Thursday Guest Post

Notoriously Morbid Swatches and Mini Reviews by Kaylee Bee

Hello wonderful people of the interwebs! My name is Kaylee Bee, and I am this weeks guest poster. I just want to thank Luna for the opportunity to do this. I am so very excited and I hope you all enjoy!

Today I will be doing swatches and reviews of my favorite indie brand, Notoriously Morbid. When I first got into indies, about 6 months ago, this was one of the very first brands I tried. It was love at first swatch! So without further ado, I present to you some of my NM collection!


Captivated: A metallic olive green with copper sparkles

over Darling Girl Primped & Primed
top (primped & primed), middle (glitter glue), bottom (pixy epoxy)
top (primped & primed), middle (glitter glue), bottom (pixy epoxy)



Swatched: Over Darling Girl Primped & Primed. There was no major change over glitter glue and pixie epoxy.

My thoughts: I adore this color to pieces. It’s definitely not one I wear to work, but it’s so much fun to put on for a day out on the weekends! I’m a sucker  for greens, especially olives, so I couldn’t resist this one.





Teacher in Tweed:  An olive brown that practically screams librarian.

over DG Primped & Primed
over DG Primped & Primed


top (primped & primed), middle (pixy epoxy), (bottom) bare
top (primped & primed), middle (pixy epoxy), (bottom) bare

Swatched: Over Primped & Primed, pixy epoxy, and bare. Being a matte texture, it does not take well over a glitter glue.

My thoughts: This is a really nice matte brown color. It’s much darker in person and looks much different depending on what base you decide to put it over, as shown here. I like that it’s so versatile, and really changes colors over primers. So experiment and find a combination you like! I personally like to pair it with pixy epoxy!






Bad Juju:  A warm, coraly magenta with an airy lavender duochrome.

Bad Juju
Over glitter glue
Bad Juju Comparison
top (primped & primed) middle (glitter glue) bottom (pixie epoxy)


Swatched: Over elf glitter glue. Primped & Primed (top)  and Pixy Epoxy (bottom) also shown for comparison. Glitter glue brings out the lavender duo chrome more.

My throughts: I didn’t think I’d love this color as much as I do. The shift looks a bit more blue in real life, but it’s lovely when it hits the right light. This is subtle and natural enough to wear in a work environment in my opinion.






Pale Rider: A dusty matte purple

Pale Rider Primed
over Primped & Primed
Pale Rider bare


Pale Rider Comparison
top (primped & primed)


Swatched: Over Primped & Primed and bared. As with Teacher in Tweed, avoid sticky primers cause it will clump if you’re not too careful.

My thoughts: This is by far my favorite of the lot. These pictures don’t do it justice by any means. It’s hard to capture the true color of this, but it’s exactly as described with grey undertones and it is beautiful.





Crimson Horror: A gorgeous deep red with a hint of metallic and a little sparkle that is sure to get you noticed

DG Primped & Primed
over DG Primped & Primed


over Fyrinnae Pixy Epoxy
over Fyrinnae Pixy Epoxy
top (primped & primed), middle (glitter glue), bottom (pixy epoxy)
top (primped & primed), middle (glitter glue), bottom (pixy epoxy)


Swatched: Over primped and primed, glitter glue, and pixy epoxy.


My thoughts: So I am a HUGE red fan. Before the Venus palette (which is awesome but I don’t support Lime Crime), all my friends would make fun of me for the unusual color choice. So when I saw this color I had to have it. Plus Doctor Who. I love to wear it over Pixy Epoxy, as it really brings out the red.  I’m not sure if this is discontinued or out of stock, but as of right now I cannot find it on the site.




Mint To Die For: A matte mint with a tiny amount of glitter for an added twisted classic look.

over primped & primed


top (primped & primed), middle (glitter glue), (pixy epoxy)



Swatched: It shows up pretty much the same over all three primers

My thoughts: This is a really beautiful mint color. As much as I love mint, it just doesn’t work with my skin tone. However, if you can work pastels and love spring, this is definitely a color for you!









