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I Want to Smell Like Halloween

Happy Thursday all and welcome to my slightly spooky guest post! I frequent Reddit and that’s where I found out Luna was looking for guest posters. So I jumped at the opportunity and here I am.


You have to understand right off the bat, I love Halloween. I mean, I love fall in general but I especially love Halloween. Between all the cool weather, the dressing up, and the never ending candy, what’s not to love?

So with October fast approaching I figured I’d review a few spooky scents for you from a couple of my favorite perfumeries.

 Blooddrop Perfumerie: Boo-tiful

DSC_0561 - Copy

“The perfume of a gorgeous and irresistible spirit; a blend of pink lotus, lily, broom, tea rose, and heliotrope absolutes on a base of creamy marshmallow.”

This one reminds me of a Victorian lady-ghost haunting a dusty, but elegant, house. I love it.

In the bottle it’s sweet, with a lot of light floral scents swirling around together. It’s hard to pick out individual notes, the scent just brings to mind “a butt ton of flowers”. Originally I didn’t think I’d like this one, flowers of any kind are a hit or miss for me because of potential headaches. It’s probably why I stick with foodie perfumes (who doesn’t want to smell like cake or a milkshake?).

Once you put it on those florals don’t stay light, the sweetness is still there but it’s almost overpoweringly floral. Like smushing your face into a bouquet of flowers. I think my skin digs flowers but nose doesn’t most of the time. I’m not entirely sure what pink lotus smells like but I can can pick out very strong notes of lily and rose.

Luckily this mellows out, with a very sweet and very creamy quality coming from the marshmallow. It ties everything together once it dries down into a very smooth, not quite gourmand, floral with a hint of hay. That might be from the broom? There’s also another layer of floral I don’t quite recognize, but I’m guessing it’s the heliotrope (I had to Google that one).

I found that the more it dried the more I liked it, it’s just those first few moments of flower-punch-in-the-face that throws me off. Wear time is great too, I’ve had it last through a whole work day where I catch whiffs of it as I’m typing. 10/10 would recommend, I’ve been wearing this on nights in but will be putting it on more often as soon as the weather figures out it’s supposed to be fall (curse you 90 degree weather).


Deepmidnight Perfume: Sleepy Hollow

DSC_0562 - Copy

“The orange and yellow moon is full and gleams through the trees as round as a jack o lantern. You just want to get through the woods and back home for a peaceful night. The crisp and lush smells of fall leaves and acorns, pumpkins, sweet candy treats, and fragrant spices, haunt your senses and relax you. Wait…was that the sound of horse’s hooves you just heard?”

That first sniff out of the vial it’s all cinnamon, just lots and lots of cinnamon. Luckily, subsequent sniffing (doesn’t that sound weird) lets me pick up hints of pumpkin and spices.

On the skin I get a lot of warm pumpkin with more of the spices coming through; cinnamon and maybe anise. It only briefly reminds me of those pumpkin spice lattes you start finding in coffee shops around this time of year. There’s also a hint of what reminds me of those scented fall candles you find in the store.

There’s also some sweetness to it from the candy and a cozy nuttiness in the back, once again from the spices I think. I was a little on the fence about this scent but after a while the smell of leaves and a bit of dirt start to come into play. It’s also a little sharp, not quite like crisp air, but it reminds me of being outside in the cold air after running between houses trick-or-treating as a kid.

Overall it has good throw and it just hangs around forever on my skin, even after a shower. What puts it into my “I need more of this category” though is the mixture of sweets and earthiness. I guess for some bizarre reason I want to smell like candy and dirt. I’ll probably be picking up a full size of this sometime soon.

sixteen92: Huntsman


“Smoky Lapsang Souchong tea, dragon’s blood, cedar wood, fir balsam, leather, saffron, chai spice accord”

Right out of the vial there’s a lot of leather, fresh oiled leather. I usually find leather scents kind of overpowering but lucky for me there’s the scent of cedar in there to push it back a bit.It’s not quite a fresh cedar scent either, it reminds me of what it smells like when you’re sawing a cedar tree; a little warm and kind of fuzzy.

