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It’s been forever since I’ve done a NOTD. I’ve been meaning to take photos of my current mani to post, but I kept either getting sidetracked or I wasn’t feeling all that well when I would think of it. So because I waited so long one of my nails is chipped. :( Also it’s kind of messy from shaky hands and me being almost out of remover to fix it. So um here’s my messy chipped NOTD. xd The Ulta polish was a gift from Jenna! :) Also I’d like to note I no longer support Julep or buy the Maven Box. I’m simply using up what I have and unfortunately the only basecoat/topcoat I own right now are from Julep. :C Once these are used up I’ll most likely be trying Skinfood next. One last thing. :( I’m a little sad I couldn’t capture the flakies better.

Julep Nail Therapy

Ulta Salon Formula Nail Lacquer Material Girl
Ludurana 3-D Flake Vento

Julep Fast Dry Topcoat


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