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If you have a question, feel free to ask!

How do you get the perfect circles when you swatch?

I get asked this a lot! I use empty label sheets for my circular swatches. :) I have some friends who own indie makeup companies that send them to me

Where did you get the little gray smilies?

A friend of mine actually made the original set and I’ve added to it since then. :)

Why toxid-lotus?

A lot of people ask me about the domain name. Some people even go so far as to say it’s weird, or ask if I’ve misspelled it. No I did not misspell it. The name has special meaning for me. Toxid means dirty, unclean, tarnished, etc. Lotus is a sign of purity and rebirth, it’s also my favourite flower. Put them together and you have my meaning. Toxid-Lotus; I once was tarnished or unclean, but have since had a rebirth and am now pure. And of course I mean a spiritual rebirth. So there you have it.

What hosting/domain company do you use?

I use Surpass Hosting for both. I haven’t used any other company.

How long have you been blogging on toxid-lotus.net?

I created this domain and started blogging on September 16, 2003!

Which indie brand is your favorite?

There are a lot of indie brands I really like, but my absolute favorite is My Pretty Zombie. Andrea is awesome and she’s the first indie I’d tried.

How do you get clean lines with your swatches?

Another question I get a lot of. Tape! Tape is your friend. I make even lines with tape on my arm and apply shadow between them. Super easy.

What’s your skin type and shade?

I am around a NC10/NW10. Very, very pale with neutral undertones. I have combination skin. My forehead and nose get oily, but the rest of my face is dry.

Why the Pagan religion?

It took me a long time to come around to it, but I felt like I came home when I did. I grew up baptist. I went to a baptist school and attended the same church. Growing up I always had questions, that no one ever had real answers to. When I was a teen I started getting into crystal healing and various other things. By the time I became an adult, several experiences turned me off to christianity. It wasn’t until I was in my mid twenties, when I went to a Shaman healer for healing for my back, that I started looking into Paganism. It started with me becoming obsessed with Shamanism. I am part Native American and it was in my blood. From there I started learning that Paganism and Shamanism shared many of the same aspects. From there I started leaning towards Paganism. The beliefs, the practices, they all felt good, they felt just right. So now I am on a slow journey, learning and practicing what I can. It’s definitely completely different from what I was taught growing up. It feels more right than anything else.

Why choose indie?

I accidentally stumbled upon Etsy one day, from there I randomly decided to search unicorn jerky, and from there I found Unicorn Pee from My Pretty Zombie. That was it. I made an order and got sucked in super quick. From there I started looking for bath and body items. My skin was having issues with added glycerin and other things, so I was on the hunt for facial soap that didn’t have added glycerin. Since then I’ve switched most of my beauty things over to indie, the rest are asian beauty products!


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