There’s a definite smoky note that emerges once you put it on, and it’s not the smell of burning wood either. Reminds me a bit of singed leaves, it’s actually a scent that I’m surprised I like. Normally smoky scents are a little too much for me. There is still a very strong scent of cedar and leather, but it blends really nicely with that earthy burnt leaf note. As for the spices mentioned in the description I caught a little saffron but none of the chai spices. I think the cedar might have overpowered that part a little bit.

I’d actually considering layering it with Sleepy Hollow, just to make it a little sweeter. I think it’d go well the cinnamon and earth notes in it. Huntsman actually strikes me as a more masculine scent but I’ll happily wear this one around regardless. It strikes me as the perfect scent for a cozy night in or when the weather starts getting cold and dreary.

Parting Thoughts

So I’m a really huge fan of Blooddrop perfumes, the packaging is adorable and the scents are always unique. I’m looking forward to a huge haul of decants of their Halloween selection this year.

It wasn’t till recently that I decided to try Deep Midnight Perfumes, I had heard that their specialty was Halloween scents. So I purchased a bunch of samples and loved almost of all of them but I think Sleepy Hollow is my favorite. Candied dirt, mmm.

Lastly, sixteen92 is a new perfume house on the block but all the scents I’ve tried have been very well thought out so far. Huntsman was in the giant fall pack I got and it’s the one I knew right off the bat I had to have it in a full size.


Anyway, that’s the end folks, hope you enjoyed my little review. Thank you again Luna for letting me do this guest post!

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Puuurple nails

NOTD Helena Cheatin’

Base coat

Nail color
Julep Nail Vernis Helena x 2 coats
Pure Ice Cheatin’ x 2 coats

Top coat
CND Super Shiney x 2 coats


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Post No. 21189 Blog Updates

So I wanted to let you know that you can now vote on items I review yourselves! At the bottom of the review widget you can select how many stars you want. See image below!

Also I want to let you know that I’m going to start doing reviews on single items! I’ll still be doing my swatch posts, but in addition I’ll be reviewing each item on its own as well. So look forward to that!

Besides that I am on more antibiotics. I saw my doctor yesterday. I still have an infection. There was more bloodwork and peeing in cups and shots. She also changed my insulin up a bit since my bloodsugar has started dipping way too low as of lately. Which is a good sign. It means the insulin resistance is changing, which is really good. She was afraid my pancreas was done with me. This means it’s not. XD I also have boots now! Fumiko’s Mamu got me a pair. I will be paying her back when I can, but I have boots! They are super comfy and cute. I will try to get a better picture tomorrow! So yep I guess that is all for the moment. NOTD coming up!



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Smoothed out

Review: SOBO Skin Care Anti-Aging Eye Serum


I received a free sample of SOBO’s Anti-Aging Eye Serum to try out, so here is my review! :)

Official description
Works to prevent and minimize the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and puffiness around the eyes. Also acts to protect skin around the eyes from damage while promoting fast, thorough healing from damage or medical procedures.

SOBO Promise

  • This advanced anti aging serum is formulated with the long-term health and vibrance of your skin in mind.

    • No Parabens
    • No Sulfates
    • No Phthalates
    • No GMOs
    • No Synthetic Dyes or Fragrances
    • No Triclosan
    • No Animal Testing

Where to buy
From SOBO Skin Care – USD $42.00 for 0.05 ounces in a pump bottle.

Apply to skin in a thin layer and allow to dry. Will moisturize and protect. Apply morning and evening.

I received a sample. It came in a small plastic white pump bottle.

Scent and formula
There’s basically no scent. It’s a clear slightly thick liquid. It feels a little oily.

Cyclomethicone, Octyl Cocoate, Dimethiconol, Glycoceramides, Ceramides, Cholesterol.

