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Swatches: Concrete Minerals Prude, Rocked, White Rabbit & Frost

I took these almost two weeks ago and am just now getting them up. >.< Concrete Minerals highlights in Frost, White Rabbit, Rocked and Prude. Over Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer. :d Enjoy. All four of these colors are awesome. Can be applied sheer if need be and quickly built up.

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Review: wetnwild I Dream of Greenie

Yay review!

Wetnwild sent me some items to review at the end of June including ColorIcon Trio in I Dream of Greenie #331. I’ve been a fan of wetnwild products since I was a little girl and I’m super glad to see that they’ve prospered over the years and still make great makeup, that costs very little. While I’m not a huge fan of green eyeshadow, I’m not really sure why, it’s just not something I go for most of the time when I’m looking for shadow, this trio is great. The colors are beautiful and pigmented and they applied great. I’ve found that once in awhile I’ll find a shade or two in a trio that just doesn’t want to budge, but these were all soft and went on really well.

I really like the browbone shade, it’s a beautiful green that is semi sheer and can be built up if needed, but it looks beautiful on the inner corner of the eye as well as below the brow. Overall all of the colors were soft and applied like a dream and the eyelid/crease shades were well pigmented. My only issue is with the brushes/sponges that they include. The brushes with these are often kind of mangled looking and loose their hairs. There is nothing per-say wrong with the sponges, I just don’t like them. I don’t like the way the shadows apply with them. So that’s my 2 cents on the brushes. Anyways! If you love green this is a great trio for you. These retail for $2.99 so you can’t beat the price!

  • »»Product: 5/5 Applies well, great formula, well pigmented.
  • »» Value: 5/5 Well worth the price.
  • »» Ease of Use: 5/5 Extremely easy to apply.
  • »» Packaging: 4/5 Packaging is great, included brushes are lacking..
  • Explanation of rating system.


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Voting and Broken Things!

First of all Geek Chic Cosmetics has a new amazingly gorgeous pink lippie that they need named! See below! Isn’t it PRETTY! My name suggestion was Kiss My Kitty, so uh feel free to go you know, vote for Kiss My Kitty! xd Come on isn’t it a perfect name for it?!

Also funny but tragic story time! On… Tuesday night I went to get a top sheet out of our linen closet because I’d been using a fuzzy blanket and it was way too hot for that. So I open the closet, and go to pull out a sheet and this giant glass door that goes to some cabinet fell out and directly across my foot just before my toes. It’s all black and blue and gross and swollen and really god damn painful. My doctor gave me a referral for an x-ray because she’s pretty sure it’s borked. There however was an issue with our insurance. Kai called ahead to see what the co-pay would be etc.

So they had to call our insurance and the insurance office was closed so they called Thursday and then called me. But I wasn’t able to drive and neither was my mom so I didn’t get to go, nor Friday. So I planned on going Monday because they’re closed for the weekend then I remembered it was a holiday. Poop. Let me tell you it mother effing hurts. :( It feels like it did when I broke my thumb and leg. My doctor gave me a wrap for it so Kai has been wrapping it for me, but the bruise is getting bigger and grosser, and it’s hurting more and more. It hurts all the way up to my knee now. Keep in mind while at the doctor she gave me flexeril and vicodin on top of the gabapentin I’m on. So I’m pretty pain free…. except in my freaking foot. *sigh* Kai found the entire thing hilarious. Also I know you all love visuals so looky at my bruised foot!

He was laughing while I was crying in the hallway. It’s just one more thing to add to the amazing and strange ways I end up hurting myself. So yeah. I’m pretty positive I have at least a hairline fracture in one of the bones the stupid glass fell across, cause it sure as hell feels like it. Hopefully I shall find out Tuesday, and until then I’ll just stay zombie-like with my meds.

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Labor Day Weekend Sales!

Will edit to add more as I find them so check back! :d

Evil Shades Cosmetics
15% off $15 or more, use code EVIL15 .

Linnaeus Cosmetics
SALE! (8/29 – 9/3 at midnight) Buy any four fullsize eyeshadows (individually or in a collection) and receive 1 full size of your choosing free! Please note what free color(s) you would like at checkout via the “Notes to seller” option.

Spellbound Cosmetics
Use the code laborday20 for 20% off all full size jars and samples through Monday at midnight!

Geek Chic Cosmetics
48 hour re-opening sale starting Sunday and ends Tuesday at midnight. Everything is 20% off!

Black Rose Minerals
Coupon code 100orders gets you 30% off Through Sunday.

Concrete Minerals
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday only buy 6 eyeshadows and get 25% off with code CMFALL25.

Bath & Smellies
Steam Bath Factory
Starting now, through midnight on Monday, you get 20% off everything in stock when you enter coupon code LDSALE {short for labor day sale} at ETSY checkout.

Simply Sweet Skin
on Monday 20% off all Fall products – buy a lip scrub and get a matching lip butter free!

FuturePrimitive Soap Co
20% off codes are valid until Sunday night at 9pm GMT. If you reside within the UK/EU, please use code INSIDER. If you live outside of the UK/EU, please use code OUTSIDER.

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I has a poll, you shall vote!

Alrighty. I have a dilemma. Some of you may remember when I had to remove my adult product reviews/posts to another blog because it went against Adsense’s TOS. Well since Adsense has disabled my account I no longer need to worry about that. However I don’t want to make people so uncomfortable that I lose readers and people that I like! So my question to you is, would you feel comfortable enough to continue reading my blog if I were to move my reviews back here? Now keep in mind I always put adult reviews under a cut and the title always has “Adult Product/whatever Review:”, so no one would be blindly clicking on something they don’t want to see on here or twitter or facebook, etc.

My issue having them on another blog is, I completely forget about that blog and never post on it or remember to comment on it, etc, so it would be easier and better for me to move them back here. So I thought I was ask your thoughts on the matter. I don’t know how many future reviews I’ll be doing once I get caught up as my health has made it hard to have sex with my husband let a lone go play with something to review. I do however get the chance to review lubes/lotions/bath & body products/etc that are geared more towards affection/novelty rather than straight bath & body. So keeping in mind all reviews dealing with adult products that are not safe to display(most lotions and bath products have no nudity or sexual reference on them so I feel safe not putting those under a cut) are put under a cut and are titled properly would you have any issues continuing to read my blog? :d For the love of all that is good in the universe please say you would still read my blog! If you don’t I will be forced to hunt you down and beat you with a fish… Okay I kid, but I would be very sad. :( Also in case you would like to see examples of reviews you can see my other blog here. Nothing is under a cut over there by the way because that’s all that blog was used for. The only explicit things I would post, which would be under a cut with proper title would be the Pleasurists adult listings which sometimes contain a nude photo. Oh and I would also be possible hosting giveaways for adult items here.

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