Below you’ll find spreadsheets detailing the products I have for each company and whether or not I have a sample baggie, clamshell, etc. This should hopefully make it easier for those asking for comparisons.

  1. Black Rose Minerals
  2. Brazen Cosmetics
  3. Chinovi Cosmetics
  4. Darling Clandestine
  5. Darling Girl Cosmetics
  6. Dawn Eyes Cosmetics
  7. Detrivore Cosmetics
  8. Eccentric Cosmetics
  9. Facebomb Cosmetics
  10. Fyrinnae
  11. innocent+twisted alchemy
  12. Linnaeus Cosmetics
  13. Madd Style Cosmetix
  14. My Pretty Zombie
  15. One Hand Washes the Other
  16. Persephone Minerals
  17. Pollen Cosemtics
  18. Pumpkin & Poppy
  19. Shiro Cosmetics
  20. Venomous Cosmetics

Lover of Indie and Asian Beauty! Love As Thou Wilt.


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