Northman from the Deadlove collection

over glitter glue


 Merlotte from the Deadlove collection

over glitter glue
over glitter glue


Carmet & Paesh the Black Friday ’14 GWP

over glitter glue
over glitter glue



Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed! This was my first time swatching with tape so I hope I did it right and if you like what you see, feel free to follow me on my brand new blog! It’s still under construction but it should be up and running soon!


Kaylee Bee

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Good News Friends!

Super fantastic news! I will be getting a camera soon! A friend of a friend is giving me their old Canon DSLR so I should have it in a couple of weeks! *stops freaking out* Seriously I am beyond amazed and so thankful. <3 So thankful!

Also I am finally getting to Chemawa in the morning. Leaving at 6 :3 0am!

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Thursday Guest Post

Review: December Visage Box from Hello Waffle

Hello all! I’m this week’s Thursday guest-blogger, Dana. You may remember me from such blogs as I Smear Pigment on My Face,  or such reddit usernames as /u/danakimberlyy. I know that I’m a little bit late to the party on this one, but today I’ll be talking a little bit about Hello Waffle’s December Visage subscription box. December’s box was themed after Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and the colors included were meant to be used either in a smoky eye look or a more neutral-toned look. You’ll see more what I’m talking about in a minute.

Dec Visage


Here’s what Christine’s (Owner of Hello Waffle) packaging looks like for the Visage box. It’s a lovely presentation and is supposed to be themed along with the colors.

Dec Visage3


Listing Information

Here’s the listing that comes along with the package. It lists the colors, gives a brief description, and shows how much everything is worth. Additionally, on the back Christine included a brief synopsis of A Christmas Carol to read, if you’re not familiar with it. This month, Christine provided halflings of the eye colors and contour colors, a full size of the lip color from Tilt/Shift Cosmetis, and a sample of Hello Waffle’s new finishing powder.



Here’s a picture of all the colors in their respective jars (minus the finishing powder, since I decanted it into something else).

Eye Colors

Colors: (Top to Bottom) Bah Humbug; Ghost of Christmas Past; Ghost of Christmas Present; Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

Photo: Swatched over Elf Glitter Primer and Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, taken in natural lighting.

My Thoughts: Next up, we have swatches from all of the colors. Sorry if these colors seem a bit out of order, but I like to swatch in alphabetical order just in case I forget what I did.

Bah Humbug

Color: Bah Humbug

Photo: Swatched over Elf Glitter Primer and Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, taken in natural lighting.

My Thoughts: Here’s a close up of Bah! Humbug.  This was meant to be one of the more neutral colors, which would ideally be paired with Ghost of Christmas Present (the golden color). It’s a very light coppery color and applies with a kind of metallic look to it. I really like it. This is probably one of the colors that I would likely use most out of the bunch.

Christmas Past

Color: Ghost of Christmas Past

Photo: Swatched over Elf Glitter Primer and Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, taken in natural lighting.

My Thoughts: This lightish grey color is the next of the bunch, Ghost of Christmas Past. It’s a very light grey color, bordering on almost light. There’s not a TON going on, but it’s great when paired with Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come for a more smoky eye look.

Christmas Present

Color: Ghost of Christmas Present

Photo: Swatched over Elf Glitter Primer and Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, taken in natural lighting.

My Thoughts: Next, this is Ghost of Christmas Present. The color is a very, light golden neutral tone. I really like it, and it reminds me of Shiro Cosmetics‘ Baker’s Boy, just a little more pigmented. It has a little more gold going on here and there’s a gorgeous golden shimmer going on as well. My sister was pretty jelly of this color and wanted to steal it.

Christmas Yet to Come

Color: Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

Photo: Swatched over Elf Glitter Primer and Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, taken in natural lighting.

My Thoughts: This was the last shadow color that came in the December Visage box, Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. It is a very dark color that I really, really want to classify as black, but there’s just so much glitter and shimmer going on that I feel like it’s more of a dark, smoky grey. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the color, but it’s not a very pure, dark, black color. If you’re looking for a black color with a bunch of shimmer going on, this is probably what you want (and HW rocks at this, have you seen Edgar Allen Purr?).