I received my little sample around a month ago and have been using it since. It is a light silicone formula. I find that it feels a little oily instead of silky. Thought despite it feeling a little oily it doesn’t cause any issues with my bb cream. I’ve been using it around my eyes. It’s supposed to Visibly Reduces the Signs of Stress and Fatigue and Effectively Reduces Dark Circles & Puffiness Around Your Eyes. I don’t have bad dark circles under my eyes but they are visible, I haven’t really noticed any difference in them, nor have I noticed any difference in puffiness. I don’t have wrinkles so I can’t really attest to that. I haven’t had any medical procedures so I can’t attest to that either. Other than feeling oily I haven’t had any issues with the formula. It’s non-irritating, I had no reactions to it. But I haven’t really noticed any difference using it. I think it’s a good formula, but I just don’t have any of the issues it’s supposed to help with. While I have general dry skin my daily skincare routine prevents that from being an issue!

SOBO Skin Care has some other products as well! They have an Ultra Age Repairing Cream with Resveratrol, ULTRA HGF Youth Serum, Anti Wrinkle Serum and Essential Moisturizing Cream, Facial Moisturizer, Hydrating Face Cream! So you’ll want to check those out! The packaging is really sleek! SOBO has given me a discount code for you lovely people! You can get 25% off your entire order with code TRYSOBO. The code is good for your first purchase! :)

SOBO Skin Care Anti-Aging Eye Serum
  • Packaging
  • Efficacy
  • Texture
  • Application
  • Ingredients


Good ingredients
Easy to apply

Didn't notice any difference

Final thoughts
I didn't really have any of the issues this is supposed to help with so I wasn't a very good person to test this.

Buy or not
No. I don't have a need for this formula.

User Rating: 3.0 (1 votes)

This post was sponsored by



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Glasses, pouch, cleaning cloth and key-chain screwdriver!

Review: Firmoo Glasses #F1009 Blue Tortoise


I have some awesome glasses from Firmoo to review for you! Let the review begin!

Official description
The eyeglasses show how boldness and plastic can join to produce a fashion statement. Full -rimmed with a well designed oval cat eye shape makes you modern and different from anyone in all occasions.

Where to buy
From Firmoo – $69, price includes 1.50 single vision lenses. Standard shipping is USD $6.95.

The glasses came to me in a sturdy eye glass case featuring a brown map. It also came with a black drawstring bag with Firmoo’s company name, a pink eye glass cleaning cloth and a key-chain screwdriver for glasses.


Firmoo is an online eyeglass and sunglass shop. They have really inexpensive high-quality prescription[you can also get prescription free glasses] frames in tons of shapes, sizes and colors. They ship worldwide to different countries. You can check their faq to see what countries they ship to. I got to pick a pair of glasses to review for free. It was a little difficult because there were a few frames I really liked. So I ordered my glasses on August 7th, they shipped on August 11th and I received them on August 13th. Pretty fast! The frames come with 1.50 single vision lenses which are quite thin and not heavy at all. The frames themselves are fairly light and comfy. They don’t put pressure on my nose like some glasses have. They are also very sturdy and well made. The glasses came with a hard eye glass case with a map design on it, a drawstring pouch, cleaning cloth and tiny screw-driver! These glasses are pretty awesome. I love the color and design.

Ordering was really easy, I was able to register with Facebook. They have a feature where you can upload a picture of yourself and try on the glasses. I had way too much fun with this. They have so many cute frames in different shapes and colors. Here are some of the other frames I liked and tried on!

You can also add frames to your favorites list to come back to later. >.> I have a few on my favorites list. One more thing! Firmoo is offering free frames to first time customers. With code FREEFIRMOO you can get free frames, you just pay for shipping and the lenses. the 1.57 lenses are only USD $9.95. The thinner the lens the higher the price. You also get free anti-scratch. Anti-Reflective/Anti-radiation and UV coating are currently USD $4.95 each, and of course there are other fancy things you can do to your glasses! You can read more about it here and see the current frames that are free! Ordering and check out is super simple and fast. Customer service is great. They worked with me when I ordered to make sure everything went smooth! It was a lovely experience!

This is a sponsored post from with my unbiased thoughts.

Firmoo Glasses #F1009 Blue Tortoise
  • Packaging
  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Style
  • Customer Service


Great quality
Comfortable to wear
Fast shipping
Superb customer service


Final thoughts
My transaction with Firmoo was really smooth. I received my glasses super fast and they are really great quality frames and lenses. I love them!

