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So on Friday I had a heart attack. Fast forward to yesterday when I went in to see my therapist/doctor. My therapist was worried and traced down my doctor who had the nurse call 911. They got there in minutes, They did an ekg and it was showing tachycardia yet again. I gave my purse and phone to Kharizma and they told her where I was going. This was my first ambulance ride and let me tell you I can do without. They put an iv in my left wrist and hooked me up to another ekg. On the way to the hospital they gave me 2 nitro and that helped a little but I still had pain and pressure in my chest and down my left arm.

Kharizma got to Providence before we did. It was a storm of taking blood, asking questions, taking my clothes off and I can’t really remember all that happened. They put a regular iv on the inside of my arm about halfway between my wrist and elbow. They gave me a shot of something which sped up my heart instead of slowing it down. A little bit later they gave me another shot which seemed to help slow my heart down. I won’t give you a blow by blow because it’s boring and pointless, so I’ll just say I hate going to the hospital.

I got home last night, I only stayed in overnight. But ugh. 11ish holes later, chest xrays, ekg’s, ecg’s, a catscan of my chest and dye injected, an angio and various other things that I can’t remember. And everyone tells me they don’t know why, there are no blockages or damage. So they don’t know why it happened. They don’t know why my pulse is up or certainly why we’ve been fighting with it since January.

I have to explain my lyme disease to everyone in order to explain my constant pain and the twitching, shaking and spasms. And then they stare at me like they have no idea what I just said, or stare at me and say “interesting” “huh”. It’s incredibly frustrating to be told the tests came back fine and we don’t know, over and over. It’s even more frustrating to have a doctor tell me that sometimes there aren’t any answers and things happen and they never know why.

So yeah. I have no answers at all. I’m tired and exhausted and I think I picked something up from the hospital. My lymph nodes are all swollen and sore and my body hurts worse today than it normally does. My stomach is cramping and has shooting pains and I have a fever. Yay. So that’s my bitchy post for awhile. I apologize if this post is all over the place. My brain hasn’t been functioning well for awhile, and it’s been even worse since Friday.


I guess a blog post is due, eh? So yesterday this happened:

Heart holster monitor

I now have a heart holster monitor strapped to me thanks to the Providence heart center. No showers for two days. Ick. I qualified for Project Access so now I can see the specialists. So I’ve been on 4 different antibiotics since Thanksgiving to get rid of whatever mysterious bug that was making me sick and causing a long sinus infection of doom. For the first time since living here my allergies have become so bad my doctor actually prescribed me Claritin and Flonase.

My current list of medicatons?

  1. Gabapentin 1800mg 3 x a day.
  2. Flexeril 10mg 2 x a day
  3. Atenolol 25mg 1 x a day
  4. Drisdol(Vit. D) 50,000iu 1 x weekly
  5. Simvastatin 20mg 1 x daily
  6. Abilify 10mg 1 x daily
  7. Lisinopril 10mg 1 x daily
  8. Loratadine 10mg 1 x daily
  9. Aspirin 81mg 1 x daily
  10. Hydroxyzine 150mg 1 x daily
  11. Metformin HCL 500mg 2 x daily

Much fun. xd I’ve been working on earrings, I have some supplies coming for necklaces. If I can sell a couple more earrings I can get the rest of the supplies I need for necklaces. :d Yesterday Kharizma picked me up and treated us to Black Rock coffee. Oh goddess it’s SO good. I got a white mocha caramel thing, next time I think I’ll try it cold, it was good hot though. Also the girl who gave us the coffees got them backwards. xd Then we went to Providence so I could get the little machine strapped to me. Then we went to Sushi & Maki and Kharizma bought lunch. I had a spicy tuna and crab roll and a fire ball. Mushrooms stuffed with cream cheese and spicy tuna then tempura fried. Mmmm. Then we stopped at Payless shoes and looked around, then Michaels, then home I came.