Here’s a close up of the shadow colors in their jars.


Colors: (L-R) Scrooge; Marley

Photo: Swatched over bare skin on top and Elf Glitter Primer on bottom; taken in natural lighting.

My Thoughts: Okay, so next up, Christine provided everyone with two contouring powders: the lighter color, Scrooge, is meant as more of a highlight, and the darker one, Marley, is meant as a contour. Both came in halfling sizes and seemed a bit more cool-toned to me. In the above picture, I built up both colors a little and swatched over bare skin on top and Elf Glitter Primer on bottom, so you can see what both colors really looked like.  Scrooge was a very light color. It’s a pure white, bordering on grey kind of color. Marley was more of a dark grey color, bordering almost on brown. I’m not a huge fan of these colors, but I tend to be a bit more of a warmer-toned person, so this could be why.


Color: Galactic

Photo: Swatched over Burt’s Bees lipbalm (regular); taken in natural lighting.

My Thoughts: This month’s guest indie product was Galactic from Tilt/Shift Cosmetics. Before this, I hadn’t tried Tilt/Shift, so I was definitely excited about this color, especially since it was so pretty. The color came in a full size jar, which I wasn’t a huge fan of, due to the need for a brush application. I brushed the color on and built it up to a medium opacity to get it to this point, which I was pretty happy with. The color looks like a dark maroon in the jar and brushes on as more of a berry color. It could have definitely been darker if i kept going. I really like the color and would totally consider ordering it if it came in some other form of application device than a jar. I also really liked the scent of the color, which was more of a spearmint. I wear peppermint Burt’s Bees, so this was really nice.

Finishing Powder

Color: Hello Waffle Finishing Powder

Photo: Taken in natural lighting.

My Thoughts: Last up on the docket, we have Hello Waffle’s new finishing powder product. Christine sent out samples with this month’s box and I decanted mine into another jar that I had. The finishing powder is more white, rather than green tinted, and applies relatively light. I don’t feel much of a difference from the other finishing powder I own, so that was nice to discover. I would definitely recommend trying out this new product when Christine releases it in the near future.


Other NotesTo be honest, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the colors in this month’s box. I generally wear more purples and browns, and don’t go out much, so the smoky eye look is a bit lost on me. I did try it out a couple of times, and it looked nice, so if you’re really into the smoky eye look, these colors would be great for you. Additionally, Christine was spectacular about pairing my shipping for this month’s box and my Black Friday order and sending everything to a different address (because I couldn’t wait until I was home). She is always awesome to talk to and provides excellent customer service, should you ever need it. I know that November’s Visage box was awesome, and this month’s looks incredible too, so I would definitely recommend signing up next time slots are put up (the 29th of every month at 9 AM EST). Thanks for reading and allowing me to be your guest poster today, and feel free to visit me at my blog, I Smear Pigment on My Face here: .

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Update to a personal note

EDIT: I got an email back from Ritz Camera. They told me to replace my camera body. t.t I tried fixing it but it still doesn’t work.

Thank you to everyone who sent positive thoughts and prayers and whatever else. The manager decided to give us a $75 fee as long as we pay it today. I went to DHS yesterday and the person I met with said she would have my benefits on the card today. If it wasn’t on by 12pm to call her. It’s still not on. I called and left a message. I am getting ready to go in. I have to have it today.

Also I have to go to a workshop tomorrow for TANF. And then Friday I can finally go to Chemawa to get this tooth pulled. Now the infection has spread to a tooth above it and it hurts like a bitch. I’ve been taking massive amounts of Ibuprofen to try to keep the pain down a little. My right eye is all blurry and has a lot of pressure on it. Cannot wait until Friday. And my camera broke on Monday while I was taking photos of Fumiko’s birthday party. I am going to try to fix it today but I don’t know if it will work. t.t

So I just got back from DHS. They didn’t transfer my account to Milwaukie until this morning. So the money won’t be on the card until tomorrow morning. She gave me a letter to give to the manager. *sigh* I am so tired. I don’t even know what to do anymore. Also thank you to the two people who sent me money on paypal. That was so kind of you and I really appreciate it. It will be going to the $75 fee we have to pay. Thank you so much.

