Time Out

WTF Quick warning. This post is pretty much about female issues. Read at your own risk!

Can I give my uterus a time out? Normally I don’t swell but oh man my hands are swollen and sore. :( I went to bed late because I felt like crap and was in terrible pain. I can’t even describe the pain. I guess it feels like someone has a crowbar trying to pry my reproductive organs out. I had severe shooting/stabbing pains in my uterus/ovaries and the entire area just has this dull(yet not very dull) ache and radiates heat. This morning I woke up early to terrible shooting pains going from my uterus to my pelvic bone and into my vagina. It hurt… a lot. :( I’ve been bleeding copious amounts of blood. It’s unbelievable. I feel horribly anemic: dizzy, light-headed and just exhausted like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. In a super hot shower last night my finger nails were purple and so were my hands and still freezing cold.

Can someone take my uterus out? Please? On a serious note I’ve given serious thought to a hysterectomy. Though for now I’ve been thinking about getting my copper IUD removed and going back to the pill. My menstrual cycles have been excruciatingly worse since it was put in. For the first year I bled 2-3 weeks on and only 1-2 weeks off every month. I originally opted for the IUD because I was breastfeeding Fumiko and didn’t want to take any sort of hormones. She’s been done breastfeeding for about a year now, maybe a little less. So really there is no reason for me to not have it removed. I just need to find a birth control pill that agrees with me, and one I can actually get from NARA. Even if my periods are a little lighter that’s more than enough reason to get this sucker out. Not to mention a good chunk of the time it makes sex with my husband painful, I spot in between periods(something I’ve NEVER done), I can’t use my diva cup or even tampons, and I often have stabbing pains/cramps in between periods as well. See lots of reason to ditch this puppy. ZERO reasons to keep it. Now I just have to actually call NARA and make an appointment. My mom told me Dr. Wang is no longer there too. :( That saddens me. She was a very sweet doctor.

That should cover me for menstrual rants for awhile. :shifty:

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Professor Doooown

Better late than never! :) Our guild finally downed Professor Putricide on 25m tonight. Wee. Onto Blood-Queen Lana’thel! We got her to 50ish% before we called it. Hopefully next week she shall go down. Our 10m will be going back in for Lich King attempts on Sunday. We should have him. Cross your fingers! Also I assume you have but did you see the cute little wind rider cub? Gosh it’s SO CUTE. I want and I’m not even a hordie. The in game pet is even cuter. The baby gryphon I think is ugly. >.> Okay the plushie is not ugly but the in game pet is. >.> Also Lurky is ugly too. @_@ Eep…

Anyways. Saturday morning I am taking the kids over to Dawn’s for breakfast. Yum. Last time we went over she made scrambled egg with cheese and bacon and croissant rolls. Mmmm. Was yummy. I have no idea what she’s making Saturday but I’m sure it shall be yummy. My mom made white beans with ham tonight. It was delish. Like really really yummy. But beans don’t like me. And it made me sick minutes after eating it. It was good though. >.> I think I shall do tacos for lunch tomorrow. Sascha has been bugging me all day for more tacos. It’s about the only time I don’t have to bug him about eating his vegetables. :d

I think I shall be off to level my shaman for a bit and then shower and then bed. I am tired, okay exhausted and I hurt. :( Stupid period. Also I am done trying with Emo Vote. :( No one can figure out why it isn’t working.

Also I love this song. Enjoy and take it to heart. :)

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Potty Training is So Much Fun!

Okay I lied. :p Fumiko is at the stage where she hates diapers. She wants to wear her panties. But, she is still wetting her diaper and more importantly going poo in it. She goes potty every time I set her on the potty, but she’ll also go in between. She only asks to go part of the time so far. But going poo in the potty doesn’t happen. I’m not sure how to get her to want to? I’ve gone so far as to actually dump the poo from her diaper into the toilet with her watching and tell her that it goes in the potty.
Then she does a happy dance and waves and says “bye bye boo boo” when I flush it. I guess when she’s ready she will.

But, I just wish she’d stop taking off her diapers. t.t She’s been doing it when I put her down for a nap and at night when it’s time to go to bed. Today during her nap she apparently woke up took it off and went back to sleep. When I went to get her up I found her sleeping in a puddle. So off to the wash goes her blankets, sheet, mattress cover and owl pillow. If only it were a rare occurrence. But no. We wash her bedding frequently. I always try to praise her and tell her how good she is for leaving her diaper on when she wakes up and has left it on. But I don’t think she gets it. Or maybe she thinks I don’t get it! haha Putting her Hello Kitty panties on over her diaper doesn’t work for her either. She wants them on instead. I know she doesn’t like the feeling of a soiled diaper. Because as soon as she does pee in it she’s ripping it off or heading off to the potty.

Argh. Any suggestions? Sascha didn’t potty train until after he was 3. With him it was pretty easy. Right off the bat he started going to the bathroom in the potty and didn’t wet himself too much. I don’t recall him ever going poo either. He just had no interest in potty training until well after he was 3. She’s been wanting to since she was about 1 and a half. But really started with wanting to not wear a diaper the past couple of months.