In car news our Durango yet again, has died. We took it into Dawn’s friend on Monday to check it out because the thing that DEQ uses for a smog check had no power going to it. The electrical went wonky the previous week. The back windshield wiper, inside lights, radio and mirror adjuster things stopped working. *sigh* So we took it in and we apparently missed one fuse. He replaced it and checked it and power was going to the DEQ thinger. So we came home and later on Monday went to go to the store for my mom and the car is dead. Dead, dead. No power at all. Nothing happened when Kai tried to start it.

So Ben tried to jump it. Nope. Didn’t work. It sounded like it wanted to start, but it refused. *sigh* So I have no idea. Kharizma suggested getting a cheap $500 car when we can and just use that until it dies. I agree with this idea. We just don’t have $500. We has nada right now. I have to call Dawn’s friend today to see how much it will cost to look at and fix. Hopefully it’s a really cheap fix. :( No buses run out to where Kai works. Thursday nights are really the only problem picking him up because Ben has a thing that night. Kharizma and Dawn have been helping pick him up. But yeah. Dead car = oh shit.


This issue is not about pro-life vs. pro-choice. This is about access to healthcare regardless of income or circumstance. As with any donation, you can earmark it for use based on your preference – your donation doesn’t have to go to support things that do not align with your philosophy. Komen is no longer funding breast cancer screenings through Planned Parenthood. If you’d like to donate visit

Thanks Anne! художник на икониИкони на светци


BECCA Y U SO MEAN?! YOU’RE SUCH A BOUTIQUE BRAND![1. In all seriousness this is a joke post, please do not overreact. Thank you!]


Edit 01/24/12 – I hope this will be the last edit. Grey popped back up and this is what she had to say. I hope to all that’s sacred in the universe that she pays everyone back and sends the companies back the product they sent her for AB. I don’t want to be cruel or harsh, but I don’t think I can ever trust her again. I will fully support her paying people back and trying to make things right, but I can’t trust her. I’m posting this here so you can take it as you will. If you believe her and forgive her, wonderful, I hope all that she’s said is the truth, but right now… I don’t know. I’m still quite angry and hurt about the whole situation and while I’m glad she explained things, I can’t help but feel something still isn’t right.

Georgiana Grey
I’m going to start at the beginning, which is as good a place as ever.

Six years ago this June my father passed away unexpectedly. At the time, I was a few months pregnant with my second child. I snapped. Mentally and physically I could not take it and my daughter was born 11 weeks early via emergency c-section because I developed full blown eclampsia. You all can google this all you want, you’ll see yourself it’s true. The organ damage I had is still a lingering issue, one that I can deal with. What I cannot deal with is the emotional issues it gave me.

For a long time I was depressed. Anyone would be, loosing their father and having a child in the NICU. But soon people started to realize it was more then that. I realized it was more then that, but I was embarrassed and I hid it.

I was forced to leave a community under very bad circumstance, which I know you all know about in minute detail. I am legally unable to comment on this. There are enough people around who remember and know why. As much as I’d like to own up and apologize for it, I’m sure it won’t be any good.

Last Christmas my anxiety got out of control. My husband was overseas and was injured in Iraq. When he came home we had no idea what was going on, he needed to have spinal fusion surgery and we weren’t sure he was going to be able to stay in the military or what was going to happen. We could have lost our income, our home, and our insurance.

Simply put, I broke. My anxiety would swing wildly from being completely fine to me being unable to leave the house. I became more and more reliant on ordering from the internet so that I didn’t have to face people.

I would like to apologize for what I happened. My problems are NOT an excuse. I am NOT using these issues as an excuse.

The IMS was a success. The PO box was about half an hour away and some days I’d be able to make the drive easily, some days I wouldn’t. It took a while to get things organized, but I think it went well. And yet, when the time came for me to mail the packages out. I couldn’t. I knew I needed to take the international packages INTO the office and not just dump them. Some days this was a paralyzing thought. They sat for weeks in the back of the car and eventually I was just so embarrassed that I never sent them, they went into a box in my craft closest and I forgot about them. I mean, I knew they were there, but in my head I justified not sending them. I am very sorry for this and if I let you down. The packages are still in the closet and today someone is taking them to the PO for me and she’s mailing them.