I am going to try to fix my camera now. Wish me luck.

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A very personal post

Some of you may know that because of circumstances that happened last year the kiddos and I are on TANF. I get $506 a month in money. $500 of that goes to our rent which leaves us in $6 cash. It goes onto my EBT card on the 1st of the month and our SNAP(food) portion goes on it on the 3rd. We share a two bedroom apartment with my mom. The kiddos and I have one room and my mom has the other. Well Saturday we went to get rent money and there was nothing on my card. We rushed home and checked online and nothing. This morning(Monday) I dropped Fumiko off at school at 8am and went to DHS. I found out that my TANF ended in December. I had no letters no phone calls, but in December I received my renewal application for SNAP. So the DHS worker spends about 30 minutes trying to figure out what happened. It turns out that they had my home address listed as our current address, but the mailing address was our old POBOX. I also found out that in May when my DHS worker in Oregon City told me she sent my case to the Milwaukie office where we moved to. She told me she updated my address and everything was fine. It turns out she never sent my case to Milwaukie. >.< And when she updated my address she didn't update the mailing address. So there was nothing they could do about it. But because it was closed I could re-apply at the Mikwaukie office where I was. So I quickly filled it out and handed it back in. Waited an hour for an appointment and they couldn't get me in today. So I have an appointment for 9am. My mom talked to the manager and he told her if we don't have rent in by tomorrow that we will get a 72 hour notice. I have no idea if they'll be able to reinstate it tomorrow. It may take a couple of days. They even said while I was there that it was their fault the application renewal was sent to another address. I asked why they sent my SNAP paperwork to the correct address but sent the TANF paperwork to another address and she couldn't give me an answer. I am beyond devastated. The kids and I were homeless at the beginning of the year and it's not something I ever want to do again. If you could send any prayers, thoughts, positive energy, voodoo magic that would be really awesome. I am hoping and praying that tomorrow they will come through because I don't know what will happen if we can't pay rent tomorrow. I really wish my disability would come through. This has been a huge struggle and I don't need anymore curve balls thrown at me right now. Sorry for the wall of text, I am just very upset and I needed to get this out and need some positive thoughts. It was really hard to keep it together today for Fumiko's birthday part and I am just mentally and physically exhausted. Thank you.

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Eyes with flash

FOTD: Mannequin Dollipop

Today is Fumiko’s Birthday Pary! She turned 7 on the 31st. :d This is my face today. Also yay. My moms friend brought a car for us to borrow so I can get to the dentist at Chemawa on Wednesday. Thank goodness.

Mizon Snail Recovery Repair Gel Cream
Pixi Beauty Flawless & Poreless Primer
Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid-Touch Foundation in 10 Porcelain Ivory

Glamour Doll Eyes Blush in Nouveau Riche – blush
Glamour Doll Eyes Blush in Ms. Monroe – highlight

Sugarpill Cosmetics ChromaLust Smitten
Sugarpill Cosmetics Tako

NYX Cosmetics Eye Shadow Base Skin Tone
Glamour Doll Eyes Eyeshadow in Mannequin – all over lid & lower lashline
Sugarpill Cosmetics in Dollipop – middle of lid & lower lashline
Sugarpill Cosmetics in Tako – brow highlight
Glamour Doll Eyes Static Line Gel Liner in Bad Seed – upper liner
Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Retro Glam mascara Black

Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Fanservice

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My very first guest post at Leesha’s Lacquer!

I got to do a guest post for Leesha’s Lacquer. :d It’s my very first! You can see it here!


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Lover of Indie and Asian Beauty! Love As Thou Wilt.


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