Buy or not
Buy! I will probably be getting glasses from them when I need new ones in the future!

User Rating: 5.0 (1 votes)



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Mani Monday Techno Jaime

Base coat

Nail color
Julep Nail Vernis Jaime x 3 coats
China Glaze Nail Lacquer With Hardeners Techno # 80409 x 2 coats

Top coat
CND Super Shiney x 2 coats

Mochi decided to help. And she had some sort of yellow foam sticker stuck to her chin. I don’t even know. Today I had a meeting with Sascha’s school counselor. On Friday his Spanish teacher asked the class to draw Sascha’s future wife because he got done with his quiz early. There are so many problems with that I can’t even. Understandably Sascha freaked. His school counselor actually called me and told me what happened. He basically had a meltdown. Also I found out they had no idea he has autism. His last school didn’t fax his school files like they said they would. -.-

I think what his Spanish teacher asked was completely inappropriate for kids his age. Not to mention there are kids who are not heterosexual and kids who don’t know who they like. It should have been “Draw his future partner”. I think that is inappropriate as well, but it’s a little better than what he asked. I don’t know where Sascha stands and I don’t think he knows either. Also, he doesn’t deal well with relationship things right now. He’s still quite upset about his father and Kai. That would have embarrassed any kid Sascha’s age. All of the kids drew mean awful things depicting his “future wife”. He was devastated. He already has a really hard time socially. He’s been bullied in most of his past schools and he’s just so socially awkward because of the autism, this just made his already fragile feelings a whole lot more fragile. As his counselor put it, it was the perfect storm.

I had a meeting with his counselor today. She took him out of that Spanish class and switched his classes around so he could be in Tech with his friend. It was a really nice meeting. She put in a request for him to be able to see a therapist in school weekly since we haven’t been able to get out to his regular therapist, cause gas money. She wasn’t sure if our insurance covers it or not. I hope it does. It’s really important for him. Also the social worker at school helps kids with gender identity issues among other things. She thinks that Sascha will get along well with her and his school counselor works with other kiddos who are unsure of who they are so he has two safe people to talk with at school, which will be really good for him. About an hour and a half after I got home from the meeting the school called for us to pick Sascha up. I guess he threw up his lunch and had a slight fever. He’s been doing okay at home so far so I think it may have just been nerves about the changes in his schedule.

And I made pumpkin cookies today. And I made black beans and rice for dinner. A friend of my moms brought over a bunch of bean soups that she made up, so we’ve been going through those. So far we’ve had two. They’re okay, I had to add a lot more seasoning to them. I need to just find my own black beans and rice recipe. XD So if anyone has any suggestions!

Well this was just meant to be a mani monday post. Oops. haha


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Cigaro, Heart Breaker & Helena over Glitter Fix

Swatches: Siren Cosmetics Blacklight, Black Mud, Celebrity Skin, Cigaro, Heart Breaker, Helena, Indian Summer, Lapdance, Little Wing, Pretty Vacant, Serial Killer & Strange Desire

I have more Siren Cosmetics swatches! These are from a few small sample orders I made at the beginning of the year. As always I put my baggies into jars. Also please ignore the red rash on my arm. I’m assuming it’s from the antibiotic I was on. First it was a couple of lines on my arm a few days ago and on the inside of my left elbow. I put some Mizon All in One Snail Gel Cream on those spots and they were gone by the end of the day, then that night I noticed an orange sized red rash on my right calf. It looked like someone took a neon red highlighter and colored in a circle. That was gone yesterday, then two long lines showed up on my left arm yesterday. They don’t itch or burn or feel any different, the skin is just red. I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow so hopefully she can confirm it’s just from the antibiotic. Anyways, swatches! Oh also I am currently making pumpkin cookies. Mmmmm. I posted the recipe a couple of days ago.

