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NOTD 04/02/12 Mani Monday

Mani Monday!

I failed at dots. D: I need steady hands for this.

Skinfood Nail Vita Base Coat x 1 coat

Star Gazer #305
Manglaze Fuggen Ugly
Manglaze Fuck Off & Dye
Manglaze Mink Mitten

Skinfood Nail Vita Crystal Pearl Top Coat x 1 coat

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So thank you

To whoever it was who sent me awesome Manglaze polishes! Seriously, thank you. You are the awesomest fairy nail godmother ever. <3 I’ve been lusting over Mink Mitten and Fuck Off and Dye for ages, and am also super happy to receive fuggenugly and Matte-Astrophe. You are super duper awesome ^.~

I now return you to our regularly non-scheduled program. XD

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