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I received my very first order from TKB today. Holy cow I’m in love. I ordered 9 samples, some jars, and eyeshadow applicators. All but one of the samples were enough to completely fill the 25gram jars. I seriously am incredibly happy with them. I swatches them on my bare arm and over fyrinnae‘s pixie epoxy. They’re gorgeous colors. I’m definitely going to be placing another order with TKB for more samples. Their color choices are endless and extremely gorgeous. I ordered the blackstar blue and the crucible red to use as eyeliner. Does anyone have any suggestions for turning eyeshadows into waterproof eyeliner? Fyrinnae‘s site is down again so I can’t look to see if they have something, and TKB’s isn’t waterproof. Well onto the swatches and colors. I’ll post some photo’s later after I’ve had a chance to use them. I was too excited not to do some swatches though. :d

I ordered:

  1. Patagonian Purple (P-P3)
  2. Aster Hue (P-A15)
  3. After Twilight (G-A1)
  4. Capricorn Sea (Bl-C34)[1. Cause I’m a Capricorn. :shifty: Plus it was gorgeous!]
  5. Blackstar Blue (Bl-B9)
  6. Blackstar Gold (Y-B10)
  7. Crucible Red (R-C28)
  8. Rouge Flambe Red (R-R8)
  9. Extra Bright (W-E3)

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