Damn you braces

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Seriously I can’t tell you how happy I’ll be to get these damn things out of my mouth and off my teeth. I wish I’d known before getting them what could possibly happen to my teeth having lyme disease. But at the time I had no idea. Now I just want them off so I can get my teeth repaired as much as possible.

Instead of having individual little bands for my braces it’s one long chain. Well for the past month or so there have been a couple of spots on the chain that were um broke or cut. Most likely from eating. Well tonight after eating I was cleaning my teeth and noticed that the one side had 2 more spots that were broke now. So when I went to clip it the entire chain came off on the left side. So I ended up just pulling it the rest of the way off.

Fast forward a couple of hours and the wire popped out. Except for the last 2 teeth on the right side. Ugh. So now I’m trying to get the wire all the way out and it’s stuck on the 2 brackets back there. The ortho always had issues getting it in the last 2 teeth there. I ended up having to get pliers to get it out. On the bright side, the pain I was having in my top teeth on that side? Instantly gone when I got the wire out. Now however, my mouth feels insanely weird. The 15th can’t get here soon enough. I’m halfway tempted to pull off the bottom chain and get the wire off to see if that helps.

Hmm. After thinking about it for you know the last 60 seconds. I think I’m going to try to take the bottom chain and wire off too. Well I’m off to go try.

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Indie Makeup companies!

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So in light of the whole Orglamix debacle I went hunting for companies that so far have reputable reviews and products. :) If you have any to add to the list, or have information regarding any of these companies leave me a comment and let me know! I’m also going to throw this out there: If you own an indie company and would like to send me some samples I would be happy to post swatches and an honest review on your cosmetics. :D

  1. Dark Heart Designs – Eyeshadow, lip gloss.
  2. Meow Cosmetics – Foundation, concealer, blush, primers, eyeshadow, and more.
  3. Fyrinnae – Eyeshadow, blue, primers, and more.1
  4. Morgana Cryptoria – Eyeshadows, foundation, lipstick2, liners, brushes and more.
  5. Sugarpill – I’m not sure if Amy’s products are considered indie, but she has amazing eyeshadow.
  6. Evil Shades Cosmetics – Eyeshadow, blush, lipstick3, lip gloss, primers and more.
  7. Scaredy Cat Cosmetics – Eyeshadow packaged in some of the cutest containers I’ve ever seen!
  8. Hi-Fi Cosmetics – Eyeshadow, lip glaze, and other products.4
  9. Noella Beauty Works – Eyeshadow, and foundation.5
  10. Vicious Cosmetics – Eyeshadow. 6
  11. Concrete Minerals – Eyeshadow and primer.
  12. Brazen Cosmetics – Eyeshadow, glitter gel, lippies, and more.
  13. High Voltage Cosmetics – Eyeshadow, primer, blush and lipstick.
  14. Shiro Cosmetics – Eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush.
  15. Persephone Minerals – Eyeshadow. More importantly, Sailor Senshi eyeshadow! I love Sailor Moon. <3
  16. Geek Chic Cosmetics – Eyeshadow, blush, foundation, lippies.
  17. Antoinette’s Revolution Cosmetics – There’s no actual store right now. But the reviews I’ve seen are amazing.
  18. TKB Trading – I know they don’t sell eyeshadow exactly. But their mica works great over primer and Pixie Epoxy.

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  1. Fyrinnae is closed for the moment while they catch up on orders.
  2. I’ve heard her lipsticks are amazing!
  3. I’ve also heard great things about their lip products.
  4. Her shop is currently offline while she moves. Can’t wait for it to come back up.
  5. Her shop is offline for the weekend I believe while she catches up.
  6. I’ve read that at one point there were some concerns with how customer information was handled, but I don’t know how or if it was resolved. Does anyone know?

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The truth about Orglamix

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/EDIT It appears that Cheri is in LA and didn’t have time to respond to anything. Well why didn’t she respond when she was actively posting on Facebook before she left? I know she had comments and emails then because she deleted some of the comments. You can see all the deleted posts here.

She deleted many valid comments and concerns. Oh well. She deleted my posts and banned me, she did others as well. No one was even being malicious. We wanted answers and wanted people to see what was found. While some people have absolutely no issues purchasing products from someone who has flat out lied to them, I do. She says her products are chemical free yet there is paraben in her primer. Uh. Okay. It’s one thing to say this product may contain paraben or whatever else. It’s completely different to blatantly lie about what is in a product and market it as paraben free. Just to note, it appears that the cosmetics outside of the primer are all safe. However that doesn’t change that she’s lied about making them and just about everything else. Had she been honest and upfront about her products no one would have any issues right now. But no she had to use stock photos to falsely advertise her products, leading people to believe they were going to have results and colors like those on the photos. Only to have many people find out that their colors didn’t match and they couldn’t actually get results like those on the photos. I’m glad many of you have had good results with Orglamix, however it’s not actually Orglamix and you’d be better off buying them from the manufacturer. At least they won’t lie to you about them. Cheri said she explained everything. However she only stated she was sorry about repackaging candy glam and that she had changed labels. She doesn’t explain how people have jars of product with another companies labels and why they received them recently. She doesn’t explain why she lied about stock photos, since she’s still claiming to use professional photographers. Uh huh. If this is all a huge coincidence I’ll be the first to apologize, however I find that to be very unlikely based on her response and lies to all of this. If she was telling the truth why delete everything? If you have nothing to hide, why hide the posts questioning your validity? /EDIT

And the truth comes pouring out. Thanks to research by Snarky from The Eyes Have It. Go read A Long Tale of Orglamix Organic Ending With Unexpected Big Bang. :WTF:

I’m not even sure what to say now. I’m extremely glad I didn’t purchase from her. I’d planned on making a big purchase. I even recommended Orglamix here on my blog after finding out about them. Shared their store with my friends thinking I’d found something awesome. I’ve learned my lesson. Always research before you buy. I feel bad for all the people out there who have been purchasing from Cheri believing they were getting natura, vegan, cruelty free, PETA friendly makeup. I’m truly sorry. I hope Cheri at least deals with the aftermath of this properly. After all, this is her own fault. It literally pays to be honest. <3

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