There was, though, sincerely a problem with the local post office losing packages and there were a strong of people fired for selling things on eBay. I am not excusing my behavior at all, just adding that in. I had a lot of issues getting stuff myself, so I should have known how frustrated I must have made you feel.

When my husband was eventually on the mend and back around the house, he forced me to see a doctor and I was diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder. I was so so embaressed. I was ashamed I was not the wonderful and bright person I pretended to be. I was put on some medicine and for a while, we thought I was fine. I had some minor health issues, but they were easily tackled, and things seemed to be back on track.

Then we decided we’d try for a third child and I made the decision to come off my meds and once again. I spiral. I honestly thought I had things under control. I was working manically, though, as anyone who reads my blog could have probably noticed.

The same issues popped up with the intentional packages with AB. I was all of a sudden unable to mail them. I took two into the post office and the shipping on the one was ridiculous. So two did in fact arrive. The rest sat again, in the car, because I flaked.

I made mistakes. I was wrong. I am sorry that I let you down and that these things happened. I am not making excuses, I am trying to own up to my life and how I’ve lived it.

Last night two police officers showed up at my door to do a welfare check on my children. I was shocked. When I said I was walking away from the internet just after Christmas, I very honestly did. I was suddenly shown things that I didn’t know and I was hurt and afraid. I have paranoia issues, I will admit to that. I had no idea who to trust or what was going on and I walked away. I went to my mom’s for a couple of weeks and helped take care of her. She’s fine, btw, she’s now in the Keys with my aunt, who’s ‘watching over’ her. But when I got back after two weeks, I was done. I didn’t even log the computer on or anything. It was a struggle, I missed so many people. But I knew with my mental state and the way I handled things I couldn’t deal with it. I knew then I’d made mistakes and rather then deal with them I walked away.

It wasn’t until those officers showed up that I realized the mess I was in. One of them is friends with my husband and he shared with me that someone called in saying I’d made threats over the internet and that the voice was foreign. You might have issues with me, but I am a good mother. My children are the world to me and when they started crying in fear that they would be taken away, I knew that I did that to them. No one else but me. That is unexceptable and I am hear to own up for things for them. When I said thank you for being concerned for them, that was an honest statement. Sometimes things are what they are, no snark involved.

I had no idea the extent of things until this evening. I also had NO idea my blog was down until today, too. I just paid the WordPress fees in December, so it’s THERE, the domain is just expired. The thing is, I cannot log into WordPress now. The password was changed and the email associated with the account is not mine. I do not remember doing this. I am not insinuating anything, but if I could bring it back online I would. I STAND BEHIND MY WORK AND MY REVIEWS 100%.

I have never backed down from things and I am not going to now.

I know the indie world has been hurt by scandles in the past. It pains me that now I’M part of the problem. This was a world I lived and breathed for years, one that I was proud of and supported with all my heart. So please, do not stop supporting indie. Please do not use my mistakes against the amazing people who craft and do an honest business. I know people do not want their names associated with mine now, and I am sorry for that. As a crafty person myself (as you now know very well), this stuff is in my blood and I am so so so sorry I let you down. I apologize.

This had been hanging over my head for a while. IN fact, when I backed down from the Lime Crime thing, it was because she threatened to blackmail me with this information and to reveal my mental illness. You have no idea how good it feels to be out from under it. I have a LC Carousel gloss and I have NO FEAR now in stating that it sucks. Buy indie instead. I’d list a few companies who make amazing glosses, but I don’t think they’d want the attention at this point.

I am not going to disappear. I am going to stand here and own up to all of this and do everything I can to make it right. I started working on Paypal refunds for international packages, and as soon as my account if verified, I’ll send the remaining out. As I mentioned, the packages from the IMS swap are still here and will be going out later today. I full intend to make things right with those who I have wronged. There were two companies who’s packages I received for the February box. Those will be returned.

