FOTD – 80`s Cartoon Collaboration with Jenna!

EDIT Yay! Jenna has her Stormy look up! Go see! /EDIT

So Jenna and I decided to do a collaboration. Snarky and Makeup Zombie are having too much fun with it! Jenna suggested 80’s cartoons and then Rainbow Brite, who am I to disagree? xd She’s doing her look inspired by Stormy and I’ve done mine inspired by Tickled Pink! Soon as Jenna gets her look up I’ll add it to my post. :d So onto the look!

Also if you haven’t already, you must go check out the blush that Susan from Darling Girl Cosmetics made me. It’s called Pink No Corisu after one of Sanrio’s less popular but still adorable characters. It’s a super bright pink with gold shimmer. Love it. Oh it’s made in her sweet cheek cream base which is awesome. It blends really well and is easy to build up if you want doll cheeks. xd

Also I LOVE Sugarpill. Seriously Decora is gorgeous! It’s this pretty pink with flecks of different colors that just sparkle so pretty. I also love Lumi and Magpie. Lumi is a gorgeous highlight and inner corner color. I think Magpie is going to be my signature black liner instead of my normal black. It’s so pretty.

So uh in the process of making this look I spilled four of my shadows all over the floor. t.t I got up to go to the bathroom and tripped over my keyboard cord which in turn knocked my open shadows onto the floor and my drink all over the table. It was a colorful, wet mess. I thought I broke my keyboard too. t.t But my poor Decora is gone, as is Miasma, Moist and Roxie from My Pretty Zombie. *le sigh* I just got Decora too. The laptop I am currently using has no key pad, so I’ve been using the keyboard from my desktop. The cord is usually under the coffee table but either I forgot to move it under, or it somehow got pulled out. >.<

Benefit Cosmetics the POREfessional

Darling Girl Cosmetics Sweet Cheeks Blush Pink No Corisu
My Pretty Zombie Miasma
Sugarpill Decora

My Pretty Zombie My Pretty Zombie

Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer
My Pretty Zombie Miasma
My Pretty Zombie Moist
My Pretty Zombie Roxie
My Pretty Zombie no. 996
Sugarpill Decora
Sugarpill Lumi
Sugarpill Magpie

Milani Lip flash Flashy #06


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Anthrax and Hoof and Mouth

Swatches: My Pretty Zombie Anthrax & Hoof and Mouth

I did eye shots for Anthrax and Hoof and Mouth today so I thought I’d share. They really are pretty colors! <3 My Pretty Zombie. Oops I forgot to say I used CoffinCritters as well as liner on my upper lid.

And also just because of


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Random Stuff Post #2 I think + a poll

I just have a few reminders/things to note! :d

#1 Voting for the Beauty Blog Awards are almost over! Will you please vote for me as best beauty blog? :d Pretty, pretty please? <3 Thank you!

#2 The awesome sauce My Pretty Zombie sale ends today! Don’t forget to head on over and use code THIRTYTHREE to get 33% off!

#3 My poor forums are lonely and sad. Will you register and post? I want a happy community of people who enjoy talking with each other! :d

#4 So I’ve seen some mild concern, I don’t even know if concern is the right word? But I’ve seen people recently who have had issues with swatches from indie companies. More importantly issues with eye swatches. They aren’t getting the color they expect from the photos. They are usually on photos where there is clearly or sometimes not so clearly more than one shade of shadow on someones eye. My question to you is, do you prefer eye swatches to have JUST the color you are currently looking at so you know what color you are really getting, or do you not care? I do realize that do to monitor differences and lighting differences colors may not always be exact, but there is no excuse for a color to be extremely different from what is pictured.

I personally prefer to see just the color I am purchasing/looking at. It’s easy to think you’re getting a different color when part of it is blended with something else, and sometimes it’s not so obvious there are multiple colors on an eye. When it’s just the one shade it’s easy to see what you’re getting. I think if you want to show how it blends with other colors, that is awesome, but please include a photo of just that color on your eye ball so I can really see it. :d So uh that’s my two or probably twenty-five cents. hehehe

What's your favorite type of lip product to wear?

