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Ahmahgahd. Man. My elbows are driving me insane. I need to get a doctors appointment. t.t Last week the day after my doctors appointment(where I got my Depo shot and a flu shot) both of my elbows developed this red splotchy rash. It itches like hell and is horribly painful. There are pin prick sized spots of pain all over that feel like raw nerves. t.t It’s just been getting worse by the day. I was hoping it would get better, but nope. Body, what are you doing?! I have no Mani Monday today. I chopped my nails off over the weekend. They were annoying me. I’ve been out of base coat, cause no money, and they started breaking again. They were all different lengths and it just looked awful. So away they went. I do have swatches for AFK Cosmetics to get up tonight, and I will be hopefully doing swatches of my Performance Colors lipsticks tomorrow and will start the Diavoli collection from Aromaleigh. That shall be an undertaking! I shall be doing swatches over different colored bases in addition to my usual for these.

Our neighbor has a little girl who is in kindergarten, but she’s a little bigger than Fumiko. So this week they gave Fumiko two bags of clothes that don’t fit her anymore. There was some Hello Kitty stuff and most of it was really cute, so Fumiko is just thrilled. Sascha sold a couple of books to his friends and got $25. He’s going to be getting a game from Gamestop, so he’s happy. For now. He won’t be happy, happy until he has ALL THE GAMES. xd Anyways, post recap for the week!

So that was last week! Hopefully I can get some more done this week. I’ve been binge watching Supernatural the last few days. So.Good. I’ll have to figure out what to watch on Netflix after that. I’ve already seen Bones, Criminal Minds and Orange is the New Black. What to watch next? I hope everyone is having a nice week! Also OMG Sascha is going to be a teenager soon. Eek. He’s turning 13 on November 2nd. Holy cow.



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