If you have a greivecne against me please contact me at I will address your issues as best as I can. I am limited in my internet, though. I think it’s safe to say I cannot be responsible with it. Until I get my life back on track I will continue to abstain myself from communities and social media. I will not disappear, though.

I would like to apologize to Phyrra. Last night just after the cops left I called her, she was the only number I had and I swore and said some things I should not have. You are a beautiful women inside and out and I am sorry to have hurt you or let you down.

Becca. Becca, I know all the nasty things you’ve said about me. Maybe I deserve them, but I thought you were my friend and I shared with you things I didn’t with anyone else. I don’t hold things against you because you must feel awfully hurt. You make an amazing product that I cannot live without.

Andrea. Thank you for all the kind and wonderful things you’ve said about me. I’m so so sorry I didn’t live up to them. You are an inspiration and I hope you know that.

Amanda, it was your blog that I read to find this mess. The things you wrote were very harsh, but I needed to hear them. I had fully intended to send your daughter a couple of MH dolls and the package is sitting here. You are a tough women, and yet fair.

There are some people who’ve come out of the woodwork to criticize me I honestly don’t know. I’m sorry I upset you so much.

In the past, and a LOT of you can attest to this, when I’ve made a mistake I’ve apologized. Please let me apologize now. I am not a zombie, or whatever else cruel names you’ve called me. I am a human being who has made mistakes. Please, for the love of GOD, please stop backstabbing each other and talking about each other behind people’s backs. It was the news of secret groups and spies that set me off. The indie community is amazing. It’s wonderful and the people in it creative and hardworking. You might not agree with each other and people make mistakes. Let it go. I am the PRIME example of what happens when you try to hide things and be something you’re not. I have issues. I gave 100% of myself to the blog and as I said, I stand behind it.

I’ve said time and time again “Everyone deserves a second chance.” Now you understand my motto. People make mistakes, but they can overcome them.

All I ask of you is this-

Remove my address from your posts. It’s caused some issues that I cannot manage.

Do not call my sister-in-law 73 times. The only thing she did was was share my unfortunate name.

Please remove my children’s information from your posts. They are just little and I went for as long as I did hiding them for a reason.

CONTACT ME PERSONALLY if you think I owe you something or you’d like an apology.

Copy and paste this, screen shot it like I know you will, but I stand behind my apology. I did wrong. I made mistakes. I admit them and I will do what I can to make things better. I’m going to be deleting my other accounts today, as I can, so that I am not tempted.
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Update: Here is the form to file a claim of mail fraud against Gina; considering many of you won’t be able to get your money back for various things because of Paypal’s time limitation, this may be your only recourse.

Update: It appears that a certain person hasn’t disappeared after all. Several of the links down there are now showing up as invalid. I guess she decided to finish cleaning up.
Updated to add a link to Zillah’s post on the same subject. :)

WTF You probably aren’t aware of any issues with the Indie Style Awesome Box that Grey from LeGothique was running if you haven’t purchased a box and aren’t in the group. Unfortunately Grey has done a disappearing act, and it’s not the first time. If you haven’t received your awesome box and aren’t past the 45 day mark I highly suggest you file a paypal dispute. I don’t hink Grey is coming back anytime soon, at least as Georgina Grey.

I was hesitant to write about this. With the recent string of crazy shop owners and shops disappearing, it seemed like this might be the straw that broke the camels back. But since the groups are open and the info is out there now I figured I would. I haven’t seen really anyone talk about it outside of the facebook groups and a few things on twitter. So here you have it. Grey was a very reputable and trusted figure in our community. If Grey could/would do this, who else would? I hope this doesn’t cause mistrust in our community for too many people. It’s shocking and hurtful that someone with such a huge following would do this, but I assure you there are other bloggers out there who are who they say they are. You aren’t going to end up finding out anyone else has faked their death, I hope.

