanthus.

Cosima is probably the coolest Clone on the show, a fellow scientist, with a French girlfriend, and a pretty cool wardrobe.

From the bottle, it smelt quite floral, and almost like an incense or herbal shop. I was slightly put off, as I thought it would be quite strong.

It smelt a lot better on skin. Initially the smell was quite musky, almost like a lolly banana, however that faded quite quickly to make a more mature floral. There was no fading over the next few hours, by the third hour, all muskiness was gone, leaving a musty floral- the patchouli came through quite strong. I had to re-apply in just under 5 hours.

Final verdict-This is nice, but honestly not my favourite in the collection.

Brother Seestra

Labdanum absolute, petitgrain, smoke, peppered poppies, bergamot.

Brother Seestra, named for Felix, Sarah’s long suffering foster brother, is the only perfume with a different base note. It’s also my favourite perfume in the collection.

In the bottle this smells quite fruity, but also masculine, some amber comes through. Even from the bottle I knew this would be my favourite perfume.

When I smelt this on my skin, my first reaction was “Wood? And candy! Yay!” An amber smell came through quite strongly (a result of the labdanum), and while masculine, it was quite wearable. The amber smell faded slightly by the end of an hour, but the wood and petitgrain notes were still strong. This lasted five hours before I needed to re-apply.

Final verdict-My favourite. The different base note makes it work for me, and I’ll be purchasing this in full size.

Corporate Clone

Hinoki wood, green tea, cucumber, blackberry, osmanthus.

I had assumed I wouldn’t like this perfume, Rachel isn’t my favourite clone, and I’m not a big fan of corporate scents. However, I really like it.

Bottled, the tea note comes out quite strongly, masking most of the other scents in the bottle. I may have sat smelling this for a while until I convinced myself to make some actual tea.

This one started out quite woody, with the tea note also prominent. It smelt kind of like a forest. By one hour in however, the wood note was completely faded, but the tea note and cucumber were prominent. It was starting to smell musty, a result of the base note. By three hours the smell was really faint and I had to re-apply.

Final verdict-A close second favourite of the collection.

Homicidal Soccer Mum

Merlot, chardonnay, petitgrain, orange blossom, osmanthus.

Oh Alison, of course your scent has wine in it. Of all the Clones, I identify with Alison the most-something that utterly terrifies me.

It’s really hard to get a read on this from the bottle, it’s chaotic, and no note is stronger than the others.

On skin, it initially smelt like wine, but thankfully not alcohol. The base note came through strongly, making it more mature-but not quite musty. After an hour this faded to a musty, grape smell. I had to re-apply within three hours.

Final verdict-Very nice, very Alison, just not very Lauren. I would certainly wear this to the Glendale Community Theatre.

Mirror Twin

Almond, oleander, osmanthus, a small dose of dirt, a hint of blood.

Helena, one of my favourite clones, can shift from axe-murderer to small child within 2.5 seconds, and I still feel oddly protective towards her.

I actually laughed when I saw the list of notes, I would not have figured that there was blood in this. From the bottle, and on skin, my first thought was “Oh, yum! Lime ghost drops.” The sourness faded over the day, leaving a pretty fruity scent, and I had to reapply within four hours.

Final verdict-I really liked this one, it was fun and sweet, but still complex-just like Helena

Not Beth

Leather, tobacco, smoke, blood orange, osmanthus.

Sarah is the most resourceful and impulsive of the Clones, she’s the one who started everything.

In the bottle the tobacco and smoke were really overpowering, to the point of giving me a headache.

On my skin, the same thing happened, it smelt a lot like green wood, and it just stuck. It didn’t fade for around three hours, when it became quite musty, almost like the smell after it rains. I didn’t have to reapply for over five hours, which is my luck- the one I like the least has stuck.

Final verdict- This doesn’t work for me at all. Wouldn’t buy  it again.

Lip Products

The Project Leda collection also has  three smudge sticks, and one salve stick. One of the smudge sticks, The German, was a gift for a friend, so that isn’t swatched. The salve sticks are $4.00 USD, while the smudge sticks are $5.00 USD.Project Leda lip swatches


Codified Attraction

Codified Attraction in tube

A very light peachy pink neutral. This will be nice to throw on on days when I don’t want to wear a lot of makeup. I managed to get two hours of wear out of this one. It doesn’t last through either eating or drinking.

Codified attraction face swatch

Codified Attraction face swatch. The photo was taken under shade, and my foundation match is Nars Groenland.


Morgue Water

Morgue Water

A blue-tinged green with a metallic sheen, it looks almost black in the tube. This was a definite surprise in my package, and while everyone who has seen this has questioned my lipstick choices, I love it. I only get an hour out of this one, but it leaves a slight stain. It’s quite opaque as well.

Morgue Water Face Swatch

Morgue Water face swatch. This photo was taken under shade, and my foundation match is Nars Groenland. I apologise for the brightness, but this photo showed the shade off best.


Monkey Bum FaceMonkey Bum Face

Before I say anything else, how great is this name? Poor Alison must’ve been a terrible actress if it only took five minutes for Kira to figure it out.

It smells, and tastes, just like brown sugar. It reminds me a lot of hot cinnamon doughnuts, which is a plus. Like my other salve sticks, this lasts around two to three hours on my lips, although the taste only lasts around an hour and a half. It’s really moisturizing.

Where to buy?, or more specifically,

Cara has also just released the Marshmallow Menagerie collection, a collection of mashmallow scented perfumes.

Thank you all for reading, and A HUGE thank you to Luna for giving me a guest post on her blog! :)













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