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Mmm Chili & Salsa

Boy I’m going to need some bad ass diet pills after eating all of the chili in the giant pot I made. Thankfully the salsa is much healthier, at least until I put it on those yummy corn chips… :P But really I made homemade chili today, and salsa. It’s delicious. Even Kai liked it a lot. He’s super picky with salsa. I only wish I had some corn or green bell pepper for the chili. Oh well it’s still good. I used garbanzo, pinto and black beans in it, fresh ground beef and canned tomatoes. For seasoning I used the chili powder from Penzey’s along with some extra cumin, cayenne and smoked paprika. Now I shall go pass back out. I think it took all of my energy to make that. My period is kicking my ass as per usual. All I had yesterday was water and a couple of oranges. Today I made myself make oatmeal for breakfast and then had some chili/salsa.

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Oh THE Cravings!

Seriously. I do hate this time of the month. For two, okay there are way more but two MAIN reasons.

  1. Acne. Yes, the acne that starts a week before my period starts, and ends about a week after.
  2. Cravings. Yes cravings of doom!

Right now, a lone the craving for Sushi & Maki’s Spicy Tuna Roll w/Avocado is about 200x worse than it normally is. Yes I crave it a lot. But I also want ube ice cream, mango ice cream, Drunkard’s Pad Thai from Arawan’s, a bacon cheeseburger from Five Guys with lettuce, tomato, sauteed onions and jalopeno[Mmmmmm], a caesar salad from Outback, oh and a Fire Ball from Sushi & Maki, chili[which I'm going to make Saturday], salsa from Casa Lupe’s in my hometown in California[which I'll be trying to make on Saturday as well] and yeah many other things.

I made curry stew for dinner, which by the way did not agree with me. I had a terrible stomach ache all night. I think I might skip it for dinner tonight. I also have yet to eat today and am contemplating making some oatmeal. I am pretty hungry right now. Actually I am suddenly so hungry I think I may throw up.

Also does anyone know of a tool other than Blackbird Pie for embedding tweets? I’ve seen some with a retweet/reply link but Blackbird Pie doesn’t seem to add that?

Also, also as much as I love my desktop, there are times, like today in fact that I wish I had the use of custom laptops so I could stay in bed and be productive instead of forcing myself to get up working for a few minutes and then crawling back to bed to die for awhile. Maybe some day.

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1, 2, 3, GO!

Any and all willpower to do any kind of work has all but disappeared this week. I was finally starting to feel better, and wham my heart/spleen start giving me issues. I’ve been having terrible aches and shooting pain that start towards the left of my heart and shoot down to my spleen area. I was up until almost 4 :3 0 am last night because of it. Around 4 :3 0 am my heart stopped giving me issues and I finally fell asleep. Prior to that it was near impossible to even lay in bed comfortably. Lying on my left side caused the pain I was having in my spleen area to intensify horribly. Lying on my right side caused my lower spine to ache horrible and spasm. Oy. Today thankfully I haven’t had any more aches or pains around my heart, and I’ve only had a few shooting pains around my spleen area. I am hoping this isn’t the start of some new thing with my Lyme disease. That’s all I need right now. -.-

Kharizma and Spencer are incredibly awesome. Spencer had our Durango towed into the mechanic shop where he works this past week to figure out what was wrong with it. I got it back today. A few days ago Kharizma had picked me up to drive me to the shop. Just before we get there Spencer sent her a text message… Something to the effect of “FUCK her truck won’t start!”. Hahaha We weren’t surprised. So they kept it over night and she took me back this morning. They ended up having to replace the starter and battery. Everything works except for the drivers seat… For some unknown reason the motor that adjusts the seat on the side is draining the battery and is most likely what caused the battery/starter to die. He’s trying to call around and see if anyone has any idea. They didn’t have time to continue working on it. So at the moment my mom is out of luck on driving it. They left the seat pushed all the way back, which is a really good thing or I wouldn’t have been able to drive it home. If it’s any closer to the steering wheel it causes so much pain in my right knee that I can’t press the pedals. So with it pushed all the way back, my mom can’t reach the pedals. She’s going to have to use pillows to reach them. haha We also found out that the radiator is indeed not damaged and that the anti-freeze reservoir is cracked. So we’ll need to replace that as well, but it should hold up until we get our taxes.

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I think I must have the flu or something. For the past two days my entire body has been in pain and stiff. My back and neck hurt so bad and I’ve been having this terrible ache around the areas on my spine that I fractured years ago. To top it off my chest has been hurting and both of my ears ache so bad it’s not funny. Ugh.

Fumiko has spent the last couple of days mostly with my mom. She’s been back and forth between our room and downstairs. Some how she found an old Samsung phone that I used to have. Which she’s been playing with and using as a phone. It’s quite funny seeing her talk to Daddy and other people. She’s even had conversations with “Shasha”. We all miss him. She’s been telling me more and more that she is sad and misses Sascha. :(

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