Zillah[1. Link to Zillah’s post about Grey.] a fellow blogger has a friend who worked with Gina the knitter and when shown a photo of Grey from her photobucket account confirmed that it was indeed the same person. Between that and all of the information people have gathered, I can assure you 100% that our beloved Georgina Grey is indeed Gina Silva. :( I hope this information will be helpful to those who have been worried about her or wondering where she went. At the end of the post I’ve uploaded photos that you can also find in the facebook group. They’re photos taken from her photobucket account.

If you want more information you can ask here and I’ll do my best to answer your questions, otherwise you can join the facebook group that was started after Grey disappeared.

Below you’ll find a mish mash of info that has taken a couple of weeks to figure out.
Georgiana Grey’s real name is Gina Silva. Her full MAIDEN name is Gina Marie Kuzewski. Both “Grey” and Gina hail from Michigan. Have fun.

You’ll need to register for RAvelry to see those posts, but it’s quick and easy to do so. d= 11890036 =C m_lm_fullview_header_name (for future reference, may help to find her next website) (this one is to remind you how HORRIBLE a thing it was that she did, faking her death)

Here’s a list of known names and aliases used by the blogger formerly known as “Grey”. Google these things for yourself so you know nobody is making things up.
Grey (Georigiana Grey)
Miss Cissy
Momma Monkey
Monkey Toes
Simply Grey
Gina “Gigi” Silva

-They appear to have the same legal name, Gina Silva.
-Same birthday.
-Two children.
-Has/had a husband named Nico.
-Former location/birthplace (Michigan)
-Current location (greater San Diego area)
-Proficient knitting, sewing and crafting abilities, and using all for profit.
-Same “voice”. GiGi had an overall friendlier personality but the pacing and tone are identical.
-The moniker “socalvegan”. Grey used this on her blog briefly before deleting it.
-Georgiana Grey=GG=GiGi.
-Various illness and vague personal tragedies used as an excuse for falling behind on responsibilities.
-They both proudly discuss and display their tattoos. This is how GiGi was outed the first time.
-Grey references having been an Etsy seller for years. GiGi had been selling since at least 07.
-They have similar interests (Jane Austen, Sleepy Hollow, etc)
-Grey and Gigi were/are both well-known and respected but virtually nobody was close to them or knew any personal details.
-GiGi’s post-zombie friend antigravitykoi is Grey’s (possibly) IRL friend Krys.
-Sarah from Sweet Libertine is a member of Ravelry and possibly knew GiGi; Grey seems to have it out for SL in general.
-One of the profiles GiGi was accused of faking- MissCissy – is almost certainly her (as evidenced byher strange punctuation habits) and appears to be a sort of Grey prototype. She is more opinionated and short, eventually stops doing this !! at the end of every sentence, talks about her piercings and tattoos often, and is more fashion oriented than MommaMonkey.

Required reading for some backstory on the girl we all knew (and loved) as “Georgiana Grey” (case study 1) (this one can require a reloading of the page sometimes in order to be able to read it)


Okay there were only a couple I could have lived my entire life not knowing. Anyways. My mom’s license is expired, she hasn’t been able to pay to renew it. So I am now her chauffeur. So today I had to go pick up some supplements from her friend Jim and them drop off supplements for him. She did the usual “Are you going to be stopping by any stores today?” question which actually means “I need you to stop by the store”. So I did my usual “Well I wasn’t, but I can?”. So then she asked me to pick up spelt flour because she’d been out. Then on the way out the door she says “By the way I’ll try to be ready after you get home from taking Kai to work in the morning so you can take me to the grocery store”… to which I thought “and I have to get the spelt flour today because…?”. I have to go to a diabetic class in the morning at NARA and have no idea how long it’s supposed to be, so we’ll see about that whole grocery store thing tomorrow.