Official descriptions
Blacklight is a black undertone, shimmery amethyst with purple sparkle.
Black Mud is a charcoal brown with a bronze undertone.
Celebrity Skin is a darkened queen pink with silver sparkle.
Cigaro is a soft brown shimmer with a hint of rose undertone.
Heart Breaker is a seafoam green with bright green shimmer.
Helena is a black undertone with an intense red shimmer.
Indian Summer is a beautiful dark brown with a strong golden shimmer.
Lapdance is a matte chinese violet.
Little Wing is a blackened chocolate brown that reflects a bronze shimmer, with a touch of gold sparkle.
Pretty Vacant is a shimmery translucent magenta.
Serial Killer is a matte warm toned amaranth pink flecked with pink sparkle.
Strange Desire is an antique pink with a light beaver brown undertone, flecked with pink & gold sparkle.

Ordering options
You will receive loose product in a 10g jar with a sifter, packed 4.74g by weight for $7.00 USD per jar.
You will receive loose product in a standard size baggie, packed ⅛ teaspoon by volume for .50 ¢ USD per baggie.

All photos taken outdoors in direct sun. Swatched over Detrivore Cosmetics Eye Primer, Glamour Doll Eyes Glitter Fix and bare skin.

Blacklight is a matte black with a slight purple sheen and purple sparks.
Ingredients: iron oxide, mica, titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, carmine, calcium aluminum borosilicate, silica, tin dioxide. NOT VEGANlip safe

Black Mud is a metallic brown with a bronze sheen.
Ingredients: mica, bismuth oxychloride, iron oxide, titanium dioxide, carmine, magnesium stearate. NOT VEGANlip safe

Celebrity Skin is a light mauve with silver sparks.
Ingredients: mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, tin oxide, magnesium stearate, boron nitride, carmine. NOT VEGANlip safe

Cigaro is a rosy taupe.
Ingredients: mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, carmine, calcium carbonate, zinc stearate, kaolin clay, silicon dioxide, allantoin, carnauba wax. NOT VEGANlip safe

Heart Breaker is a shimmery sea foam green.
Ingredients: mica, titanium dioxide, bismuth oxychloride, chromium oxide, silica, tin oxide. VEGANnot lip safe

Helena is a blackened red with a red sheen.
Ingredients: iron oxide, copper powder, silicon dioxide, mica, titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate. VEGANlip safe

Indian Summer is a dark brown with coppery rose sparks
Ingredients: mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, calcium carbonate, zinc stearate, kaolin clay, silicon dioxide, allantoin, carnauba wax. VEGANlip safe

Lapdance is a matte blackened purple.
Ingredients: manganese violet, talc, iron oxide, mica, titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, calcium carbonate, zinc stearate, kaolin clay, silicon dioxide, allantoin, carnauba wax. VEGANlip safe

Little Wing is a blackened brown with gold and bronze sparks.
Ingredients: titanium dioxide, iron oxide, magnesium myristate. VEGANlip safe

Pretty Vacant is a dark shimmery magenta.
Ingredients: mica, carmine, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, aluminum hydroxide, stearic acid. NOT VEGANlip safe

Serial Killer is a dark cotton candy pink with pink sparks.
Ingredients: mica, titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate talc, zinc oxide, calcium aluminum borosilicate, silica, tin oxide, carmine. NOT VEGANlip safe

Strange Desire is an antique pink with a slight bronze sheen with gold and pink sparks.
Ingredients: mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, silica, tin oxide, calcium aluminum borosilicate, boron nitride. VEGANlip safe

Ahh. Siren Cosmetics has such pretty complex shadows. I love Celebrity Skin, Cigaro, Helena, Pretty Vacant and Strange Desire. I’m sad Pretty Vacant is dc’d. D: I wish I could have gotten a full size jar. That’s the breaks of being penniless though. I’m unsure if she has a replacement shade or not, if not hopefully in the future she’ll have one. It’s such a pretty shade. I also love Strange Desire, it just makes me envision vintage french homes and decor. Helena is such a beautiful vampy shade. They’re all just so pretty. What shades did you like?

You can find Siren Cosmetics online here. You can find them on Facebook here. You can contact Mika through her shop email at



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