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#5 We REALLY need a working lawn mower. We also need a weed whacker. We’ve been paying the neighbor kids behind us to mow our lawn. They get $20 every other week to do it, and do a really crappy job. Kai keeps having to go out and remind them to cut all of the lawn and they still miss stuff. It’s just frustrating. We have a mower, but it’s electric and it died when Kai mowed the lawn with it after a rain. t.t He probably should have picked out a gas mower, but he wanted and electric one so we didn’t have to deal with the gas. He was worried about it being in the garage and making me sick. Also if it were a perfect world and we were rich I’d also love something like this: echo hedge trimmer. We don’t have a lot of bushes but we have a few giant ones that I’d really like trimmed back. Oh well. Maybe one day.

#6 I’m really tired today. I was feeling better yesterday and ran some errands and picked up some extra goodies for Stephanie because I still haven’t gotten her giveaway package shipped out to her. :( I feel awful about it so I picked up a few surprises for her that I hope she likes. I’m hoping to get it shipped out in the next couple of days. It’s been one thing after another since I got sick. But I overdid it and am now paying for it today. Kharizma stopped by yesterday so I could fix her computer and she brought me TONS of yummy red and green leaf lettuce, kale and chard from her garden. I made a giant salad last night which was delicious. I’m going to turn the kale into kale chips hopefully later. Then I made miso soup from dinner which turned out delicious. Tonight I’m supposed to make teriyaki salmon. Hopefully I’m up to it. Right now I’m not sure. So far though my blood sugar hasn’t been wildy out of control since I got back on my gabapentin. This morning it was 149. So hooray.

#7 Apparently I have a chiropractor appointment today that I’d totally forgotten about. t.t I just want to curl up and go to bed. le sigh

I guess I had more to say than I thought. :shifty:

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I’m alive

I won’t say I’m feeling much better, but I am definitely feeling better. My doctors visit on Wednesday was wonderful. My doctor actually went over to the pharmacy and got me a Gabapentin to take after I told her what had been happening. It was a great visit I shared a lot with her, she is definitely willing to work with me. They took six vials of blood for tests. She thinks I have a co-infection and is hoping my blood work will giver her some idea of where to start since she isn’t familiar with Lyme. I’m just thrilled that she’s willing to try to help me. If I haven’t said before, my doctor is somewhat of a hippie/new age/whatever works let’s do it kind of doctor. She said I was a faerie incarnate and told me to get back into what makes me truly happy. Which I’m going to do. And I won’t lie her telling me I was a faerie incarnate made me warm and fuzzy inside. xd I want to plaster our walls with crystals and told her as much.

She told me to do it. When my mom moved in with us I kind of set my beliefs and passions for spiritual things aside because I couldn’t deal with the comments from my mom. She isn’t able, or at least wasn’t able, I don’t know anymore, to let me believe what I believe. So it was just easier to set it aside than listen to the backhanded comments. I only recently started to kind of get back into it. I pulled my crystals and pendulum out and put what few crystals I had left around my bed. I’m at the point where, I’m willing to do whatever is going to help me and I miss that part of me. So don’t be surprised when you see random posts about crystals, or various other “strange” things, because they’re normal to me. hehe It’s was funny though.

The day before I saw Dr. Bobby our chiropractor. He at one point called me and indigo child, which my doctor also did on Wednesday. My chiro also told me at one point that I needed to go play with the faeries. I’m still not quite sure if he was serious or not. haha I’ve got crazies trying to help my crazies yo! I wouldn’t have it any other way. :d

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My Pretty Zombie Anniversary Sale Yo!

My dearest Andrea from My Pretty Zombie is celebrating her company anniversary with an awesome sale for you! With code THIRTYTHREE you get 33% off! Woot! Sale runs from 07/27 through 07/29. You can find my swatches here, here, here, here, here, and here. WTF hehehe Don’t forget to pick up your Husbandry Afflictions trio. ;)

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