Things I learned today:

  1. Almost every auto repair shop in our vicinity now sells christmas trees. Seriously, I kid you not. This must be some new fangled thing because I can’t recall them doing so last year, or any year before, but I suppose I could have been distracted by the pretty lights, or something and not noticed…
  2. THEY HAVE PINK FLOCKED CHRISTMAS TREES! Seriously. While going to pick up my moms stuff I passed this auto repair shop that had a bajillion trees in their parking lot IN RAINBOW COLORS. There were pink, red, purple, blue, teal, yellow, and some other color I can’t recall, but no white flocked trees. Also the yellow tree looked like something pissed on it. I predict yellow flocked trees to not sell well. Just sayin’.
  3. Apparently back in the day Lysol, you know the kind of Lysol people use to you know mop their floors Lysol marketed itself as a feminine wash… Not only that but people believed it prevented pregnancy. Now Lysol never CLAIMED to prevent pregnancy but they sure didn’t deny it either. Ew.
  4. Also on that note apparently Coca Cola was also used to prevent pregnancy… Just shake and aim baby. Maybe it’s just me… but thinking of putting anything up my vagina that is used to clean floors, or is carbonated and full of sugar and various other things has never occurred to me. Yeah, I don’t know. I can’t think of any reason why I might try that. And just because, I’m going to let you know that by the time you’re done with your fun and you have time to think about getting pregnant the little squirmy buddies in your vagina are in your uterus and there isn’t anything you have in your pantry or cleaning closet that will reach those. So just. No.

And that is my super awesome advice for the day. Don’t stick lysol or coke up your vagina, it’s pointless. xd Okay not totally pointless it was pretty funny to hear it being explained on the radio. Also Mochi is torturing Kai by trying to steal his slices of summer sausage while he’s distracted playing Skyrim or some game and just demanded I get my cat, to which I replied “Hey you wanted the summer sausage, deal with the consequences” Bwhahahaha. Also while at the grocery store we passed by tofurkey at which point I said “I wonder if they realize there are quite a few vegans who are vegan because they don’t want to support the way animals in slaughter houses are mistreated, or just don’t want to eat meat at all for whatever reason, if I were vegan I wouldn’t want to eat some turkey shaped, meat flavored soy thing or even a meat flavored soy log for thanksgiving.” to which Kai replied “I’ve never known a vegan who has actually eaten a tofurkey”. Then we got on the subject of slaughter houses and how animals are treated while walking through Fred Meyer and he says to me at one point “There’s nothing more terrifying and disgusting than seeing a camel have its throat slit”… To which I said “THERE’S NOTHING MORE TERRIFYING AND DISGUSTING THAN SEEING ANYTHING HAVE ITS THROAT SLIT… I can’t believe you just said that to me… Seriously… I think that’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever said to me.” He was already laughing at this point. And then I said “If I were vegan” then he cut me off with “Thank god you aren’t”, then I forgot what I was gonna say and started complaining about how he and Kinon don’t eat vegetables like they’re going to make them dumb or sick or something. Then I got sidetracked with the giant cupcake chairs and pink cat chairs they had. The end.

Now I’m gonna go stair at the brussels sprouts and broccoli and decide which one I want to eat… Also Kai says he wishes he had jedi mind trick powers because it would work SO well on me… But he fails to realize it’s not shiny so it won’t work.


Which are her words not mine. I debated on posting this because I didn’t want to be an asshole and perpetuate the bs, but since my last swatch post is now full of people going back and forth over the icons to the left of my layout I decided to go ahead. Regular followers of my blog will know that I’ve had square icons on the left side for almost a year linking to my social media profiles and contact page. A couple of weeks ago after seeing awesome gray icons on another persons blog and then checking her credits I decided to download them. I went to the original creators website and browsed their icons and decided I liked the same gray ones. This was on Nov 17th which you can see from the screenshot below. I did NOT “steal” them from her blog. If you’ll remember(if anyone even used them anyways). The icons on my side bar had a hover effect as well. I did not steal anything from her. I simply changed the icons I’ve had on the side of my page, which might I add have been up far longer than the ones she put up. I also did not steal her Pinterest icon. I did however steal Pinterest’s P to place on a button, so that kinda makes us both thieves, eh? I’m not really sure why this has become a huge issue as I didn’t take anything made by her and I’ve had icons over there for ages.

