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Ow, my belly!

Man last night I made baked chicken for dinner – recipe is here: baked butterflied chicken of goodness, and today I did eggs and potatoes for lunch – recipe here: what the dilly-o potatoes & eggs. Soooo yummy. On a side note I know both recipes use butter and I don’t normally cook with butter, I just happened to cook both recipes I use butter in back to back. Hah oops.

Yesterday I spent the day cleaning. And boy am I paying for it now. I’m so tired. I cleaned all of the kitchen. I washed the floor on hands and knees, washed down all the cupboards, the table, chairs, counters, dishwasher, stove, etc. I also picked up the front room and vacuumed. At some point I’m going to organize the computer desk… I swear. :shifty: I’m gonna clean to bathroom later today… soon. I guess all this cleaning is good for me. I can reduce belly fat asap right? Riiiight? Goodness knows I need to. ha ha ha :p

Ah well I guess I should go think about dinner. Kai is playing SC2 with James and Sascha is play WoW. Fumiko is annoying them both. Maybe I’ll go clean the bathroom now.

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Ow… My Head

Now that my period is finally over I have a terrible migraine. t.t What gives? Yesterday I was in bed literally until around 7 :3 0pm. My head was killing me and I felt like I was going to throw up ALL day. Nothing seemed to help. :( Thankfully it’s better today. I’ve been cleaning and trying to figure out what to do for dinner, trying to figure out what to do for Sascha for a going away “party”. We were originally planning on taking him out to dinner, but I think we’re just gonna do it at home. He wanted burgers. So we’ll make burgers at home. That way Kharizma, Dawn, Sue and my mom can enjoy too. :) I think we’ll have it on the 11th that way Sue can take part since they are leaving on the 12th and she arrives on the night of the 10th. So we’ll have burgers and maybe some pasta. That’s what Sascha asked for.

This past week has been full of meh. I’ve spent the week in pain and generally feeling like crap. Because I’ve felt bad Fumiko was in a bad mood. So she’s been…. super bratty and whiney, and temper trantrumy all week. Ugh. Shoot me. She’s starting to do better now that I’ve been feeling better but she had a melt down today. Because I wouldn’t let her help with the dishwasher…

I made waffles just a little bit ago. Normally I have about a cup of batter left over. Sascha and Fumiko get one waffle, while Kai and I eat two waffles. Not this time. Holy cow. Sascha, Kai and Fumiko all had seconds. There wasn’t a drop left. O.O Sascha has been filled with lots of wants knowing that he’s going to Michigan for the year. He’s been asking for new Wii stuff, games for his DS and even a xbox 360. I keep telling him he can’t take a bunch of stuff on the plane and we don’t have the money for all of that. Not to mention his dad has stuff I’m sure and everything will be here waiting for him when he gets home. Ah well.

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Enjoy Your Memorial Weekend!

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend. :) Kai has a three day weekend! yay! I’ll be making tonkatsu for dinner tonight. He’s been asking me all week. Last night I had a couple of severe calf muscle cramps. It feels like I tore my muscle when I was trying to straighten my leg out. Ugh. It sure still hurts. I’ve been taking extra magnesium. Muscle cramps probably popped up because I haven’t been taking any. Oh well.

Also enjoy the awesome offer below. ;)

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I like me some FOOD

Yesterday was awesome. For breakfast Fumiko and Sascha had Muscat grapes and strawberries. For lunch we had salad – green leaf lettuce, garbanzo beans, broccoli, clover sprouts, tomato, radish, and bacon bleu cheese dressing. For dinner I made home made miso soup complete with homemade dashi stock. It had shiitake mushrooms and fresh green onion. Mmmm. Tonight Kai is making beef fried rice and I am making spicy tuna rolls. It’s so nice to be able to get good healthy food again. I’m in heaven. I’ll be posting the recipe for the miso soup, including the dashi stock recipe soon. :) Oh and I made walnut and chocolate chip cookies last night. ;) It’s awesome to be caught up on bills finally. Hooray!

I’ve got to write up the write up I did for Sascha’s year long trip to Michigan. Then I need to email it to David to go over. No idea what I’m doing. :( I have no idea if it’s worded right at all. Oh well. He will correct it I hope. I’m gonna miss Sascha. :( So is Kai. But this is going to be great for him and he’s going to have SO much fun. We’re saving enough money to take him to dinner before he goes. I told him he gets to pick which ever restaurant he wants to go do. :d He’s still deciding between Outback Steakhouse and Olive Garden.

I’ve also been trying to find my brother Tim. :( I feel like he should have the chance to say goodbye to my mom, and maybe they can mend the relationship they haven’t had for so long. If nothing else *I* would like to have some sort of relationship with him. The only numbers I’ve found for him are out of service. I’d at least like to say hello and tell him that I have missed him and I hope he is happy and doing well. Bleh.

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I love my family!

They are awesome. :) Kai is attempting to make fried rice right now. We’ll see how it works out. ;) I’m just happy he’s trying! lol Made delish waffles this morning for breakfast. :) I posted the recipe on my recipe blog here: homemade waffles! You should try it. It’s lovely. They come out light and crispy and oh so tasty. Sascha loves them. Sometimes I add organic cocoa for chocolate waffles. :d

Happy Mothers Day!

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Mmmm Food

So after months of not using my recipe blog. I finally changed the layout and posted a new recipe. Well I just used the layout I use here. I don’t have the time right now to make something new. So it’ll do for now. It’s much easier to look at. :) Anyways I posted my recipe for italian sugar cookies and almond icing. Hopefully I’ll actually continue to post new recipes.

I am planning on making chocolate kiss & walnut cookies today. So I shall make sure I take pictures and post them. If I don’t make them today though, I’ll definitely do it tomorrow. OH. So I had planned on making Russ some pumpkin cookies as a thank you for doing our yard… Well after striking out at a few stores. We stopped at the Fred Meyer by us a few days ago. We looked ALL over for freaking canned pumpkin. I’m seriously not kidding. We even looked down aisles we knew it had no chance of being down. Well… Finally I give up. This nice girl comes walking down the aisle and she works there. So I ask her if they have any canned pumpkin. She then tells me that they haven’t had canned pumpkin since Thanksgiving… THANKSGIVING?! *sigh* She then tells me that the pumpkin crops got flooded and that is why there is no pumpkin. Poor pumpkins. She said they should hopefully have some in, in 3-4 months. *double sigh*

I am annoyed. :( I want pumpkin cookies. Oh well. I told Kai I would just make Russ some of the chocolate kiss cookies if they turn out yummy. So here’s to hoping.

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