Halp! ^.~

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Western Governors University

Are you interested in getting an online mba? Look no further than Western Governors University. :) They are an accredited non-profit online university whose goal is to provide quality programs for those who with schedules that require flexibility in their education. WGU was founded by 19 governors who believe that all people regardless of finance, location or background should be able to have access to higher education to better their lives. At WGU you pay for your time not credit hours. Tuition is $2,890 per 6 month term. If you need financial aid most students qualify for at least one type of low-interest financial loan. If you want to find out whether or not WGU is the right school for you, head on over and request information from an enrollment counselor. They’ll be able to answer all of your questions. :)

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Hello Sir, You Have a Hole in Your Head

:O hehe Kai had his 6 month check up today. He has a couple of cavities. Tsk tsk. They also bugged him about getting his wisdom teeth taken out. :/ They don’t hurt, don’t bother him but every time he goes in they want him to get them taken out. Hi, we can’t afford that, even with insurance. Ugh. On the 16th I go in for my frenectomy. *shudder* Those pictures make my stomach hurt. t.t It’s so that when I get my braces off it doesn’t cause the gap between my two front teeth to reopen. Ick.

I need to clean the fridge out and head to the grocery store. I’ve been working on our herb website trying to get products up and pages up. Also working on the mailing list so I can let people know once it’s up. So much to do. So little time. Sascha’s school website was not loading at all for the past day and a half. After talking with technical support for over an hour this morning I finally reset the modem and it started working again. Thanks Comcast… The school let me know that they’ve had families that have had the same problem with Comcast. Pfffft.

I have been slowly leveling a shaman in World of Warcraft. This will be my 4th lvl 80. I grew bored of the hunter and priest I leveled. :( Hopefully the shaman keeps my attention a little longer. I’ll always love my doomchicken. But there’s only so much I can do on her now since I’ve played her for 5 years. Also I need new plugs. :( My bone spirals are too small now. I need to order some 0g spirals. When money allows! >.< I’ve needed to order some new ones for about 5 months. They fall out now. :p Ah well. All in good time. We’re hoping we get enough of a tax refund to pay off our bills and order the ingredients/supplies for Luna Lotus. :d I really want to get my stuff out there and off. :)

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Really Mother Nature? Really?

This morning I woke up with some cramps but thought nothing of it. I assumed it was like many of the other random days where I have cramping and then it goes away. Nope. My period started up this afternoon. A whole week and a half early. :( My cycles have been 27-30 days for the past year and now out of no where it decides to give me an 18 day cycle. Poop. :SICK: I’m already feeling the cramping and back pain not to mention the constant radiating heat. Ugh. I guess I should have known since I started to break out a couple of days ago. Oh well. On the bright side I was contacted by a couple of people today to do adult toy reviews. :d I may also have a giveaway for an upcoming adult toy. I’m waiting to hear back! I’m excited. :) Who doesn’t love to spice up their love life? Don’t worry though I’ll be posting the reviews behind a warning. :)

I’ve been working on our website for The Herb Garden. Trying to get it set up so people can buy through it. We have the products up now I just need to make categories for the health systems and issues like allergies and such. Then I’ll be putting together a mailing list of my downline to shoot them an email and let them know they can purchase online. :) I’m trying to make myself be better with blogging. I swear! I know I keep saying I need to get back into it and I do. It’s just been hard.

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Much Better

I had to make it lighter. I edited my layout and got rid of the dark. Since the last time I really blogged we’ve been through well life. I can’t talk to my dad. Every time I’ve tried to call I get hung up on. I don’t know if it’s him or his wife. I have to assume it’s his wife. I can imagine she wasn’t happy with the way I talked to her when my dad called me to tell me she was kicking him out. So I doubt she wants me talking to him. Needless to say it breaks my heart. I love my dad so much and all I’ve ever wanted for him was for him to be happy. All I’ve wanted was to be a part of their lives. Now I can’t even speak to him. I’ve decided to stop trying. It hurts too much every time I call and get hung up on. When he’s able or ready to talk to me he knows where to find me. I just hope it’s soon.

We’ve been battling bugs over the past month. I kid you not. When one person starts to feel better someone else comes down with it or something else. We’ve been through colds and strep throat. It’s been painful and terrible. Everyone seems to be over it now. Knock on wood… I really hope so. I am tired of being sick and I know Sascha and Fumiko are as well. I also made my first order at Eden Fantasys, they sell sex toys. We placed and order for Valentine’s Day, and got free two day shipping. But unfortunately a blizzard in that part of the country delayed our package. :( So we didn’t get it until the following Monday. Regardless we’re still pleased with the things we ordered and the box was completely discreet. It didn’t even have their company name on it. I really appreciated that. I’m definitely going to be placing another order when we’re able to. :) Oh Jenn is also holding a giveaway for a sex toy. ;) Go check it out!

Fumiko has been potty training for quite some time. She goes “pee pee” in the potty with no problem most of the time. But “poo poo” is another story. She’s dubbed them bee bee and boo boo. So we’ve been trying to convince her to go poo poo in the potty instead of in her diaper. Hopefully soon. She’s potty training a lot earlier than Sascha did so I’m grateful for that.

Also seriously I can’t get emo vote to work. :( It’s driving me insane. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but instead of colorful little circles I get check boxes. *sigh* Halp? I’ve been wanting to try it out since Jenn posted about it but it doesn’t appear to like me, or I’m not understanding something. :(

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