I woke up to an email from her which I promptly replied to and offered to credit her “idea” or even take them down if it was really that much of an issue. No response. She has however had time to comment on the blog post below. So eh, whatever. I’m just going to post the screenshots of our email exchange, and the screenshot of when I downloaded the icons, and leave it at that. Anyone can look at my source code and css file to see my code so have at it. Also I have no issues crediting people. In fact I credited the original maker of the icons before I even switched them out. You can access that info from the top of my blog by clicing on Blog, or the bottom by clicking on credits. Also apparently it’s really awesome and cool to make a blog post with really tiny screenshots, while half assedly blurring out mine so if you know me you can tell it’s my blog. Oh and then the whole calling me a twat waffle thing and accusing me of stealing. Hooray. WTF Also she just “discovered” them last night despite commenting on my MPZ swatch blog post last week…

So anyways, that is all. If she had that much issue with it, I honestly would have credited her, or taken them down, but she didn’t bother responding to me. My comments aren’t moderated either, so if yours doesn’t show up let me know, it probably went to spam.


I’m sorry, I have to share my rant that I posted in a facebook group. This is something I feel strongly about. I’m sorry if I offend anyone, you are more than welcome to have a differing opinion, and I am more than happy to agree to disagree, but this is how I feel. I would also like to note that this doll is a collectors edition doll. It was made for adults who collect Barbie’s, not children. It costs $50. That is not a child’s toy and the uproar over a doll marketed for adults is insane.

Seriously I don’t like Barbie at all. But I could get behind this Barbie and I can’t believe the BS uproar about it. I heard about it on the radio last night on the way home. I just can’t believe it. Children see this on REAL people every day, whether it’s at the grocery store, a restaurant, driving around. Kids see it all of the time. If you’re that paranoid about your child having a doll with a tattoo then I suggest you keep them locked up at home so they never see real people with real tattoos, because this is simply stupid.

I’ve seen so many arguments about how barbies are innocent dolls and blah blah blah. They have unrealistic body shapes and have crazy slutty clothes that you can get for them and you are worried about a freaking tattoo? Gimme a break. Also you don’t have to BUY the doll for your kids, you don’t even have to mention it. In fact the uproar that people are causing are putting it IN the media for kids to see, when they might otherwise never know about this doll. So I’m sorry, if you have a problem with a DOLL with a tattoo, then that’s your problem, don’t buy the doll. It’s that simple. I can’t believe people are freaking out over a doll with a tattoo when kids have access to temporary tattoos everywhere. Blargh. This really upsets me. It’s also teaching kids that it’s okay to be prejudice against people who have body modifications, which isn’t right. This is just… stupid beyond compare and frustrating.

I try to teach my kids to respect everyone, and that it doesn’t matter what someone wears, how many holes they have or how much ink they have on their body. They are people just as much as we are people, and people like different things and that’s okay. This is just teaching kids that it’s bad to have tattoos or body modifications and reinforcing prejudice, and disrespect for people. This is an issue dear to my heart. I don’t want my children growing up to be that kid that bullies someone because they look different. I want them to be able to look at someone and not judge them before they even know them just because of how they look. /rant


First of all Geek Chic Cosmetics has a new amazingly gorgeous pink lippie that they need named! See below! Isn’t it PRETTY! My name suggestion was Kiss My Kitty, so uh feel free to go you know, vote for Kiss My Kitty! xd Come on isn’t it a perfect name for it?!

Also funny but tragic story time! On… Tuesday night I went to get a top sheet out of our linen closet because I’d been using a fuzzy blanket and it was way too hot for that. So I open the closet, and go to pull out a sheet and this giant glass door that goes to some cabinet fell out and directly across my foot just before my toes. It’s all black and blue and gross and swollen and really god damn painful. My doctor gave me a referral for an x-ray because she’s pretty sure it’s borked. There however was an issue with our insurance. Kai called ahead to see what the co-pay would be etc.

So they had to call our insurance and the insurance office was closed so they called Thursday and then called me. But I wasn’t able to drive and neither was my mom so I didn’t get to go, nor Friday. So I planned on going Monday because they’re closed for the weekend then I remembered it was a holiday. Poop. Let me tell you it mother effing hurts. :( It feels like it did when I broke my thumb and leg. My doctor gave me a wrap for it so Kai has been wrapping it for me, but the bruise is getting bigger and grosser, and it’s hurting more and more. It hurts all the way up to my knee now. Keep in mind while at the doctor she gave me flexeril and vicodin on top of the gabapentin I’m on. So I’m pretty pain free…. except in my freaking foot. *sigh* Kai found the entire thing hilarious. Also I know you all love visuals so looky at my bruised foot!

He was laughing while I was crying in the hallway. It’s just one more thing to add to the amazing and strange ways I end up hurting myself. So yeah. I’m pretty positive I have at least a hairline fracture in one of the bones the stupid glass fell across, cause it sure as hell feels like it. Hopefully I shall find out Tuesday, and until then I’ll just stay zombie-like with my meds.


I prefer to… not leave the house. Driving is really stressful and I’m usually really tired and ready to zonk out by the time I get home. I’ve had an appointment nearly every day this week. Chiropractor appointment on Monday, nothing on Tuesday, doctors visit Wednesday, chiropractor on Thursday, and today? I have my first acupuncture appointment. I really just want to stay home. Actually I’m so tired right now I just want to go back to bed. Also I am quite terrified of being poked. Pain is always worse than it should be, so I’m already worried this is going to hurt really bad when it shouldn’t. Bleh.

On the way home from taking Kai to work I noticed that this one lot that previously has had 2 motorhome sales places, both of which closed down now has a motorhome repair place. I’m curious as to how long it will actually last. Also there’s a place down further on the same street that has a new strip club that opened up recently. It’s the 3rd one that I’ve seen, the previous two seemed to close down after being open for less than a month. haha Good luck businesses!

One last thing. Google Adsense disabled my account for fraudulent activity. :/ I know that it wasn’t from me because I rarely click on my own ads, and when I do it’s to see what something is. I’m not even sure if they count my own clicks as clicks even. If you’ve been clicking on my ads over and over please don’t. :( If you see something you’re genuinely interested in, by all means click, I appreciate it, but I don’t want to get in trouble if you’re just trying to be helpful. I’ve appealed my account but it can take up to a week according to their email to review my appeal and there is no guarantee they’ll reinstate my account. Furthermore, if they don’t reinstate my account I won’t be paid any of the money I eared, they’ll return it to the advertisers. :/ Which really stinks because I’ve tried not to screw up my account.

When they disabled it previously because they considered my adult product reviews a violation of their ToS I promptly removed anything to do with them and they reinstated my account, so I really hope they’ll check my account and see that I haven’t done anything wrong, because I haven’t, and will reinstate my account. Anyways, I’m pretty annoyed/upset about this. It’s really shitty as it’s one of the only ways I am able to make money so this was a low blow.


Random kind of bullet list! Woo! ]

  1. Fumiko wore her vampire teeth that Andrea sent to the store today. Go head click on the link, you know you want to see the vampire cuteness! She lost them. The rest of the car trip was filled with me trying to convince her that she didn’t actually need the vampire teeth and her saying things like “but maaaaaamaaaa I need be baaaaampiiiiiireeeeeeee *sniffle* *sob*” Am I an awful mom for finding the whole thing funny? haha
  2. You all should read and sign the petition to Oppose H.R. 2359: Safe Cosmetics Act of 2011. Help indie companies!
  3. Then you should read and sign the petition to establish Caylee’s Law.
  4. Next you should totally enter my 100 GFC followrs giveaway! It has 152 entries so far! Yikes!
  5. Lastly I received a random email for Howard medical cart. Anyone need medical carts? xd

I guess it was a really short list. It seemed longer in my head!
Now I must go pick up Kai.


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